Music Game...I was bored


2 Dic 2006, 5:44

Total number of tracks: 3135
Total Length of Music: 8.4 days...14.65 GB

Sort by Song Title:
-First Song: Nick Drake: 'Cello Song
-Last Song: Sufjan Stevens: Zombies Walk!! (Sufjan Stevens vs. Kanye West)

Sort by Time:
-Shortest Song: Adam Corolla: Rickockulous
-Longest Song: Damien Rice: Sleep, Don't Weep

Sort by Album:
-First Song: Sigur Ros: ( )
-Last Song: Kings of Leon: Youth and Young Manhood

Sort By Artist:
-First Song: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: It Was There That I Saw You
-Last Song: The Zombies: The Way I Feel Inside

Sort By Genre:
-First Song: (Alternative)Ani DiFranco: Out of Habit (live)
-Last Song: (Trip-Hop)Gorillaz: 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)

Top 10 Most Played Songs:

1) Coldplay: Shiver
2) Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should've Come Over
3) Muse: Hysteria
4) Muse: Stockholm Syndrome
5) Bloc Party: Helicopter
6) Iron & Wine: Love and Some Verses
7) Coldplay: Don't Panic
8) Armor for Sleep: The Truth About Heaven
9) Iron & Wine: Such Great Heights
10) Muse: Butterflies and Hurricanes

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
1) Matthew Good Band: Omissions of the Omen
2) The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
3) Nick Drake: 3 Hours
4) Heatmiser: Eagle Eye
5) Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead

Search ....
"sex", how many songs come up? 7
"love", how many songs come up? 105
"you", how many songs come up? 391
"death", how many songs come up? 122
"hate", how many songs come up? 31
"wish" how many songs come up? 7
"monkey", how many songs come up? 22


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