Deep Purple live in Brescia 2006


13 Jul 2006, 20:23

Deep Purple played in Piazza Duomo in Brescia yesterday, and I was there, 7th row central! What an amazing experience!!!

The band was white-hot and gave us 110 minutes of great music, almost non-stop.

My only complaint is that the acustics were terrible from where I was. It's a pity and a shame because I picked the seats. A collegue was about ten rows behind me and told me the sound was perfect from there. I never seem to do the right choices! :-/

But the performance was so good, the bad sound didn't ruin it. And sitting so close to the stage had a obvious advantage: I could see all the players very well! :-) And at times it was difficult to decide where to look. Those guys are phenomenal.

Steve Morse was in guitar-god mode, hair in the wind, his guitar screaming like a banshee while his fingers run on the fret at supersonic speed. During his solo spot he dedicated us a short instrumental version of We Are the Champions, because indeed we are! :-)
Roger Glover couldn't stand still and danced all around the stage, giving us two extended bass solos.
Don Airey was behind the organ, so we couldn't see him playing, and because of the bad acustics I couldn't hear him very well; but during his solo spot showed us that his title of "keyboards genius" is well deserved.
Ian Gillan's voice wasn't crystal clear, and struggled a bit to hit the higher notes, but he put in the mike all of himself and then something more. He danced and screamed and chatted a lot, too bad we didn't understand half of what he was saying. :-P

And little Ian (Ian Paice) is a monster. Simple as that. There wasn't a solo spot for him, but I can say it's like he played a solo from the beginning to the end! His drumming is incredible. Fast and powerful and precise as a scalpel. He can play all the stunts we are used to and he makes them look easy and natural. When you think he couldn't go faster than that, he doubles the speed. But it's not just the speed. It's also the variety and the complexity of his drum lines, which are a fundamental part of all the Deep Purple's songs. The best living rock drummer in my opinion.

The songs were all very good. I'd dare to say I almost liked the new ones more than the classics. OF course we all sung along Smoke on the Water, Hush, Space Truckin' and Black Night, but the new songs are extremely interesting, sounding fresh and original to me and featuring a few interesting solutions. Weird time signatures too (which Paicey played with surgical precision). I especially liked Rapture Of The Deep. I think I'm buying the album. I missed Picture Of Innocence though: it's my favourite from this line-up; but I knew they weren't playing it during this tour.

Anyway, the thing I liked the most was seeing how much fun they were having playing for us. They were smiling all the time, patting each other's back and weaving at the crowd. And they were surprised and pleased by how warm and loud the audience was. We were just 3000 but we sung and danced and screamed like we were 10000. :-)

All in all a great experience. Now if I think that I've missed artists such as Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Yes and Jethro Tull... I want to cry! :-)



  • KarnEvil9

    Sounds like a great time. I'd have loved to have seen them back in their prime, around the [i]Machine Head[/i] and [i]Made in Japan[/i] era.

    13 Jul 2006, 20:40
  • mveers


    13 Jul 2006, 23:18
  • MacThePenguin

    @ KarnEvil9: Until I finish my time machine :-) your best bet would be to buy the Deep Purple live in Concert 1972/73 DVD. The direction is plain stupid, but the music is *great* and at that price (I paid 12 EUR for it) it's a bargain. Have fun!

    14 Jul 2006, 6:37
  • KarnEvil9

    Sounds good. I remember watching them on TV at California Jam, along with ELP and Black Sabbath, around that time period. They were pretty awesome.

    14 Jul 2006, 9:34
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