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worCBulle descarga gratuita Tema favorito 7 Nov 2013
worCCarinae I descarga gratuita Tema favorito 7 Nov 2013
Wendy & LisaWaterfall Tema favorito 30 Ago 2013
Dark New DayFill Me Again 30 Ago 2013
Miss ConstructionPornostar 30 Ago 2013
Glass CloudCounting Sheep Tema favorito 30 Ago 2013
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis Tema favorito 30 Ago 2013
Abigail WilliamsAscension Sickness Tema favorito 30 Ago 2013
Ke$haPast Lives Tema favorito 30 Ago 2013
ChiasmA Section of Time 30 Ago 2013
ChiasmExtinguish 30 Ago 2013
AyriaThe Gun Song 30 Ago 2013
AyriaAnalog Trash 30 Ago 2013
The Break UpWho's Crying Now 30 Ago 2013
CindergardenRainbow's End 30 Ago 2013
CindergardenMesmerize 29 Ago 2013
In Strict ConfidenceTiefer (Combichrist Remix) 29 Ago 2013
In Strict ConfidenceMorpheus 29 Ago 2013
Lola AngstLola Angst - Dead Man's Song 29 Ago 2013
Santa Hates YouFuck That I'm Human! 29 Ago 2013
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  • BlackMetallizer

    Why AmIBannedYet is still banned?

    10 Jul 19:03 Responder
  • GoatUser

    As did I, let's talk peacefully there

    22 Jun 3:28 Responder
  • GoatUser

    I can't believe I didn't send my reply, I was pretty sure I did. I'm sorry about that, I hope it didn't bother you that much. Been wanting to know how you were doing.

    21 Jun 2:44 Responder
  • MissTool

    Last wk was crazy and so is this one. Lots of work and concerts. I went to São Paulo over the wknd and saw 2 shows, then I came back to Rio and decided to try to get tickets for Eddie Vedder. I managed to get it and it was great!

    14 May 22:53 Responder
  • MissTool

    Sorry for the delay. I was doing a training in Rio, so not much time for the internet. Beastmilk is definitely fun and catchy. Hopefully the new album is gonna be as cool as the first.

    9 May 13:12 Responder
  • MissTool

    Do it ;) One band I discovered recently and had a chance to see live at Roadburn was Beastmilk. I don´t know if you know them. Their debut album was in several 2013 best of lists. Of course I wanna know about pervy writing!

    5 May 13:05 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Well I don't know if I'd call myself harsher but I do tend to a lotta shit that most people would consider incredibly obnoxious or maybe not even music - Not totally sure why sometimes, I guess it's just a lot more marvelous to me since a lot of the times I have no idea what is happening. Though I still know how to have my big, loud fun if you're saying otherwise lol, I got some... Stories, that I can share if you feel like hearing. But anyway, yes, I agree, let's take this to the private messaging >w>

    3 May 4:29 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Nice, I know our tastes in music don't seem to overlap too much but I really believe (hope) that album can push the right buttons for ya. - Mhmmm. My interest is definitely piqued. Go ahead, tell me more.

    3 May 3:48 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Oh yea, one other thing - I remember seeing you saying you still needed to check This Heat's Deceit. Go ahead and do it - I think I could safely say it's one of my favorites now, or at least right now. And another thing I forgot - Oh? Writing? Writing what?

    3 May 2:51 Responder
  • MissTool

    Hey, sweet pants ;) I am well. I had some pretty cool vacations and now back to work and boredom but that is part of life. Music is still huge in my life, as always. I know nothing about your (pervy) writing...

    2 May 14:00 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Take your time babe, by no means am I particularly active on a lot of sites including this one at the moment, hah.

    2 May 13:30 Responder
  • MissTool

    Long time, no talk! How have you been?

    1 May 21:59 Responder
  • GoatUser

    It appears has issues informing people about their messages, even if you get them - I replied, check the inbox if you haven't.

    14 Abr 13:38 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Miss you girl

    11 Abr 8:39 Responder
  • GoatUser

    I generally think of myself as someone who does what possible when I can or should. It's not a thinking everyone should use but personally I think there's been enough bloodshed to have me go out and have my corpse in the street. If it comes to voting or something of the sort though I'll vote. That's just an example of the pricing as well - The bigger the item is the higher the inflation. I can't even put into words how expensive getting a car is these days, I need to sell my fucking kidneys to get one, and now public services prices go up almost weekly.

    3 Mar 13:10 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Do ya. Latinos are generally pretty chill people when calm but they get angry as fuck when pissed, so I can see why, ha. I do hope it does; Truth be told, although I don't generally consider myself someone very interested in politics, the complains these protests go against are very much worth noting and pretty glaring even to anyone not interested in delving in. For example, a Samsung Galaxy 3 is around 400 bucks, which translates to roughly 3500 bolivares (our coin), yet the "official" prices are around 5000-8000, while every source sells it at rough 15000, which is completely over the top.

    3 Mar 4:52 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Yea I am. Exotic isn't it. The protests are in order to take down the presidency of the current leader, Nicolas Maduro. The cathalist was the death of a famous model as well as the injury of her daughter. People are fighting because there is scarcity of supplies in the country, the inflation is completely off the wall (It's one of the highest in the entire world, despite the fact that our coin values for very little in the international market), and perhaps most importantly a high level of crime, among other reasons. The protests are supposed to eventually lead to a Coup, but one of the leaders of the whole thing had to turn himself in, so I'm not sure if it'll go anywhere, although that fact has caused people to rebel even more.

    3 Mar 3:06 Responder
  • GoatUser

    A little mixed. I dunno if you've heard about it but there's currently a series mass of protests and small guerrillas taking place in Venezuela, which is where I reside. Many of the streets in the city are blocked and my residential zone was blocked out for a whole week, so I've been caged inside my house since. The latter has ended, but the first thing keeps on going, so I'm a little worried about the rest of my family and buddies, though they're all taking refuge safely. Besides that, well, trapped inside here means not much for me to do lol. My sleeping schedule is upside down atm.

    2 Mar 16:59 Responder
  • GoatUser

    How you doin' girl

    2 Mar 8:32 Responder
  • GoatUser

    And of course, if I DON'T drop out, I'll just continue doing what I'm doing: Practicing bass and drums, studying and trying to plan ahead... But I'm really not seeing my future in anything college has to offer, I studied music there for a while but it wasn't helpful at all because it was basically treated like math with another skin, and that's really not what I want.

    13 Feb 0:36 Responder
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tUnE-yArDs-Nikki Nack
St. Vincent-St. Vincent
Cibo Matto-Hotel Valentine
Have a Nice Life-The Unnatural World
Young Fathers-Dead
Against Me!-Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Bohren Und der Club of Gore-Piano Nights
Helms Alee-Sleepwalking Sailors
Isaiah Rashad-Cilvia Demo
Nicole Atkins-Slow Phaser
Black Alice-ileAnA (yOur lAugh)
Volcanic Queen-Faith in Desire
Soluna ((Suunae))-The Reverend.Cosmic ((Divine Polaric))

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