13 Mar 2012, 11:38

Suddenly the rain starts tapping on the window pane.
The ringing in my ears is slowly fading out...
A drop of silence in an empty glass...
And then I slip away into the night.
But how can I explain?
I'm going down memory lane.
How long before you think I was a lie?
How long before I learn how to...
Let go.
Which song on Revolver's Let Go album is your favorite? Which one is most special for you? Personally I can't choose between three of them... I know that it's unfair to say «there's three for me», but I just can't choose between The Letter, Losing You and Let Go. Lyrics, music, vocal... Everything is so special for me. Well, I'm in love with the whole album, of course, but this three songs is something that I can't live without. At all. ♥

The soul of The Beatles is still alive because of Revolver. But everyone who think that they're just another «beatleclone» is wrong! The sound of Revolver is completely different. Yes, they're using the same old school techniques (that's why you can call them fair, there's a very little difference between recording in studio and live performance for them, the whole Parallel Lives EP was recorded in a single day and it's more like live acoustic), but the sound is different. Revolver's songs is less crazy and much more sad (even if lyrics isn't) and feels like a warm wind of the late summer night. Maybe that's how the love itself sounds. So, do yourself a favor and check this awesome band. If you like an old school music and want something fair and real, Ambroise, Christophe and Jérémie won't dissapoint you.


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