• Sonata Arctica, The Agonist, Cellador @ Metro Chicago

    23 Sep 2007, 14:13

    Fri 21 Sep – Sonata Arctica, Cellador, The Agonist
    The Agonist
    Sonata Arctica

    Edit : anyone that can help with the set lists is welcome to help me with that :D

    Now that I have almost recovered form the show let's try and write something about it.

    First thing to say about this concert, I wasn't that enthousiastic about going. I never really listened to Sonata Arctica, just heard some of their songs now and then at parties or in friends' cars. But well a metal concert is a metal concert, even though in america they are a lot calmer than what we have in France it's still a good time. Anyway, I went there with no clue of who was opening, or the kind of place Metro is.

    The day started as usual, gym, class. At 2 we're ready to hit the road to Chicago. After two hours and a half we arrive in Chicago's suburbs, happy with the light traffic we got. That was without counting on the so called express way that had us cover the last few miles in more than an hour. That and the poorly signaled weird intersections of Chicago in that area had us swear that we'd never be going back to Metro, the House of Blues is so much better (easier of access at this point), and that concert had better be good !

    Finally there. But too late to hear much of Cellador. As far as I can tell from the one song I really heard they were quite good, good singing and arrangments (litteraly translated from French I'm not really sure arrangment can be used that way...). But I'm not really into power metal so feal free to desagree and say it :)

    Second band to get on the scene. at that point we are at the back, the place being small enough to have a very good view of the stage form back there. Now let me try to give you a step by step of what went through my head at that point.
    I really hope they are better than the second opening for Within Temptation
    *Guitars and drums start* Hmm, promissing.
    *Alissa (Front/singer) enters the stage* O_O she's hot ! Didn't know power metal had so nice singers :p
    *She starts singing* OMFG it's not power metal ! Death Metal ftw ! Can't believe she does it, her voice is awesome !
    *Gets to a point where she sings in clear voice* That's it. Back here is not close enough anymore ! I just love that kind of combination (guttural death/black metallish voices and nice
    I leave my friends to their "that's not music" "You only say you like it because she's hot" "Where is sonata ?" Push people aside a jump into the mosh attempt, stay in for a few minutes and throw myseld on the first rows to join the few that enjoyed the music, fighting to stay there, yelling my lungs out and keeping the horns in the air as long as possible before my arm sores or I need it to get a mosher off of me.
    They gave us a relly good show chaneling a lot of raw energy and went off stage far too soon. But well that's because I don't really care for Sonata Arctica :)

    Supposed set list (my memory sucks and as I discovered the band that day it's even harder to get the set list from memory)
    Born Dead; Buried Alive
    Rise and Fall
    Forget Tomorrow
    Memento Mori
    Business Suits and Combat Boots
    Void of Sympathy

    Straight to the merch shop to get the signed poster, their CD (impossible to open the plastic wraping so couldn't have the insert signed too) and a Tshirt. Plus the few minutes chat in french. I'm not sure what revealed me as french, my accent or my name (I'd like to think the latter ;) )

    Back to the concert room. Totally pumped up. I have energy in excess, I need to move ! Thankfully my friend had her purse, she took care of the stuff I bought and again as soon as Sonata came on stage I abandonned them (not very nice of me but at that point I was not really thinking anymore :p) and jumped into the pit for a while before inserting myself on the second row, just in the middle of the stage, trying to get the lyrics on the fly ton sing/yell those in the chorus.
    As I said I'm not really into Sonata so don't count on me to give the songs played. All I can say is that they gave an amazing show. Alternating perfectly their slower songs with the speed ones so that everyone could rest a little and be "in shape" throughout the show.
    I'm not sure they were expecting such a reaction from the crowd, or even that so many of the crowd really knew them and all the lyrics. The singer (sorry don't know his name) had a huge smile all time long and after the first shock/surprise they seemed to enjoy being there as much as we did.
    They really know how to work a crowd, every member of the band but especially the singer. They gave us a hell of a show.

    Supposed set list (thanks to Lord_Napoleon)
    In Black and White
    Paid in Full
    Victoria's Secret
    8th Commandment
    Black Sheep
    it wont fade
    San Sebastian
    My Land
    Dont Say A Word
    The Cage/Vodka Song

    Overall the night ended a lot better than it started. I came out as anyone should after a good metal concert, exhausted, my voice gone, my neck hurting from headbanging, my hears buzzing completely sore but euphoric.

    Now that the review is done I'd like to say a few words on the mosh pit. Aparently they are not nearly as popular here as in Europe. That might be a good thing for those that don't like it but it's also a bad thing cause they are a lot more dangerous for that same reason.
    Metal being a lot more popular, the concerts are in larger places, and the mosh pit is always composed of everyone near the stage. The amount of people in the pit being equal the total number of people fitting in Metro or the HoB. And as strange as that may sound, those are safer. Because so many people participate that the pit is dense, and you just can't fall. It's more like being carried by a river flow, you may stop having contact with the floor at some point, but you just can't really fall.
    I must admit after spending almost an hour in the pit here that it was dangerous. and anoying for everyone else. 15 people don't do a pit, they do a fight area, you have time to run before hitting someone, or missing and hitting a bystander. And no way you could crowd surf on that :D
    So I think I'll keep my hunger for pits for when I'm back in europe (Metallica had an awesome pit with hundreds of fans in it!)
    That said I wont stop jumping up and down whenever it feels like the right thing to do !! Within had a hard time getting the crowd to do it but that's just to much part of metal to ignore it ! Jump, raise your fist/horns, yell, have a lighter for the slow songs, clap your hands ! That's the whole fun of metal concerts !
  • Within Temptation @ House of Blues, Chicago

    17 Sep 2007, 17:00

    First time I saw them live and hopefully not the last, they certainly know how to make a show.
    I love their music from the albums, but live they take it to the next level. A lot more ernergy in their live music.
    The concert was just great !!

    Read the following review it's better than mine :p