• My Year of Music: 2009

    29 Dic 2009, 12:06

    Faster Pussy Cat @ Camden Underworld

    Faster Pussy Cat
    Beautiful Creatures
    Bang Tango

    Priest Feast @ Wembley Arena

    Judas Priest

    AC/DC @ o2 Arena

    The Answer

    Battalions of Steel World Tour II @ Kentish Town Forum

    Sweet Savage

    Download Festival @ Donington Park

    The Prodigy
    Marilyn Manson
    Limp Bizkit
    Billy Talent
    ZZ Top
    Faith No More
    Dream Theater
    Lacuna Coil
    Def Leppard
    Mötley Crüe
    God Forbid
    Five Finger Death Punch
    The Blackout
    In This Moment
    Stone Gods
    Steel Panther
    Lawnmower Deth
    Tim "Ripper" Owens
    Man Raze

    AC/DC @ Wembley Stadium

    The Answer
    The Subways

    One Night Only World Tour @ Wembley Arena

    Spinal Tap
    The Folksmen

    Blur @ Hyde Park

    Crystal Castles
    Golden Silvers
    Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

    NiN|Ja @ o2 Arena

    Nine Inch Nails
    Jane's Addiction

    Massive Attack @ Brixton Academy

    Massive Attack
    Martina Topley-Bird

    L.A. Guns @ Underworld, Camden

    L.A. Guns
    SPiT LiKE THiS

    Pixies @ Brixton Academy

    The Big Pink

    Frank Turner @ Shepherds Bush Empire

    Frank Turner
    Fake Problems
    Beans on Toast

    Hard Rock Hell 3 @ Prestatyn

    Monster Magnet
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    The Quireboys
    The Glitterati
    Pig Irön

    Rammstein @ Berlin Velodrome


    Highlights (in no order)

    Pixies - first time seeing pixies live and they played the Doolittle album in full. Kim deal's bass is so fucking sexy, her bass sounds soooo good. Franks wailing... reliving the gig.. oh yes :D
    Download Festival - Awesome festival, most likely the best overall lineup of any festival i've been to. Great memories, roll on next year.
    AC/DC - Greatest intro video/band introduction going on. So many hits and sing-alongs.
    W.A.S.P. - Awesome crowd atmosphere, one of the best atmospheres to any gig i've ever been to. band were electric, feeding from the crowd.
    Judas Priest - My first time seeing the metal god, did not disappoint.
    Doro - she should have headlined rather than subbed to Saxon. Truly amazing woman, one of the kindest person i've met in rock.
    Blur - mini festival for the band at Hyde Park, wonderful sing-along huge atmosphere thing going on. Band were ace and they were obviously loving every second of it.
    Nine Inch Nails - What amazing experiences at that gig :D Maybe NiN last ever uk gig aswell.Gary Numan coming onstage for 2 songs was so awesome and totally unexpected.
    Massive Attack - really fluid, trippy musical adventure of a gig. Shara Nelson has the most amazingly beautiful voice, goose-bump worthy listening to her sing live. Damon Albarn coming onstage and doing a couple of songs was also special.
    Frank Turner - busking outside Shepherds Bush Empire, chatting to him, doing a photoshoot with him. Humble as fuck. Ace gig aswell, cant wait to see Frank again in 2010!
    Rammstien - Stage show/pyros next to nobody... Really impressive gig, and so many explosions and flame-throwers lol. Extra special seeing them play in their home town of Berlin aswell. Deffo going to see them on their next tour. Hopefully a greatest hits tour!

    Best Support bands:

    Janes Addiction
    Beans On Toast

    Worst Band/Performances:

    Crystal Castles - maybe I'm not down with "new" music, too much sound (noise) and screaming...
    Marilyn Manson - biggest disappoint of a gig ever for me. So many amazing songs... I just wish I could have seen him 10 years or so ago at his peak. He was either totally coked off his tits (most likely) or just pure narcissistic to the point even his die hard fans couldn't handle.

    Bands i missed:

    Pearl Jam @ Shepherds Bush - couldn't get a ticket sold out in minutes and ticket site gayed up, ronnie wood came onstage and pete townsends brother both played with the band. so disappointed I couldn't get a ticket.
    Dio @ Kentish Town Forum, get well soon Ronnie!
    Regina Spektor @ Apollo Hammersmith - clashed with Hard Rock Hell 3. Will see her on next tour for sure. Beautiful music.

    Favourite Venues:

    The o2 for big shows, awesome sound quality. Shepherds Bush Empire has a special place in my heart, first time I saw Smashing Pumpkins live was there back in 2007?. Frank Turners little busking before his gig there this year was really cool.

    Worst Venue:

    Wembley Stadium - sound quality is so muffly, nasty nasty nasty. Will only goto and see a band there if its a one a off, legendy shit like Led Zeppelin.
  • My (to do) Gig List

    31 Jul 2009, 21:47

    Would die to see but unlikely to happen:

    Led Zeppelin - Didnt get tickets in the "lotto" ;(
    Black Sabbath - Missed Download '05 kicking myself since.
    Pink Floyd - Too young to seen them play live
    David Bowie - A god/icon, must see when he next tours (if).
    Van Halen - Went to New York to seem the play but they cancelled the gig ;(
    The Rolling Stones - Not a huge fan but they have a bunch of classics, its the stones man.
    A Perfect Circle - Love to seem them but Tool is still about, rather Tool to APC
    Buckethead - He needs to tour Europe!

    Must see - Have a chance to see in the next few years (i hope):

    Pixies - Perfect songs! Seeing them 6/10/09, cannot wait!
    Ozzy - Prefer black sabbath to ozzys solo stuff but again a god/icon.
    Heaven & Hell - Saw Dio live, must see H&H, they need a london gig!
    System of a Down - Missed Download '05 kicking myself since.
    Radiohead - Not a huge fan but so many classics id love to see live.
    Foo Fighters - Was tempted to do their Wembley gig but didnt get it sorted.
    The Cure - So many ace songs, so many emotions.
    Portishead - Love the sound, the cutting vocals, so beautiful
    Beastie Boys - Would be a GREAT, sweaty, PARTY!
    Tenacious D - Just for a laugh, love listening to their music on long train rides.

    Thats my main bands to see, might be a few missing, if I get to see anywhere near half of the unlikely bands I will die VERY happy.
  • My take on Reading Festival 2007

    29 Ago 2007, 5:33

    My 2nd Reading Festival, my 3rd festival in total and my 1st festival alone :( none of my friends could afford to come/timing wrong etc. (thats what they told me, maybe there is a huge conspiracy and they all hate me!! just kidding) real shame, thats part of the festival experience, part of the fun. I originally got my Reading ticket solely because of The Smashing Pumpkins (didnt think they would do shows before hand – saw them in London in June before Reading), and even a few months before Reading i still was abit narrow minded with the lineup and who id see. But thanks to a link on a website ive been a regualer reader of since about 2003 i saw a link which took me back here to lastfm which had all the bands playing on a radio station. So the few weeks before the event i printed out the lineup stages and timings and started planning who id see and who id miss based on the few songs i had listened to.


    After over an hour wait for the main gate to open and the festival to being i ran to Bombay Bicycle Club in the Carling tent, id only heard a couple of songs from these guys and i was surprised by the size of the crowd and the actually fans chanting BBC. I got there early so was packed in the front, when they came on stage it was a great atmosphere, lots of people loving it, and good music. Breaking into a sweat on the first band had good indications for the rest of the festival. Then i ran to the other side of the festival towards the Lock-up stage to catch The Riverboat Gamblers, again id only heard one or two songs and it went well, the band seemed really up for it and the crowd liked it, the lead singer loved his mic throwing skills. Next towards the main stage to see The Long Blondes, I've heard a lot more from this band and i like their music style so i was happy to actually see them live. I felt they would have been better suited on a smaller stage, maybe in the Radio One tent. Just felt they needed a smaller stage environment to shine.

    Back into the Carling stage for The Manchester Orchestra and I'm really glad i got to see this band, i didnt know their music well but i really enjoyed myself in their set. Totally love the vocals/lyrics and the sound they made was great. Definitely a band i will check out more from. I didnt know who to see next but i wasnt overally impressed with Blood Red Shoes before Reading, but i stayed cause i wanted to see the next band on. And i was pleasantly surprised by them, a reverse of white stripes in a way, man on drums, woman on guitar/vocals. Simple, stripped down music, but so very loud and in your face much like The White Stripes. Really enjoyed them and happy i stayed put and watch them. Next up came Frank Turner and it was between him and the Gossip (due to knowing gossip songs from radio play and just general mainstream media) and I'm so glad i stayed put in the Carling stage cause wow Frank Turner blew me away, a real highlight of the whole festival for me. Since I've got back I've order his debut album and cant wait to get stuck into it. Crowd was going mad for him and rightly so. I dont know his previous work with million dead, just love that sort of acoustic punky folk music, really strikes a chord with me. Frank turner was amazing and id definitely recommend him to others who like that sort of genre of music, well worth checking out.

    After Frank Turner i had a little break cant remember when i did, maybe watched one of the comics on the alternative stage or get something to eat, but whatever i made my way to the main stage again to see Jimmy Eat World. Another band id heard a lot of but never really listened to any of their music, i knew a couple of their popular songs which really helped. They put on a good show and there seemed to be a lot of fans there for JEW. Then i dont know what i did, i think i went to the alt. stage and sat down for abit was a hot day and i did a lot of running about, getting into the front of the crowds for most acts. Also there wasnt any bands at that time that really took my fancy. I remember seeing abit of maximo park but didnt stay for more than a song. After my break and some food i went back to the main stage to see some interpol, to be honest i thought this band would have been better but they didnt do anything for me and kinda bored me so i left early to go to the Radio One stage. Got to the front for The Subways and wow, amazing crowd, jammed pack and knowing most of their major songs was a good sing along. Really enjoyed the gig, and the ending on rock n roll queen was perfect, crowd went mad and i dont think ive ever seen so many crowd surfers. After being really drained from the subways i headed to see Kings of Leon, unfortunately the subway gig was really late or overran or something and i only got to see two or three songs from KOL, which was a real shame as they were one of the bands i wanted to see. But never mind, i went back to my tent and then back to the arena after razorlight (very weak headliner, tbh i wouldnt even consider them as a headlining quality band) had come to the stage. I really didnt know where to go for the main headliners that night, none really took my fancy and i was really exhausted by the running about and the heat so i just stayed in the comdey tent that night, saw a couple of razorlight songs and saw patrick wolf (who i originally wanted to checkout) on the big screen outside the carling tent but couldnt be bothered to get into the tent, it was pretty packed which was good i suppose. But i had a quite night, stayed until Dirty Sanchez then headed off trying to find my tent and walking in circles in the dark but finally back to my tent to sleep.


    I got up early about 7ish and headed into town to get some breakfast, found a decent pub which was well prepared for the festival even playing songs of the bands playing at the festival in the pub, really nice touch. So i ate a breakfast and just relaxed abit watched the tv, read a paper. Id planned to get out and back into the festival for Parmore, however id planned it fine apart from the absolutely huge queue getting into the site, i didnt think there would be THAT many people trying to get into the site at that time (wrongly, of course), but i guess there were loads of day ticket people there. So i basically missed paramore which i wasnt really fussed about as id only would have seen them out of the other bands there which i equally knew nothing about anyway, so i dont think i missed too much. I stayed in the Radio One tent for two acts, breaks and noisettes, breaks seemed alright, didnt impress me much. But the noisettes really got the day going, really nice gig and atmosphere in the tent. The lead singer was really energetic and really got the crowd behind her and the band. Good music aswell which helped!

    Just a little side note, wore my 'death to The Pixies' tshirt and i was amazed by the amount of comments i was getting, just random people going “PIXIES!!! YAY” or random pixies tracks like “debaser” being shouted to me, a lot of pixies fans there which rocks! :D Also ended up standing next to a girl with the same tshit at dinosaur jr. But the best was a kid, well about 16, was abit worse for the wear either drunk or dabbled in abit of drugs and he read my top and asked me if i didnt like the pixies. He thought i wanted to kill the pixies which was really funny, dont think he knew the pixies too well.

    Anyways back towards the Carling stage for the first time that day to see Mute Math and wow, what a performance, the drummer was totally mad. As if he was the spawn of Keith Moon, slamming on the drums so hard he broke a bunch of his sticks and ripped his drum kit apart throughout the set. I listened to a few of there songs beforehand, but mute math is really a live band. Much, much better live then on record. The band were so up for it was amazing to be in the crowd watching it. They put so much into there performance. The gig had such a great climax, such a shame they didnt have a longer set, a major highlight for me that day. Nine Black Alps at the radio one stage, again a band ive heard about for awhile but never actually sat down and listened to properly. Pretty good gig but i was still thinking about how good mute math was, also i was right at the back of the tent which didnt really help for atmosphere. I stayed in the Radio One tent for three more acts, the young knives, the pigeon detectives and finally Dinosaur Jr, a band who id really been waiting for. Amazing gig, crowd was abit shit but picked up as the gig went on. I'm new to dinosaur jr but they are well worth their legendary status.

    After my long Radio One joint i went to the main stage for some Bloc Party, i like their first album had some really nice songs. Seemed good but i didnt stay too long because i wanted to check out some of silversun pickups set. Who i didnt see much of because i had to get back to the main stage for The Arcade Fire. I only recently started getting into this band (i know, how late am I!?), really beautiful music, amazing, amazing. Real crowd pleaser and rightly had such a high slot, since coming back ive orderd both their albums. Now for my first real headling set, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Im not a real fan, i just like the classics. And they do have a bunch of classic sing-along songs then again i guess when a bands been together that long and had major mainstream success they would. A lot of people give chillis a lot of shit, i dunno but they seemed alright to me, but i was totally stuck at the front of the crowd and i dont think ive ever been so wet, the sweat mixed with so much water thrown over the front. I couldnt see much of the gig from where i was (i could see the guards infront of me but the crowd kept pushing and we were pretty packed in) but it sounded alright, wish they played more of there popular mainstream songs, the only ones i know! :P


    The festival was quickly drawing to an end. It seemed to be going all too fast but Sunday had two of the bands i REALLY wanted to see namely Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins. I didnt go into the arena until about half oneish. None of the early bands really did anything for me so the first band i saw was Billy Talent, i really like some of their music have some quality sing-along songs and a good up-tempo angst to them which i really like. I've known them for some years and wanted to see them but would never of actually seen them at their own gig. A big crowd turned out for them and they did a good set, i only know their first album and it has some great tracks on it. I enjoyed myself and the rest of the crowd seemed pretty pleased. After billy talent i went to see The Maccabees and Cold War Kids, i didnt know much of their stuff beforehand but The Maccabees really put on really good show, CWK were ok but nothing special.

    Kate Nash, wow biggest crowd I've EVER seen at any tent at Reading. She really should have been put on the main stage but then i guess she would have lost some of that quality she has if on a bigger open air stage. I started way out nearly in the alt stage next door but slowly pushed myself in and about two songs in i actually got into the tent and could she kate for the rest of her gig. Really great crowd, and she sounded great. Really uplifting set, i knew most of her songs and of course foundations was what most people wanted to hear and the crowd was wild for it.

    Time for abit of Against Me! Before NIN on the main stage, nice hard rocky sound to them. Nine Inch Nails, hmm holy motherfucking shit, fuck me fuck me fuck me. Totally amazing, i was abit curious at first, sort of like sticking your foot in water for the first time to check it out before taking the plunge. But wow biggest highlight of the festival for me, infact best festival show ive ever seen. Knowing only the downward spiral and the few popular more mainstream tracks off the other albums it didnt really matter. Trent Reznor sucked me into his world, the band was amazing, tearing the stage to streads. My first time seeing NIN and no fucking way the last time i will see them. Amazing show, lights, effects, songs... everything! It was just perfect. And Hurt at the end, truly fantastic and the best song of the festival in my view, so much passion, so raw, so much emotion. Thats what music is meant to be about and they totally nailed it. Really liked how the set was planned out with the rock out section to start, the more chilled keyboard, deeper thinking part, more rock out climax then the solo hurt just when you thought the gig had ended. Totally blown away by them, and as a total pumpkin fan im kinda ashamed in a sense but really NiN are owed a lot of credit, they truly put on amazing shows. But also really pleased that another band gave me something special and something i can remember and talk about.

    Pumpkins, who i originally planned to see just blown out of the water by the band below them? Well i had already seen the Pumpkins play near three hour set in London back in June. Which was the most amazing gig ive ever been to. I dont think anything other than another three hour pumpkin gig could of compared to that? I dunno maybe james and darcy coming back for a one off gig? I'm really glad the setlist was well mixed, and i was totally surprised by some of the tracks billy picked to do for the festival. Some i thought were abit risky for a headlining act playing a festival not playing for their own fans at the own gig. I was over the moon when Drown was played, one of my favourite pumpkin tracks and holds a lot of meaning for me. That song specificity was the highlight of the pumpkin gig for me, but i was amazed by some of other crowd favourites, tonight tonight, 1976, cherub rock. And special ones like keyboard solo death from above and heavy metal machine, just wow, epic. The only disappointment i had with the pumpkins was there was no 33, i so thought when billy came out solo with his 12 string we would be given 33. I was even saying 33! 33! when he came out with the guitar in his hands. The only other was no muzzle encore which was planned by the looks of the official setlist, but i guess things overran and they were slightly late on stage. Then again i had the joy of these songs back in June, so it wasnt too bad! Hearing Drown live outweighed no 33 or encore muzzle for me personally. Totally unreal ending to the festival, NIN then Pumpkins.

    Wow, now its all come to an end and its back to reality, what an amazing time and overall i think its the best festival I've been to, only wish i had some friends with me to make the whole festival more perfect. I've had the best summer in my life, full of the music i love. I cant wait for next years festivals, Rage Against the Machine should be back for touring/album promoting? That would really make me go back to Reading next year :D
  • My Perfect Summer

    1 Jun 2007, 11:46

    So my summer is looking amazing 2 gigs, 1 festival and 1 sunny holiday.

    The Smashing Pumpkins @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London

    The return of the Pumpkins, their first UK gig in 7 years and they are playing to a tiny crowd of just 2000 people, this gig has the makings of something special. It will be my first time to actually see the pumpkins live, i was too young back when they broke up to really get into their music and i only started listening to pumpkins around the time of Zwan from an amazing friend who showed me the Pumpkins and the Pixies among other amazing bands.

    Holiday to Spain 1st July - 15th

    Then in July I've booked two weeks in the sun at Málaga on the Costa del Sol, going with a friend my 'drinking buddy' who's a good friend from school/uni should be great time and nice to visit somewhere new. I've been to Spain once before but when I was really young like 1 or 2 so I have no recollection of that, might have no recollection of this time either haha but I'm sure it will be good. We have a lot of time on our hands so I'm sure we'll go elsewhere in the south of Spain and just have a great time.

    Tool @ Carling Academy Brixton, London

    Time to see Tool again, I saw them for the first time at download festival 2006 and they were amazing, completely blew me away. I only got into Tool in the build up to the festival, I was just totally hooked to their music and them ending their gig on Ænema its was just so special. I love how their music has that trance like quality just sucks you up in and doesn't release from the music. Since then I've bought all their albums and got into A Perfect Circle aswell. I really wanna see their own show not a festival gig, so I've got my ticket for August booked. Really looking forward to it.

    Carling Weekend: Reading Festival
    Reading Festival.. what a great festival, my first gig let along festival was Reading festival, went with 3 friends back in 2004. Now I'm returning, unfortunately on my own cause my other friends couldn't afford to go or not much of their type of music playing. I bought the tickets JUST because of the Pumpkins, but I'm glad there are other acts there i would like to see. That Sunday will be epic, NIN then Pumpkins :D As I'm seeing the pumpkins in June seeing them again at Reading wont be as special but just great to see them play again. By that time Zeitgeist will be out and ill be able to sing along to the new songs :P

    After the festival my summer ends and back to work I just hope I can look back on it and just go wow what a great year. I've seen some of the most important bands to me and had a great holiday. The return of the Pumpkins will be the highlight of my year and I'm just humbled to see them not once but twice this year. I hope next year to see RATM and the Pumpkins AGAIN!