5000 tracks, woot!


22 May 2006, 0:07

On the auspicious occasion of me attaining 5000 tracks on Last.fm, I have decided to compile data, so that in another 5000 tracks, I can look back and see how my musical taste has changed. Hopefully I can learn something along the way. Let’s get started then now shall we!

A this point I have listened to, on average 1.2 tracks per hour
I have listened to, on average 29 tracks per day, and 203.3 tracks per week. I have 7 Friends (on Last.fm). And I belong to 16 different groups. I have posted 75 posts.

This is how my current Top 20 stands:
1. System of a Down
2. Children of Bodom
3. 3 Inches of Blood
4. Kalmah
5. Rhapsody
6. Alexisonfire
7. Clutch
8. Lamb of God
9. The Game
10. At the Drive-In
11. Gorillaz
12. Outkast
13. The Beatles
14. In Flames
14. Death from Above 1979
16. Louis Armstrong
17. The Unicorns
18. DragonForce
19. Dr. Dre
20. Opeth

1. System of a Down- 497
First song I heard: Chop Suey!
Favorite album: Tough, probably Toxicity
Current favorites: War?,Holy Mountains
It’s Obvious that System of a Down, and Children of Bodom my favorite two bands. And I really don’t question System of a Down]’s supremacy on my charts. I just love their music. When I saw them live earlier this year, it was a dream come true. They were so amazing! While I feel that their most recent album, Hypnotize, is a little weak. Sure it’s cool that the tracks blend into each other, but maybe Serj should sing more, cause the songs are pretty gay. Anyway I’m really digging their self-titled album, and Toxicity.

2. Children of Bodom- 475
First song I heard: Trooper (not actually COB), and Lake Bodom
Favorite album: Something Wild
Current favorites: Touch like an Angel of Death, and The Nail
I learnt of Children of Bodom just last summer from my friend Tomas, who came back from Vancouver and immediately demanded that I downloaded some of their tunes. Still listening to old Rhapsody songs, I was skeptical at first to download their music. I was relieved however to find that my skepticism was trashed to bits by a most hardcore assault straight from the guitar of Alexi “wildchild” Laiho. I have since fallen in love with them andalready have tickets for their tour through Saskatoon with Lamb of God and Mastodon. So excited.

3. 3 Inches of Blood- 455
First song I heard: Destroy The Orcs
Favorite album: Battlecry Under a Winter Sun (lolz go Wintersun)
Current favorites: The Phantom Of The Crimson Cloak
These guys are straight-up I don’t give a "what" gnarcore rawkerz. They’ve got a style reminiscent of old that good old Iron Maiden metal. I first hear of these guys when stevieC told me they were coming to town. I downloaded a couple of their tunes and fell in love. Its really by fluke however that they ended up near the top of my overall chart. I have no Idea how Last calculated that I played 383 of their tracks in one week. Weird to say the least.

4. Kalmah- 159
First song I heard: Cloned Insanity
Favorite album: Swampsong
Current favorites: Withering Away, Heroes To Us, and Cloned Insanity
Kalmah omg omg! These are the guys who truly belong in third place. Their style is(was) comparable to Children of Bodom, however Kalmah’s songs (especially a few in particular) hold that "nail" greatness of seemingly being an endless array of solo madness. With the release of their new album Black Waltz, it seems that Kalmah is looking to reinvent themselves. The CD is much more dark with growling voices much unlike the Alexi Laiho sounding vocals found in the previous releases. I’ve got to say that after graduating, seeing Kalmah live will be a definite aspiration of mine, as I am certain they will never tour Canada.

5. Rhapsody- 153
First song I heard: Black Dragon, (again not actually Rhapsody), and Holy Thunderforce
Favorite album: Dawn of Victory
Current favorites: Knightrider of Doom
I was introduced to Rhapsody by an animation my friend Faron made, in which he incorporated the song Black Dragon. While he claimed at first that it was Rhapsody. Me and stevieC have since found that it is indeed by Luca Turilli, front man of Rhapsody. Good band all around.

6. Alexisonfire- 125
First song I heard: Pulmonary Archery
Favorite album: Ooo that’s hard, probably their first
Current favorites: Passing Of America, Accidents
I love supporting these guys, their music really rocks. I’ve seen them live thrice now, and it never gets old. They are so energetic. I have yet to pick up Dallas Green’s solo debut, City and Colour, but I’ll probably give it a gander soon.

First song I heard: Mercury
Favorite album: Blast Tyrant
Current favorites: The Mob Goes Wild
I discovered Clutch while looking up artists off of last years Sounds of the Underground tour lineup. They are so unique and unlike anything else. All of their albums show such different styles. After sounds of the underground, which to my dismay I was not able to attend, I was told that Clutch didn’t fit into the schedule at all. I wasn’t surprised, I don’t think that there is any generalized tour that clutch would fit into, it is absolutely impossible to classify them into a particular genre. There needs to be more bands like Clutch, bands that defy genres, that explore musical tastes, and spread themselves unto many fan bases.

8. Lamb of God
First song I heard: 11th Hour
Favorite album: Killadelphia
Current favorites: Omerta, As the Palaces Burn
Burn the priests! Lamb of God are coming! I’m so goddamn excited to see these beasts of pure destructive metal live. They are the true epitome of great heartfelt metal. I love Lamb of God. I recently watched the Lamb of God DVD Killadelphia, Amazing stuff! I would have never expected the lead singer, as little as he is, to be belting out such over-the-top straight-outta-hell vocals. And the drummer, holy bajezzuze! How does anyone play the double pedals near as fast as he does? To say the least I am impressed with this band, and looking forward to seeing them this summer.

9. The Game- 104
First song I heard: How We Do
Favorite album: The Documentary
Current favorites: Higher
Trying to play the game with only 50 Cent? Come back when you’ve got a few dollars. I’ve downloaded a few of The Game’s albums, and to tell you the truth, I think his stuff was better when it was directed by 50 Cent(eww). Though some of his new stuff is aight, songs like Olivia, and Hurricaines are really getting on my nerves. The Game was a good style, but his beats have really been lacking since he departed with ol’ 50.

10. At the Drive-In- 102
First song I heard: Not really sure, probably One Armed Scissor
Favorite album: Relationship in Command
Current favorites: One Armed Scissor, and arcarcenal
It’s hard picking favorites with these guys, all of the songs on Relationship in Command have really definite styles, the likes of which are defiantly unique. I recently discovered that At the Drive-in’s name is derived from the Poison song Talk Dirty to Me, a song which Children of Bodom later Covered.

11. Gorillaz- 96
First song I heard: Clint Eastwood
Favorite album: Gorillaz
Current favorites: Fire Coming Out of the Monkeys Head
I just recently downloaded Demon Days (that’s right, I’m a pirate, SUE ME!). Demon days rocks, both of their major releases are so different and adventurous. I heart the way that the last three tracks blend into each other. I love their website too. It’s so vast, you can get lost so easily. I suggest that everyone takes a trip over to gorillaz.com to witness it for themselves.

12. Outkast- 86
First song I heard: Mrs. Jackson
Favorite album: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Current favorites: Last Call
Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright! Man these guys is Ice Cold! Hey Ya! Has been stuck in my head for like a year and a half now. These guys are so very good, fusing their own genre of hip-hop with funk and jazz. I remember being blown away at the speed of the rapping in Bombs Over Bagdad(BOB). Has anyone else read the lyrics to that song and tried to sing along? Kudos to anyone who can keep up for longer than six lines.

13. The Beatles- 81
First song I heard: Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Favorite album: Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Current favorites: Hello Goodbye
Oh The Beatles! Thank Heavens for the british invasion eh? Discovered The Beatles back in the day while sifting through my dads record collection (this was around grade 4). I found SPLHCB (lol), and fell en amour. In grade 5 I was given a 20 dollar gift certificate to HMV from none other than Jeremy Joel Kiss. With this card I purchased for myself the first CD I would ever come to own, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. My taste in music has since bloomed and with it my appreciation for these connoisseurs of delectable music.

14. In Flames- 75
First song I heard: Coerced Coexistence
Favorite album: Whoracle
Current favorites: Dead Alone
In Flames was my introduction to /. My sister’s hardcore boyfriend, who I never met, downloaded Coerced Coexistence on our computer in 2000, along with Manowar’s hit Fight Until We Die. At the time they were placed, by me, into the same playlist on winamp. I realize now how limited my knowledge of music must have been to believe that these two artists belonged into the same playlist. In Flames is coming to Saskatoon this summer in the Sounds of the Underground tour. I hope to get tickets soon. Excitement!

14. Death from Above 1979- 74
First song I heard: I really have no idea, probably Pull Out
Favorite album: Heads Up
Current favorites: Do it, Pull Out
I saw these guys live with no pre-conceived notions, I had never even hear one of their songs. That concert was so full of excitement, from breaking chairs, to cowbell solos, to Tomas getting kicked out, to me being like Holy shit these guys rock! The warmup bands, controller controller, and someothershittypieceofshit, were not, to say the least, very good. But oh by golly when DFA1979 took the stage it was like, omg these guyz r sweet. I love Death From Above 1979. Nuff said’.

16. Louis Armstrong- 66
First song I heard: Me no-know
Favorite album: That one with Ella Fitzgerald
Current favorites: Blueberry Hill
I really have nothing to say about Louis Armstrong, he’s got a sweet voice.

17. The Unicorns- 65
First song I heard: i don’t wanna die
Favorite album: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We Die? (WWCOHWWD?)
Current favorites: Tuff Luff
OMG I <3 THE UNICORNEZ!!1 When I saw these guys live at the Hot Hot Heat concert (my first ever concert), I fell immediately in love. While talking to my sisters friend, she confined in me that she was incertain as to whether or not she liked them. To which I Was appalled, not like The Unicorns? Don’t hate. Unicorns are people too. Really these guys are great, and I am very sad that they split up. In other news, legend has it that this guy I met at an animation workshop in Vancouver’s, Brother’s Girlfriend’s Brother is Nick "Neil" Diamonds, the guitarist of The Unicorns. Caaarayzay!

18. DragonForce- 64
First song I heard: Cry of the Brave
Favorite album: Sonic Firestorm
Current favorites: Fury of the Storm
Man Herman lee is defiantly a god… Dragonforce boggles my mind. How does anyone play so quickly? Their sound is so epic. I was sent my first Dragonforce song by Jeremy Kiss, who told me that this was a band that dressed up in anime costumes on stage. So through curiosity I searched them up on Google image, OMG DRAGONFORCE HAS A CRAZY LONG HAIRED CHINESE GUITARIST! Though it wasn’t anime costumes, Herman Lee was a definite surprise. Now however I accept all of Dragonforces cultural heritage as a whole, and I am still stupefied by their intense speed.

19. Dr. Dre- 55
First song I heard: Still Dre
Favorite Album: 2001
Current Favorites: The Watcher
Things just ain't the same for gangstas.
Times is changing, young niggas is aging,
The strangest things can happen from rappin, when
Niggas get wrapped up in image and actin,
Niggas get capped up and wrapped in plastic,
Zipped up in bags when it happens, that's it.
I've seen em come; I've watched em go,
Watched em rise, witnessed it and watched em blow.
Best friends and money: I lost them both.
Went, visited niggas in the hospital.
It's all the same shit all across the globe.
I just sit back and watch the show.
I started this gangsta shit, and this the motherfucking thanks I get?

20. Opeth- 52
First song I heard: Not sure
Favorite Album: My Arms, Your Hearse
Current Favorites: White Cluster
See Opeth. See Opeth rock. Rock Opeth rock! Tomas introduced me to Opeth. Opeth is good. I missed them at Sounds of the underground, and then again at the Odeon due to bad planning on my part. Jesus… why?

That about sums it up. I’ve actually have learnt a lot about my music taste from doing this, thank you Last.fm! If you read this journal entry please leave a comment, I don’t want to know that all of my precious time has gone to waste.


  • LordGnarington

    : D YEAH! Thanks buddy.

    4 Jul 2006, 18:41
  • thyyhc

    i have been regged here about month and i have already 5000 songs listened... =)

    29 Ago 2006, 9:40
  • SHatters

    I am so proud of you two for reaching 5000 tracks. What an achievement!

    15 Oct 2006, 14:07
  • LordGnarington

    I can't believe that I wrote this...

    16 Oct 2008, 18:19
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