The Soundtrack of My Life (Vol. iPod2)


25 Sep 2009, 13:46

Open your Music, and hit Shuffle, and right the artist and song title, next to each question.

Soundtrack to your life:

Opening Credits: Alone in Kyoto Very promising!

Waking Up Scene: Folds in Your Hands going for a morning run then

Car Driving Scene: Käpytemppeli somebody's in a hurry to get some...

High School Flashback Scene: Nothingness

Nostalgic Scene: The Reeling

Bitter, Angry Scene: La Valse d'Amélie (version piano)

Break-up Scene: Hard Sun must have been a happy break-up?

Agony scene: Brainy

Regret Scene: Eternal Life

Nightclub/Bar Scene: Sick City I wanna visit this bar

Fight/Action Scene: Perfect Grace Maybe I'm at a Joensuu 1685 gig and there is a riot in the audience

Lawn Mowing Scene: Black Mirror

Sad, breakdown scene: Fidelity brilliant, I love contrasts

Death Scene: Green Gloves tear

Funeral Scene: Rock And Roll yay what a funeral!

Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Cemeteries of London could fit surprisingly well actually

Dreaming About Someone Scene: Beauty Mark

Sex Scene: To Kingdom Come

Contemplation Scene: Intervention <3

Chase Scene: Radiants a happy chase!

Happy Love Scene: Le Moulin umm, happy? Anyone?

Happy Friend Scene: Paranoid Android my iPod doesn't seem to know what "happy" means

Closing Credits: When the Sun Goes Down


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