• Happy New Year!

    31 Dic 2009, 12:10

    Yes, that's right, I'm sitting at home listening to my collection of 80s pop etcetera with less than an hour to go until the New Year. The perils of having a small bub who complains bitterly if you try and make him sleep on some random stranger's couch while you take vodka shots and smoke cigars in the backyard.

    Not that I've tried that. Obviously.

    So. Here I am. Happy New Year everyone!
  • Musically Restless

    27 Dic 2009, 12:59

    I'm looking for something new. You know, that feeling where you here something randomly and just fall madly in love with the artist, listen to all their albums and then sigh happily.

    The last time that happened was Jens Lekman, it's time for another one I think.
  • Having a Loving kind of day

    29 Nov 2009, 12:02

    I've added so many loved tracks today. It's because I've been listening to the last radio system and now I've gone back to my own collection. It's nice to have not quite so much hit and miss in my ears :-)
  • AAHH! What the hell have I got myself into?? - Hottest 100 Trek '06 Pt 2

    11 Ene 2006, 12:43

    Ok, I've started on my epic quest and it's beginning to sink in on me that this is going to take for fucking ever.

    I have to go to bed now. I'm trying to listen to a couple more songs first.. So far I have listened to 32 songs. There are just so many more to go!! Something like, well, I don't really know but over 1000 anyways. I'm counting as heard when I hear enough of the song to know what I think of it. Meaning I don't have to listen to all of them.

    37 songs.. what happened to you Garbage, you used to be cool. That wasn't rhetorical. Someone explain it to me. I'll admit that this new album sounds better than the last one, but I'm still a fan of the glory days of Version 2.0. I have a sneaking fondness for Why Do You Love Me?.

    This is actually really educational. I've learnt that I love bands who let me listen to their entire album for free on the website, not even download it, just listen to it. Kudos to Architecture in Helsinki. I actually really liked their stuff and am now thinking of buying the album. Which I wouldn't have done if I hadn't heard their songs online.

    I've also "discovered" End of Fashion. Again, another band I would like to hear more of. And Breakfast Club made me laugh, all about cartoons in the morning, and not in a nice way. I'll never look at Sheera the same way again. :-)

    Ok, have a nice night people. I'm going to see this through, the Hottest 100 Trek of '06.
  • My Mission, Should I Choose To Accept It...

    11 Ene 2006, 9:09

    I have set myself a goal. There are currently 213 hours 54 minutes until voting closes in the 2006 Triple J - - Hottest 100. There are 21 pages of songs nominated by the radio station. I as going to try and listen to all of them before I vote.

    Any help in finding the songs in a listenable form appreciated.

    Here goes...
  • Recent Recommendations Pays Off!

    9 Ene 2006, 8:29

    I have just bought my first CD based on what the website told me to that good or bad?

    But seriously, I looked up Bolchoi over google after having them as a recommendation. The website is almost entirely in French, but my high school level comprehension got me through ok (with some thanks to Babel). They are (as far as I can tell) a punk/metalish band with Communist sympathies. You can listen to their entire album for free on the website, and instead of selling shirts it gives you the designs to print out to make your own.

    The sound of the band is a little weird, with the traditional heavy backing seeming slightly incongruous next to the soft french accent of the male vocalist. Also, I have no idea what they are saying, so the lyrics might be bad but they sound good. I loved it. Listened to the entire playlist and, working on the assumption that even communists have to eat, bought their album through For $15 including shipping to Australia. Yay :-)

    If you're interested in checking them out, the website is - and I would recommend track 6 - degrisoir (which may have something to do with night? Soir?)

    So: thanks recommendation page! :-)

    My next mission is to find the lyrics and translate them. Just so I don't sing along to something like 'Die all humans with brown hair and green eyes'.
  • New CDs! (New to my collection that is...)

    7 Ene 2006, 5:01

    I scored a whole bunch of CDs last night, some I have to give back once I've listened to and some I can keep:

    Give Back:

    They Might Be Giants - No
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot
    The Goons

    Keep, keep!:

    Audioslave - self titled
    Breed77 - Cultura
    Electric Six - Fire

    I'm listening to Electric Six at the moment. They were fantastic live, and the album is good. Is it just me today, or are their tracks a little bit same-ish? It's probably just my mood. And, at the risk of being an outcast, I'm not really a big fan of Gay Bar. There, I said it. I think its overrated. I like the general groove of the album though.

    I have no idea what I'm going to think of the Goons...Old comedians you say....
  • Bands I saw live in 2005

    6 Ene 2006, 16:13

    I haven't had much of an interesting year, live music wise.

    In February, I went and saw Butterfly Effect supported by Junto, and same may say surpassed by Breed77, at the ANU Bar. This was the most fun I have had all year. Before this, the hardest band I had in my collection was Linkin Park, and to be honest I only went because my mates were going. As I said, most fun I have had all year. I had so many bruises! And I got to meet some of the guys from Junto and Breed, and that was awesome. The guitarist was very hot.

    In April, Yun Yu played at a Sci-Fi Convention I was at (Do I get tarred and feathered for saying stuff like that here?). She is a mate of a mates, and she is really good. She won JJJ Unearthed in WA a few years back. Really interesting music, I can't wait till she finishes her next CD.

    To finish off my live-music year in style, I went to Stonefest in October. Stonefest is a big music festival held over 2 days at the University I go to. Student tix were $15 (included entry for both days), and you still had some jerks complaining it was too expensive. Friday night I saw Soma Rasa for the first time, they were completely going off. Then I went and grooved to Cabin Crew for a bit.

    On the Saturday, everyone was hanging out for Butterfingers, but I wasn't too worked up about them. I was more looking forward to Electic Sixand I wasn't disappointed. They were awesome, though you did have the idiots who thought the band started and finished with Gay Bar. The Saturday suprise band was Casual Projects, a local hip-hop/rap outfit that made the best of being first cab off the rank and got the crowd up and moving, hung over as we were. :-)I don't normally go for that style of music, but I've had the CD in my car stacker since then, so goes to show you can always be pleasantly surprised.

    Ok, so it was more interesting than 2004. Hopefully this year will be better. I am hoping to go to the Cockatoo Island Festival in Sydney, but we'll see how money goes.
  • Cheer me up. huzzah!

    5 Ene 2006, 22:42

    I always used to skip this track on the JJJ Hottest 100 CD, I'm not sure why, I guess I thought it was a very different song. But just then I listened to the whole thing and it was so intrinsically energetic it made me happy. I wanted to do weird jig dance moves 'all the way to Bombay'. And I could relate a lot to the lyrics, I mean, who hasn't got drunk and done stupid things just to prove to ourselves that we're really having a blast when really we want to go hang our heads in a toilet for half an hour and then curl up in a blankie with a cup of tea and watch Futurama till we feel better. (If it *is* just me whose done that, don't tell me. It's funnier that way)