Debut full-length from We Were Ravens!


21 Oct 2010, 3:57

Columbus musician Luke Knight (Methuselah, Apollo) has officially self-released the debut full-length album of his ever-evolving We Were Ravens solo project. The album, entitled Skies, is a conceptual piece based on the constantly evolving nature of the sky. The album can be downloaded (in a multitude of both lossless and compressed formats) for free at the official We Were Ravens webstore.

Stylistically the album marks a departure from the more post-rock and ambient oriented We Were Ravens EP releases. While still retaining a strong post-rock influence, Knight has continued along the evolutionary path first set forth on the "Obelisk" EP by drawing influence from a vast array of diverse musical genres such as , , , , , and . Some of the artists which directly influenced Knight during the creation of the album include:

Aidan Baker, Andrew Chalk, Belong, Black Dice, Cisfinitum, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Dead Voices on Air, Deathprod, Drowning the Virgin Silence, Earth, Emeralds, expo 70, Fennesz, Iannis Xenakis, Infinite Body, Gnaw Their Tongues, Growing, m.cadoo, Maeror Tri, Merzbow, My Bloody Valentine, Nadja, Rapoon, Reformed Faction, Sun Thief, Sun Watcher, Swans, Thisquietarmy, The Angelic Process, The Caretaker, The Silverman, Tim Hecker, Troum, Xasthur, and Zoviet France, along with many others


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