30 Ene 2012, 5:17

Ground control to major Tom...
Ground control to major Tom...
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
Ground control to major Tom...
Commencing countdown, engines on.
Check ignition and may God's love be with you!

Is there any songs that you listening from the time when you was a little kid till now? Maybe someone remember that great times when everyone around used the LP records? Well, I have many favorites from that times. Here's some:

I Me Mine by The Beatles.

My favorite song by The Beatles. I love it even more than Eleanor Rigby. I love songs written by George. There's something magical about them. And I Me Mine is especially dear to me since I used to have Let it Be documentary film by Michael Lindsay-Hoggon on VHS and fell in love with that strange dance of John and Yoko. I was happy to find I Me Mine in The Beatles: Rock Band O(≧∇≦)O

Space Oddity by David Bowie.

One of my all-time favorite songs of all times. One of the most important songs to me too. Even today Space Oddity is in my everyday playlist and I'm still can't get enough of it. Can't say which version I prefer though. It's or album version, or version from Love You Till Tuesday (I have only CD version with the long ending though). Single version is great too, but I don't like it that much.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

«I-i-i a-a-am I-i-iro-o-on Ma-a-an!» ^_^ One of my most precious memories about my father. It was strange to let a small kid listen such a music, but whoa, it was so awesome ^_^ I still have that LP somewhere on my shelves. Even though I have a nice CD and FLAC players, I still like to use my LP player from time to time. It's more like a cult to me. Can't say that I have a great LP collection, but well, I have some awesome records that is pressious for me. Paranoid is one of them. Also, it was awesome to find the cover version of Iron Man in the setlist of the first Guitar Hero game. Still playing it from time to time.

Pipeline by Depeche Mode.

There was no people who like Depeche Mode around me back then. Still have only one person who can share my obsession today, but it's kinda different story. Construction Time Again was the first album of Depeche Mode I've listened and there was a very close person of mine who taught me how to love Pipeline. Since that person have passed long ago, listening to that song quite rarely, but it's still very important to me, it's in one of my playlists and it'll stay there forever. It's just the song that's hard for me to listen because of the memories.

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

There's nothing special to say about this one. If you remember the eighties, you remember how it was. MJ's Thriller was a huge blast and even today Michael's songs is in my regular playlist. Also, I still have Thriller and Dangerous LPs ^_^ Michael

A Christmas Camel by Procol Harum.

Well, yeah, A Christmas Camel. Procol Harum is one of the most mysterious LPs in my collection. It was so strange for me back then and it's still mysterious for me today. And I love the cover ^_^ Actually it's one of my favorite covers ever. As for the song... Well, it's like a tradition for me to listen it every Christmas. Sometimes people like to give me camel souvenirs as a Christmas presents and I love it ^_^ My collection of camels isn't actually big, but I love each end every toy camel I have ^_^ Got one during the Christmas this year ^_^ So, as you can see, A Christmas Camel is more than a song for me.

There's much more songs of course, but I think it's enough for today ~_^


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