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Christ! takes the controls and pilots the Waysiders rocketship... 59:13 3
In our second effort, R.T. and Our Hero mourn Christ!’s... 58:07 1
This week, Christ! comes back from the dead, gives a bogus New... 60:38 1
In this episode, your new favorite internet personalities... 56:31 1
Technical difficulties led this epidsode to be temporarily lost... 91:42 1
In this episode, we begin our interview series... 62:51 1
Christ! is on the hotseat. We also host guests and co-editors of... 64:14 1
In this episode, heroin is at least partly to blame for the... 55:31 1
Our Hero finally gets his due. And his questions. Well, mostly... 59:33 1
Christ! has once again vanished, leaving R.T. and Our Hero alone... 59:40 1
A shortened window for Waysidering results in a short episode,... 39:00 1
This week’s Waysiders comes with apologies to guest BAM,... 58:12 1
Episode 13 truly became the unluckiest. It got shelved for... 50:08 1
In this episode, our questionable companions discuss problems,... 54:29 1
In this episode, we manage to fit in some serious discussion... 59:21 1
The Waysiders return after a month off. You might think... 60:03 1
The most interesting part of this bonus episode featuring only... 63:47 1
The Waysiders reunite to discuss police tactics, the first issue... 60:35 1
Those incorrigible Waysiders return with R.T.’s one-act... 57:59 1
The Waysiders go Bad Boozin’! The boys join T & T of T... 61:29 1