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Venus Flytraps

Written 1-30-11: Memories are like venus flytraps. When looking back on things that made you happy, it’s easy to see the beauty and joy behind every picture, every quotation, every event. It’s not hard at all to think about how everything just worked, and how every time you left the house, you were looking forward to something. Each secret rendezvous to the park, trek to Wal Mart, IB convention, trip to Busch Gardens, everything is vivid and you just want to dive in and relive those moments. Then it happens. The flytrap opens its jaws and you realize why things aren’t like that anymore. Faux friends are revealed. Nerdy IB cliques fall apart. Best friends become ex friends with not only you, but with each other. Go back further. You grow distant from friends who are a grade under you because you simply don’t see them anymore. You move to Virginia. You start high school and your friend becomes a jock and doesn’t care about you. Your beloved penguin comic club just dies out. Random things on Tumblr trigger your nostalgia for everything. You’re trapped. How can something appear to be so beautiful, just to remind you that you’ve been backstabbed, abandoned, or just thrown some bad circumstances? Why must distance and age cut us down? I made this playlist, aptly titled Venus Flytraps, for all of us out there who miss people and places how they used to be. It kind of makes me wonder if I’ve changed, too. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been opinionated, spiteful, immature, and timid. Who knows? Maybe I’ve become a demon in someone else’s thoughts. I sometimes wonder if those people from whom I’ve drifted apart ever think about me, and if they really had changed as much as I had made it seem that they did. Oh well. Time to live now. Even if I’m not geographically near all the people I care about, I’ll still make an effort to keep these friendships forever. Some say pre-college friendships don’t last. I say, “Screw you!” to those people. El fin.
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Tema Duración
1 Fall Out BoyThnks fr th Mmrs Loved track 3:28
2 Taking Back SundayThere's No 'i' In Team Loved track 3:48
3 ParamoreAll We Know Loved track 3:14
4 Automatic LoveletterMake-Up Smeared Eyes (Acoustic) Loved track 4:40
5 Paper RouteAre We All Forgotten Loved track 3:40
6 Pierce the VeilStay Away From My Friends Loved track 4:41
7 My Chemical RomanceThank You for the Venom 3:40
8 Avril LavigneMobile Loved track 3:31
9 Say AnythingMetal Now 2:44
10 CartelConventional Friend 3:27
11 BEDlight for blueEYESThe City and the Ghost Loved track 4:00
12 ChiodosBaby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek Loved track 4:40
13 Armor for SleepRemember To Feel Real Loved track 3:21
14 EmeryButcher's Mouth Loved track 3:15
15 The Hush SoundWhere We Went Wrong 2:57
16 Motion City SoundtrackWhen 'You're' Around Loved track 2:51
17 Mayday ParadeI'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About Loved track 4:01
18 Meg & DiaWhat If Loved track 3:24
19 The Morning OfTell Me I'm Wrong Loved track 3:39
20 Dance Gavin DancePeople You Know 9:19


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