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AFXBackdoor.Spyboter.A ayer por la noche
AFXW32.Deadcode.A ayer por la noche
AFXBackdoor.Berbew.Q ayer por la noche
AFXPWSteal.Ldpinch.D ayer por la noche
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  • EnderFoShowYo

    ayer por la noche Responder
  • EnderFoShowYo

    paisley parks/traxman ep is up on what

    16 Sep 5:36 Responder
  • blueuniform

    the sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new

    12 Sep 17:21 Responder
  • alphacue


    12 Sep 1:24 Responder
  • alphacue

    i'm getting there okay. it's a lot of work downloading stuff. >_>

    12 Sep 1:24 Responder
  • EnderFoShowYo

    my dick just exploded into a wonderful display of fireworks.

    10 Sep 21:29 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    A total truth. Facebook is the biggest temple in which the egocentrism of people is brutally accumulated and dragged onto others. The epitome of ephemeral. So, you've never been into it?

    10 Sep 15:35 Responder
  • Mork_Laerer

    I profoundly agree with you about the facebook abstention, i share the same thought since it came out until this moment. And it's very nice to find those few people who have this feeling.

    8 Sep 17:23 Responder
  • EnderFoShowYo

    damn. really wish I had the time to dedicate to a television series right now. I always wanted to dive into deadwood. more so than the wire and the sopranos, even. but I guess that's just because deadwood is only three seasons long and I'm a lazy piece of shit. also, get a download of The Color of Pomegranates bro. For the love of chirstgodalmighty. I know you will love the fuck out of it. It's just, man, just so fucking wonderful. I predict many re-watchings in the future for me because it tickled my nipples perfectly. an orgasmic poetic visual triumph, for sure. kinda like if jodorowsky decided to say "fuck you" to /narrative/ and teamed up with a drugged up tarkovsky and fellini.

    7 Sep 7:16 Responder
  • phlegm-yo

    it's a cold world out there . . . time to seek some souls like the rest of us ~

    7 Sep 5:27 Responder
  • selvitystilaan

    Well, I hate you for seeing Slowdive. And yeah, alive, working full-time at a poopy job and doing nothing with my life, but alive. How you been?

    7 Sep 5:08 Responder
  • flounderingMass

    that's cool. Thanks for the response. I like your film taste, but I don't think we are on the same wavelength, except with 2001 and a couple of others (I don't use critiker). You've seen many films that I haven't gotten around to yet. If you like Greenaway, I think you'll like Raul Ruiz. They even somewhat collaborated once on A TV Dante. Both are very different, but like to play mindgames and have perfect visual sense.

    6 Sep 3:35 Responder
  • flounderingMass

    no, though The Third Policeman is on my backlog. I started reading seriously this year, so I'm a noob I'm sad to say, though I'll get there. I've been mostly a film buff since 2010. Music is also something I started to explore seriously this year. How many books do you read a week? a month?

    6 Sep 1:06 Responder
  • flounderingMass

    cool man. You like McCarthy?

    5 Sep 21:43 Responder
  • flounderingMass

    Pynchon is hard man! I read 30 or so pages of Gravity's Rainbow and it blew my mind. It was like reading something from a computer that had a penchant for juvenile humor. I think I'll start with something simpler from his. Dostoyevky is amazing, and so is Beckett.

    5 Sep 21:22 Responder
  • symmetricals

    i was andrea/misa for a good while there, i think...on the first tm onwards until its 4th version iirc oh boy how much i miss the place. i don't even do much digital art these days, aside from traditional that is but i remember how good you were with graphics, vectors as well, so good and y made grow fonder of nicholas cage too, ahh

    3 Sep 19:17 Responder
  • broodgurl

    i've already heard that album, but thanks anyway

    3 Sep 5:26 Responder
  • symmetricals

    hi m_a long time no speak ;_____; i'm a friend from the old tm boards, damnit lovely charts woah

    3 Sep 1:56 Responder
  • broodgurl

    you have nice charts, rec me an album

    2 Sep 5:41 Responder
  • EnderFoShowYo

    really chopped&screwed the track, but still ridiculous

    2 Sep 2:46 Responder
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Of all the laughs that are strictly speaking not laughs,
but modes of ululation, only three I think need detain us,
I mean the bitter, the hollow and the mirthless.
They correspond to successive, how shall I say
successive... suc... successive excoriations of
the understanding, and the passage from the one to
the other is the passage from the lesser to the greater,
from the lower to the higher, from the outer to the inner,
from the gross to the fine, from the matter to the form.
The laugh that now is mirthless once was hollow,
the laugh that once was hollow once was bitter.
And the laugh that once was bitter? Eyewater, Mr Watt, eyewater.

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