• Top Artists of the Week #2 (Sunday Mar 5 - Sunday Mar 12)

    14 Mar 2006, 21:47

    w00t, my second one of these journals. Basically, if I went over a band in a previous journal, I won't write about them as much, just bascially about what I listened to by them in that week. Ok, let's start :)

    1. In The Woods... - 35 plays
    Another great band that defies just one genere of classification. Avant-garde is what they're labeled as, and I guess that's appropriate. Really good stuff, been listening to all their albums. Pretty dark at times, and the female clean singing with male 'screaming'(I don't know what to make of those vocals :P) and clean singing.

    2. Minor Threat - 26 plays
    THE classic hardcore punk band. Fast songs with some of that good old 80s punk singing. been listening to 'Complete Discography', which is one compliation album full of their songs. Good stuff.

    3. Becoming the Archetype - 24 plays
    OMG, a metalcore band I actually like! :P Listening to this band for the first time surpirsed me, as I thought they were going to be some generic metalcore garbage, but wow, they sure aren't. Beneath the metalcore they have trappings of progressive, thrash, and even some death. Haven't been this enamored with a metalcore band since I first listened to Between the Buried and Me. Awesome, awesome stuff.

    4. Estatic Fear - 20 plays
    Yeah, Estatic Fear is my favorite doom metal band. Hands down. The music they make is utterly beautiful. Utilizing female vocals, high and low pitched male growling(in my mind, black and death :P), and beautiful instrumentation, they really have created the some of the most amazing music I've listened to. They only have two albums, which is a shame. Been listening to those two, and while both are great, the second is what I mostly listen to. Every doom metal fan should check them out.

    5. Cynic - 17 plays
    Cynic is pretty addictive. I just have to give their album a random listen sometimes. All around amazing stuff.

    6. Of the Wand and the Moon - 17 plays
    Now this is a great band. Of the Wand and the Moon is an one-man neofolk project. Pretty mellow stuff,and vocals are pretty eerie, as they're mostly whispered or the such. Haunting, but beautiful.

    7. Benefit - 16 plays
    Benefit is pretty good hip-hop artist. Another good underground white rapper :P Don't have much else to say, need to listen to his only album again.

    8. Falkenbach - 15 plays
    Yay for Falkenbach. Great folk metal that I'm just drawn to, just way too good :).

    9. Kalmah - 15 plays
    Kalmah is another band is keep listening to randomly, that new album is just amazing.

    10. Therion - 13 plays
    Therion is symphonic metal band I just listened to for the first time this past week. They're decent, should listen to them a bit more so I can get a better judgement of them.
  • Top Artists of the Week #1 (Sunday Feb 26 - Sunday Mar 5)

    7 Mar 2006, 21:13

    So, I'm gonna do these every week(Mondays or Tuesdays), cause it's good way to get my opinion out there, and people can give me recommendations :)

    1.Moonsorrow - 25 plays
    Ah, Moonsorrow. Some damn fine folk metal. I don't think I can get sick of any type of folk metal :P. Been listening to their album Kivenkantajathe most, and I absolutely love it. I have been listening to their earlier stuff, which really delves into black metal as opposed to their later stuff which gets a bit more folkish. But all their stuff has been very enjoyable.

    2.Carcass - 23 plays
    Now, Carcass is just plain good. Grindcore and death metal that just satisfies. I've been listening to Reek of Putrefaction and Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious, both fine albums. I'm in love with the song Corporal Jigsore Quandary, off of Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious. Awesome, awesome song.

    3.Falkenbach - 21 plays
    Falkenbach, some more good folk metal. I just seem to like any type of folk metal I listen to :p. Falkenbach is very enjoyable with their black metal stylings and some really nice clean vocals.Heralding The Fireblade is just a great album. Every song on there is absolutely great.

    4.Queensrÿche - 19 plays
    I just randomly listened to Queensrÿche this past week. Pretty excited for Operation: Mindcrime II. Can't wait, it's gonna kick ass!

    5.Agalloch - 18 plays
    Agalloch, one of my new loves. Absolutely amazing band. I love the harsh, raspy singing as well as the great clean vocals. And coupled with the instrumentation, it's just beautiful. Can't pick in between their two albums, both are just amazing. I love their cover of 'Kneel to the Cross', probably the song I've listened to the most by them. Some really moving music.

    6.Cynic - 16 plays
    Cynic is just wow. Complex and experimental, and they just sound great. The growling is great, and even with the addition of the vocodor vocals, it sounds great. I usually don't like vocodor-type vocals, but they fit very well on their only album Focus.

    7.The Devin Townsend Band - 16 plays
    Man, The Devin Townsend Band is just great. Synchestra is a freaking awesome album. Devin vocally is still as great as ever, with some beautiful clean singing as well as his trademark screaming. I just saw them live, and they are just as awesome live as they are on their albums. Devin sounds just as good live if not better.

    8.Devin Townsend - 15 plays
    Been listening to Devin's solo stuff as well, and it's really good too. This week I've was listening to Physicist, a really good album. Devin is just too cool for words :).

    9.Kalmah - 15 plays
    Now this band is really freaking good melodic death metal. Been listening to their new album The Black Waltz, and it plain kicks ass. Growling is top-notch, and the instrumentation is just so catchy. Which is what I love about melodic death, just so catchy, at least, if it's good.

    10.Amorphis - 13 plays
    Amorphis is a great death metal band, at least in accordance with their earlier stuff, which is what I've been listening to lately. Good stuff.
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    14 Ene 2006, 23:16

  • Bought Yes's "Fragile" today

    4 Dic 2005, 1:32

    So today I went to the music store in town, and forgot what album I wanted, so I saw Yes, and decided to buy Fragile. I really like Yes, but don't have any of their albums.

    So I picked this up today, and after one playthrough I really like it. Only song I've heard before from this album is Roundabout, and it's my favorite Yes track. I'm really digging the rest of the album, and the track I like most currently besides "Roundabout" is South Side of the Sky

    This is the 2003 reissue, so it has two bonus tracks, America, and Roundabout (early rough mix) . "America" is good song, and the other version of "Roundabout" isn't that much different than the original, but you still notice the small differences.

    Now onto listening to it many more times(along with some other Yes stuff :))
  • COOL! A Journal!

    10 Ago 2005, 19:50

    Music is cool. I'm listening to it.