4 Gigs In 4 Days Again, Part I: "My first language is Rock n' Roll music!"


28 Jul 2007, 19:55

Once again the Lloyd-meister, has attended, as the title would suggest, 4 gigs in the space of 4 days. It all started as I got to Oxford Street on Tuesday (24th July) to see The Hives at the first of their two "come-back" London shows. As I got to the (300 capacity) 100 Club the touts outside were desperate for tickets and there were ticket-less people swanning about hopefully, and at one point frontman Howlin' Pelle Almqvist even popped out to say hello. As soon as the doors opened I got into the 18+ venue with ease and rushed to the very front and got myself a prime position. With no support act booked the tension rose and I ended up making a few friends with others who had forked out fortunes for their tickets and the roadie who informed me the band will be back touring in the UK in November (I can't wait!). At 9.15 the lights dimmed and the portion of the crowd who weren't members of the press went wild.

First to appear was drummer Chris Dangerous, giving the world it's first preview of the band's new black and white suits (very snazzy), followed closely by bassist Dr. Matt Destruction, guitarists Vigilante Carlstroem and Nicholaus Arson before Howlin' Pelle burst onto the stage and the band launched into new track Bigger Hole To Fill, followed by oldie The Hives-Declare Guerre Nuclaire. My first ever gig was seeing The Hives in Wolverhampton back in 2005 and I can still clearly remember them being very energetic, but nothing as energetic as they were here. Almqvist and Arson never stopping their energetic antics of coming into the crowd, climbing the bass-drum and simply running about everywhere. Arson even came up to me at one point to place his plectrum in my mouth! My personal highlight came at the sixth song when they did former single and personal favourite, A Little More For Little You. Playing 15 tracks overall, the show was obviously meant to symbolize the band moving on, as they played 6 songs from the new album, 5 from 2004's Tyrannosaurus Hives and 4 from 2000's Veni Vidi Vicious - with nothing from thir debut or the early EP's. However in my opinion the band have improved with every album, and judging from the new song's they played I can see this rule staying consistent a little longer.

Over the course of the show I got 2 plectrums a drumstick and a set list, all of which I got signed post-show when I managed to meet all the band, who were all very lovely - which I found to be a great bonus, as not only did they put on one of the best shows I have ever seen, they were friendly nice guys and willing to chat after, even though my legs were so bruised from being pushed against the stage so much I could barely stand!

This means that the next day, I was happily expecting more of the same as I headed over to the second of their "come-back" dates, tonight's taking place at the (apparently very trendy) Hoxton Bar And Kitchen - holding only 150 people. After an utter fiasco actually trying to find the place and then having some difficulty getting into the place (another over 18er), I was finally in the bar part - where I had a wait to even get into the main gig room. But thankfully some of the people I met the previous night were here again, so I had some company. Once again I flocked right to the front center and held my position once again until the 9.15 kick-off (the rumor I heard in the bar if Art Brut being a surprise support fell flat). It turned out that this evenings performance was being filmed for some reason, there there were a handful of cameramen about. Minutes before kick-off the roadie came to stick the set-lists down, and it was revealed that they were doing all the same songs as the previous night, just in a slightly varied order, which was a tad disappointing, but considering how great they were the previous night then it wasn't a severe dampener. Tonight coming on stage to other new track, and possible future single Lasse Shuffle, the show was more of what I had grown to expect from the last show, which is certainly not a bad thing. Although I did feel the band were lacking in the energy they had before. However they were still fantastic and the show does join the 100 Club show in my top 5 ever gigs, which is a great achievement for any band!

Only getting 1 plectrum tonight, I flocked to the back of the venue to get my Hives CD collection signed (Chris: "Wow! This better than my record collection!"). Vigilante and Matt didn't stick around tonight, but the rest of the band were as social as ever, and Pelle confirmed that they will be playing here again in November. "See you there?" he says, see you there indeed.


  • EtherBoy

    Sounds like 2 good gigs indeed. Always fancied seeing them live.

    28 Jul 2007, 20:00
  • lorazio

    you analyse your gigs too much, Mr. Lloyd.

    29 Jul 2007, 20:09
  • Libertine_Nat

    You're so so so lucky to have been at both these shows! Great review :)

    5 Ago 2007, 21:05
  • piratepyro

    NME here you come.. I'm joking, very nice reviewing Mr lloyd. xxx

    2 Jul 2008, 22:04
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