Journal #2 - Five Albums That Shaped French House


26 Nov 2006, 18:44

The French sure know how to take some obscure funk/disco tunes,sample them, and recycle them into amazing house tracks. The catchy hooks and funky choruses somehow implant themselves into peoples minds. Of course, although these songs can secure the artist's spot in French House history, they can also secure their spot in the One-Hit-Wonder Hall of Fame. These five albums are examples of French House classics. These albums will make sure that you party all night long.

Installation Sonore
The house-rocker duo most famously known for the song 'Cubicle' featured on the iPod nano commercials first gained public interest through their masterpiece, Installation Sonore. With the single Le Mobilier already playing in clubs, all Rinôçérôse needed was a solid house album to back the lead single. Installation Sonore secured Rinôçérôse's spot in French House history.

Choice Cuts
La Guitaristic House Organisation
Le Mobilier
I Love Ma Guitare



Trust It
Junior Jack have a mission: to get everyone on the dancefloor, no matter what age. To assure that everybody who's anybody will get down with their 'bad selves', they've hired Robert Smith of The Cure fame to show off his distinctive vocals on 'Da Hype'. For me, the real standout track on this album is 'Alone'. Based on a single guitar riff, it mystically transforms from a gloomy song into an uptempo masterpiece. Although just starting, Junior Jack has already released a nearly flawless album that should be included in any DJ's arsenal.
Choice Cuts
Da Hype



Dimitri from Paris is not actually from Paris (Imagine that!). However, his classic album, Sacrebleu, is about as influential to French culture as the Eiffel Tower. With an extremely catchy tune (Sacre Francais) and a neat and innovative music video to back it up, Dimitri makes sure that people get lost in his distinctive sound. Chillout, House, and Club sounds have never been mixed together so beautifully.

Choice Cuts
Sacre Francais
Nothing to Lose


2.Melody A.M.
You couldn't go anywhere in the mid-90s without hearing Röyksopp. On MTV, you would hear Poor Leno playing. Remind Me was a choice selection on the radio. Sparks was used in chillout complations all around. Even today, you can hear Remind Me in a certain car insurance commercial. These spots on TV eventually led to Röyksopp's eventual success. It's a CD that would be great for any occasion! It's so easy to get into, a caveman would love it. :P

Choice Cuts
So Easy
Poor Leno
Remind Me


1. Discovery

Who didn't see this coming? Daft Punk defines the French House genre. 'One More Time' defines the turn of the century; 'Digital Love' had been playing in the discos for a rather long time. The whole album has single potential, with the exception of Short Circuit. With the release of Human After All, Daft Punk moved away from their house roots and dove into rinocerose territory, but the glory of Discovery shall forever live on.

Choice Cuts
One More Time
Digital Love
...and the rest of the album!



  • theinvisibleace

    Dimitri from Paris isn't technically from paris, i.e. he wasn't born there. He was born in Istanbul and relocated to Paris. Dimitri dj'ed at the ground-breaking Paris is Burning dance night on the Champs-Elysee. So, that fact is technically incorrect. Continuing on, Royksopp wasn't even around in a musical sense until the 2000's. And, to be more music nerd-y about it, while they may have had an influence on French music, they are from Norway just like Erland Øye, who appears on Remind Me, the song you've referenced above. Additionally, Royksopp was already popular, especially, in the international community following the release of Melody A.M., making regular appearances on MTV Europe. Their American presence was certainly diminished, but their profile was constantly rising, with or without the commercial.

    27 Nov 2006, 2:47
  • MacTonight

    1. I thought that I mentioned that..ah, here we go. Dimitri From Paris is not actually from Paris (Imagine that!). But yeah, you were half-right about Royksopp. I did mean more of French culture, and I did think they were around in the 1990s. But by TV spots I didn't mean the commercials. I meantt the mtv appearences. Sorry for the confusion! Regards, Ryan

    27 Nov 2006, 23:05
  • Hamed888

    That's a nice list you got there, I like your taste. Personally, I would've picked Daft Punk's first album Homework, over Discovery. It pretty much defined the French House genre and is widely regarded as one of the best dance music albums ever. Also, Etienne de Crecy's album Tempovision was an absolute tour de force - it rivals Homework as my favorite French House album. Cassius, Bob Sinclair, and Alex Gopher are all worth a mention too, seeing as they're way more French than Royksopp or Junior Jack. And Laurent Garnier, even though he is considered more techno, is the Godfather of all French dance/electronic music in general. Keep up the good listening!

    10 Dic 2006, 9:59
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