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Horny Blur

Ahem. Anyway just a list of Blur songs I find quite sexy and/or have suggestive lyrics. Of course they’re chosen in my opinion and for teh lulz so if ya wanna fight about it well hell maybe that song turns me on. Or if I missed any that you think is sexy, let me know. Girls & Boys (Damon’s admitted the chorus refers to anal sex on holiday mmmkayy yeah me gusta) Polished Stone (Gramon after a one night stand in a hotel room) Chemical World (peeping Thomas has a very nice view) She’s So High (Wanting to crawl all over you, yes you ladies) Stereotypes (Your parents making sex tapes and wife swapping, thanks for the visual Dames) Essex Dogs (Do I even have to? DAT VOICE!) Beetlebum (AGAIN, DO I EVEN HAVE TO?! ‘SHE’LL SUCK YOUR THUMB, SHE’LL MAKE YOU COME!’) Mr. Robinson’s Quango (Basically Damon having an orgasm at the end and telling us how much of a naughty boy is like we didn’t already know o_O ) End of a Century (Dat oral sex song, ‘can you eat her yes you can’) Swamp Song (The mantra of all horny Blur fans, I don’t even have to) Brothers and Sisters (DAT VOICE WHAT IS THAT DAMON?! Oh and the lyrics, ‘everybody horny’ yes yes indeed)
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Tema Duración
1 BlurGirls & Boys Loved track 4:51
2 BlurPolished Stone Loved track 2:43
3 BlurChemical World Loved track 3:49
4 BlurShe's So High 3:49
5 BlurEssex Dogs Loved track 6:24
6 BlurBeetlebum Loved track 5:03
7 BlurStereotypes 3:10
8 BlurMr. Robinson's Quango Loved track 4:02
9 BlurEnd of a Century Loved track 2:45
10 BlurSwamp Song 4:37
11 BlurBrothers and Sisters Loved track 3:47


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