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22 Mar 2009, 7:40

I copied this from martintherebel's journal

so: Be negative about your Top 20 Artists!

1.Radiohead : Thom's been a prima donna lately .
2.The Flaming Lips: Hey! let's play scrabble and when we gather 30 words, we make a song with them! Or a concept album! We'll be forever young!
3.Interpol: Besides Carlos, everyone's hard to see. Their xeroxed rhythms? meh.
4.Kaiser Chiefs: Simplicity equals dullness sometimes.
5.Porcupine Tree: Sophistication equals dullness sometimes.
6.Vangelis: His last three albums: Prepaid-inspired music. Not even jingle material.
7.Franz Ferdinand: Cocky, self-sufficient lads.
8.Manic Street Preachers: Would you please move away from pop? Thank you.
9.The Cure: Their image and sound do not match. Robert's scary.
10.Muse: Start smoking, honey. Stop screaming.
11.Moby: Animal Rights? Take it out from your discography. Hotel isn't much better.
12.Clinic: Have you tried some laxatives?
13.The Raveonettes: What about brushing your hair and use all your voice tones?
14.Death in Vegas: Release a new album, lazy asses. This time without girly voices and satanic references.
15.Super Furry Animals: You need to grow up.
16.Death Cab for Cutie: Ipod divas.
17.Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is their highlight. Then? dimly glowing sparks.
18.Groove Armada: What were you thinking when titling "My Arse" a song?
19.Depeche Mode: Dave, you look old and sound sooo '80s.
20.The Killers: Sounds like a million other bands.

Then something negative/positive from my top 20 albums:

1.Our Love to Admire
Favorite Track: Who Do You Think?
Worst Track: The Lighthouse

Favorite Track: Public Pervert
Worst Track:Next Exit

3.In Rainbows
Favorite Track: Nude
Worst Track:Videotape

4.Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Favorite Track: Fight Test
Worst Track:It's Summertime

Favorite Track: What Did I Ever Give You?
Worst Track: Time Honoured Tradition

6.Hail to the Thief
Favorite Track:A Wolf at the Door
Worst Track: Sit Down. Stand Up.

7.The Soft Bulletin
Favorite Track: Race for the Prize
Worst Track: The Spiderbite Song

8.OK Computer
Favorite Track: No Surprises
Worst Track: Fitter Happier

9.Turn on the Bright Lights
Favorite Track:Say Hello to the Angels
Worst Track: Leif Erikson

10.Yours Truly, Angry Mob
Favorite Track:I Can Do It Without You
Worst Track: High royd

Favorite Track: Knives Out
Worst Track: Pyramid Song

12.Pretty in Black
Favorite Track:Seductress of Bums
Worst Track:Somewhere in Texas

13.Hot Fuss
Favorite Track: Mr. Brightside
Worst Track: Believe Me Natalie

Favorite Track:I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Worst Track: Stable Song

Favorite Track:Hysteria
Worst Track:Blackout

16.Greatest Hits (CD1)
Favorite Track:Cut Here
Worst Track:Just Say Yes

17.Internal Wrangler
Favorite Track:T.K.
Worst Track:Internal Wrangler

18.In Absentia
Favorite Track:Wedding Nails
Worst Track:.3

19.Night Works
Favorite Track: Sleepy Language
Worst Track: Vinyl

20.Clouds Taste Metallic
Favorite Track: Evil Will Prevail
Worst Track: They Punctured My Yolk


  • milosflaca

    no manches, como me rei! (tu escribiste las respuestas porque esa de porcupine tree me mato, y eso que me encantan XD) no seas mala, pasame canciones de los flaming lips.

    29 Mar 2009, 1:36
  • nikonas

    i don't like this "worst track" thing,

    27 May 2009, 19:58
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