A Fond Farewell But....So What?


28 May 2008, 1:59

Tue 27 May – Ministry, Pythia

Got there just in time to miss the support which pleased me. I generally can't stand supports anyway, so no great loss!

Ministry, Ministry, Ministry. I remember seeing these motherfuckers at the first Download Festival back in '03 - easily one of the more memorable performances of the weekend (and not just cos of the Fanatical Irish Dude who came all the way to Donington to see them)!

Jump ahead almost exactly five years and I'm several hours past their farewell tour, thinking it felt like anything but that! Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it and will definitely get hold of the Bush Jr. trilogy of albums in the future - but just FOUR tunes from the Bush Snr Era? Four classics (N.W.O., So What, Thieves and Just One Fix) and that's it?? It would have been a more ass-kicking gig had they done a retrospective of their whole catalogue, even throwing in some PTP, RevCo and 1000 Homo DJs stuff for good measure. It just seemed like any other promo gig really rather than the Ultimate Culmination it got built up as.

In short, what could have been exceptional merely rates as very good....


  • decades

    Agreed dude; I was disappointed, but it was still kickass. I was hoping for 'Scarecrow', so always was wishing fruitlessly!

    28 May 2008, 20:32
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