• & This September I'll Be 26 Years Old...

    4 Oct 2011, 22:54

    Sat 24 Sep – Junior Boys, Young Galaxy
    got Junior Boys tickets. my damn birthday present to myself. didn't care if i had to go by myself. i didn't. night of the show.caffeinate up. roll some Js. smoked with the buddy. ate my THCloadedTREAT.

    waited. waited. amazed by the variety of folks. lights dim. rush forward. two people away from front. Young Galaxy crafts a fine set that builds to a rewarding conclusion. drummer has cats on her kit, killer drummer. edible is kicking in. wait. complain. whisper to buddy. snicker.

    finally Junior boys! Jeremy's voice is even more impressive in person. dance. shuffle. yarg. drunk girl screaming in my ear. jesus christ shut up. dance. Teach Me How to Fight. girl next to me makes sure everyone knows she knows this song and we don't.their set is varied and well chosen. more loveliness. a trademark downer. sway. i want to hear Second Chance, they don't play it. dance. when Count Souvenirs kicks in i exhale thanks to the sonic gods.. mouthing the lyrics, never speaking over Jeremy. shuffle. sway. close my eyes. Junior boys wash over me. intense. happy. play their last song.

    roar for encore. scream for encore. scream: get back out here & play Banana fucking Ripple. it's the only logical closer. the boys return. some indier-than-thou screams for "old stuff." Jeremy does extended intro into, what else(?), Banana Ripple. i lose my shit. space widens around me. my body moves. limbs sway in time. eyes close; stage lights forcing color through. i dance ecstatically through the 9 min song. Jeremy begins closing the song. noUnever noUnever noUnever noUnever noUnever. so much effort is put forth i swear his head's gonna explode. wave after sound wave reverberates on & through me. happiness floods the brain, fingers twitch & contentment spreads across the face. the beat stops, my chest feels empty when devoid of a bass line. the curtains close & I'm sad it's over but glad it happened. they play harry potter music as we exit. alright then.

    light a smoke. jump in the car. head the beach. Santa Monica sand in my shoes. sitting on the lifeguard tower. waves crash & we talk about Junior Boys as we smoke the last J in the Kamel Red hardpack.

    sonic bliss & neon endings
  • Higher Than The Blue In The Sky

    26 Nov 2010, 12:07

    What to do? 4AM rolls around & everyone at the party is powering down. Load Up. Arrive at My House. so begins the cooking/laughing/smoking. IMstoned [In Accordance W/Prop 215, of course] She'sDRUNK. So's he. You're Stoned. I Think She may just be sleep deprived. I Put onDiamond Rings'Special Affections. By the end of Wait & See hips are groovin' . When You & Me hits there is a striptease happening By the time Pre-Owned Heart starts we're taking turns trying to out dance each other. after my turn i lie down, eyelids like lead & sing along. Suddenly i'm yanked from my recumbent couch position & placed in front of the stereo with strict orders to "DANCE bitch". i'm dancing. they're dancing. we're dancing. there's rump shakin', synchronized hand moves, some spins, the occasional vogue & fun echoing off the living room walls at 6AM. It's Not My Party gets the modern/interpretive dance treatment. Not until All Yr Songs twangs out does the spontaneous dance end. we collapse in a fit of laughter, marveling at the sunlight. It's my [our] Special Affections review told completely through the hips.

  • TheJamie/JägermeisterStory

    31 May 2010, 21:00

    This one time...
    went to the Echo Curio. [this happened a while ago, i just transferred the journal from an old profile.] a bunch of us. Jamie Stewart had a show. got tacos. bummed a smoke from a unnecessarily intense dickster. took a polaroid for photoproject. Jaime Stew played. his nails painted red. slugAFTERslug of Jägermeister. i got the giggles, got shushed. he sang. my friend threw up tacos&black. i didn't help her. after the show I [in a most awkward fashion] shook his hand & heard myself mumble Thanks. scurried away. he turned & talked to the one with better hair. helped my friend to the car. friends complained about the intense fans/that funny smell/the tiny venue/"that cunt who shushed us"/the ringing in their ears. no one had fun. i did.
  • The Parasites Will Love You When You're Dead

    2 May 2010, 21:29

    I recently stumbled on the news of Mark Linkous' suicide. Shot himself in the heart, disturbingly fitting for some as damaged as Mr. Linkous. It really is disconcerting when people you admire kill themselves. I wouldn't call Sparklehorse a commercial success but what matters is that Sparklehorse mattered, to me anyways. His sound (I always thought it sound like straining to hear fuzzed out music pouring from some ethereal radio) strikes a chord somewhere deep within my viscera. A sporadic hopefulness, born of a world-weary soul, often infused his music. Rife with darkness & turmoil his music seemed to reach inside me & tear out just a little bit of sadness leaving me raw, ready for some happiness to ooze in and scab over. His lyrics are something i'm always been in awe of. They conjure up vast imagery that is frightening, endearing, soulful & most importantly meaningful. I'm eternally grateful i saw Sparklehorse in concert in 2007. Hopefully we get the pleasure of hearing what is finished of his album.

    Some Particularly Great Lyrics:
    "I drank my liquor from the palm of a child who spoke in tongues and smelled like sun" King Of Nails
    "And all I wanted is to be a happy man" Happy Man (Memphis Version)
    "I'm so sorry my spirit's rarely in my body
    It wanders through the dry country
    Looking for a good place to rest
    " Hundreds Of Sparrows
    "I'm the dog that ate your birthday cake" It's a Wonderful Life
    "You've got diamonds for eyes
    It's time for you to rise
    & evaporate in the sun
    Sometimes it can weigh a ton
    " Gold Day
    "The owls have been talking to me
    But i'm sworn to secrecy"
    "If i had a home
    You'd know it'd be in a slide trombone
    " Spirit Ditch

    & what just might be my favorite set of lyrics:
    "I wanna be a stupid & shallow motherfucker now
    I wanna be a tough-skinned bitch but i don't know how
    ." Pig

    I've no clue what happens the moment that you choose to throw yourself into that dark abyss but hopefully it's some sense of peace that placates a tortured soul.

    infinite darkness & a tape player
  • Fragments Of Yesterday

    2 May 2010, 21:28

    These were the Stats on my old Profile:
    31959 plays since 5 Mar 2007
    108 Loved Tracks
    295 Posts
    0 Playlists
    387 shouts
    789 Artists

    Overall Artists

    1.Xiu Xiu 1,354
    2.The Magnetic Fields962
    3.Billie the Vision & The Dancers689
    4.Joanna Newsom 688
    5.Sparklehorse 580
    6.Antony and the Johnsons 565
    7.Radiohead 531
    8.CocoRosie 447
    9.Tori Amos426
    10.Belle and Sebastian 396
    11.Gravy Train!!!! 391
    12.Peaches 367
    13.The Knife 327
    14.The Presets 315
    15.Architecture in Helsinki 296
    16.Sufjan Stevens 263
    17.Hot Chip262
    18.Nero's Day at Disneyland259
    19.Nina Simone248
    20.The Phoenix Foundation 246
    21.Björk 244
    22.Calvin Harris 243
    23.Spiritualized 239
    24.Felix da Housecat 234
    25.The 6ths231
    26.The Beatles228
    27.Ssion 224
    29.Bright Eyes 214
    30.Marilyn Manson 206
    31.The Hood Internet 200
    32.CAKE 184
    33.Dirty Sanchez 180
    33.Fiona Apple 180
    35.Portishead 175
    36.The Doors 173
    36.The Notwist 173
    38.The Velvet Underground 169
    39.Sean Lennon 163
    39.Cyndi Lauper 163
    41.Regina Spektor 161
    41.Beirut 161
    43.The Decemberists 155
    44.Cornelius 154
    45.Avenue D 151
    46.Greg Laswell 149
    47.Frank Sinatra 143
    48.Black Kids140
    49.Saul Williams139
    50.Logan Lynn

    Overall Tracks
    1.Antony and the Johnsons – Cripple and the Starfish 51
    1.Gravy Train!!!! – Sippin' 40z 51
    3.Joanna Newsom – Emily 45
    4.Joanna Newsom – Inflammatory Writ 43
    5.Xiu Xiu – Bunny Gamer (b) 40
    6.Hot Chip – I Feel Better 39
    6.Billie the Vision & The Dancers – One More Full Length Record 39
    8.Antony and the Johnsons – Epilepsy Is Dancing 38
    8.Felix da Housecat – Do Not Try This At Home 38
    10.Joanna Newsom – Go Long 37
    11.Best Coast – That's The Way Boys Are 36
    11.Xiu Xiu – Chocolate Makes You Happy 36
    11.Billie the Vision & The Dancers – A Man From Argentina 36
    11.Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart 36
    11.Fischerspooner – A Kick in the Teeth 36
    16.Billie the Vision & The Dancers – Nightmares 34
    17.Radiohead – Reckoner33
    18.CocoRosie – Beautiful Boyz 32
    18.CocoRosie – Rainbowarriors 32
    20.Greg Germann & Annie Golden – Unworthy of Your Love 31
    20.Antony and the Johnsons – Hitler in My Heart 31
    20.Joanna Newsom – Sadie 31
    20.Peaches – Mommy Complex 31
    24.Billie the Vision & The Dancers – Summercat 30
    24.The Phoenix Foundation – Let Me Die A Woman 30
    24.Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir 30
    27.Xiu Xiu – Brian the Vampire 29
    27.Xiu Xiu – Clover 29
    27.Joanna Newsom – Soft as Chalk 29
    27.The Magnetic Fields – The Nun's Litany 29