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"Fifty-one per cent of a nation can
establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still
remain democratic; while an old-fashioned dictator might
reserve to himself only a very few prerogatives, scrupulously
refraining from interfering in the private sphere of the citizens."

"There is little doubt that the American Congress or the French
Chambers have a power over their nations which would rouse
the envy of a Louis XIV or a George III, were they alive
today. Not only prohibition, but also the income tax
declaration, selective service, obligatory schooling, the fingerprinting
of blameless citizens, premarital blood tests—none of
these totalitarian measures would even the royal absolutism
of the seventeenth century have dared to introduce."

Life is too valuable to waste on idiots and self centered manipulators. Those who are unique and brilliant need to stand up together as one, this is our time. Depression gets the best of us, but it is a lie created by psychic vampires. Never stop dreaming, never stop loving, never stop achieving. Life is a battle to the top. Once in a while a cold breeze comes along to give birth to your youth once again and consecrate meaning. If you are like I am in this world, then let us create something great, in the image of the power of nature!

What about guttural drive, like the need for water, love, sex, food, the full moon, a good fight? The need to release the energy that absorbs every crevasse of the intellectual mind. Like a cancer it pervades and overtakes one, invading one's space, soothing as a liquid spawn, invigorating with a toxic glare. You open the package, collapsing onto the mindset, sonic transient formats, carried into the tube, blasting onto the page. A euphoric rinsing of oak, birch, and bleaching dye consumes your consciousness like lightning from a cloudless sky. Cleansed and desecrated by your pen it is your all, your everything. It beholds mechanic godhood creation, universal consumation, final exclamation, electrofernal declaration. I am home, the pen grand master and the paper my slave.

I am dead silent when in public, unless spoken to. When I speak privately,I speak clearly with the utmost directness, haste, and speed. When I am in private I can go on talking for hours on end, but at times I can become carried away, uppity, and virulently hyperactive. These traits are perceived as unnaturally and obnoxiously neurotic, although I am just full of energy and having some deep, and meaningful fun. I am very calm and spiritual, so I will show the utmost respect for those who show respect in turn. I love all who show love towards me. Unless one uses force with me I am very cooperative. If one ever defies my right to do whatever I wish at any time according to my rational egoist ethics; I will defend myself swiftly to the best of my ability, and I will enjoy every minute of it. I am accepting of all peaceful people, and I will not tolerate aggression or oppression in any form. I am a very rational person, so I will tend to stick with the most logical course of action when trying to achieve an objective. I am fully open to new spiritual and religious ideas, and I am continually searching for even more ideas to compliment the others that I have developed and acquired through direct application.

I can appear to not be myself at times. This is especially true when I am in my deep thought. I tend to puzzle those around me with their interpretation, specifically when I am asked directly. Many who do not know me perceive my thoughts as completely random. This is a complete cover, I am never known by those who truly know me as random in any manner. I plan all my thoughts and actions without bias or hesitation. I have strong connections to the mystical and the spiritual, and I am at one with all that is many. I am constantly in tune with nature, and am always speaking with the otherworldly aspects of the world. I have an inherently deep love for those around me who I respect, even if not shown. I have strong connections with my best of friends, and I tend to usually know who I will like at the time I meet them.

I have a grand appreciation for nature, and the wonder and awe of life itself. How I came to be, what I am, what this world is, how this world is: these are the biggest questions of my life, and therefore I am continually exploring the truth of the universe and the reality of life. I am on a spiritual quest to understand all that I can in my life. I invite all true friends and commandantes to join me in the quest for truth and understanding.

I express what I am, and what my world is through my own music. Music is a spiritual and mathematical conduit for what I am, and how I am today. I display my most intimate thoughts with you through my musical expression. I am doing what I can to become more in tune with reality each day that I live.