• Children of Bodom!! \m/

    1 Ago 2009, 2:11

    Yay,I don't care if you like this band or not,i will just make it for fun!!!:] Let's Go:

    Melodeath section:

    Children of Bodom was the first melodic death metal band that I really appreciate,the first time that i heard it was just like: "ah,ok" .After listening again the album "Are You Dead Yet?" I really enjoyed it,have some fucking awesome tracks like "Living Dead Beat","Are You Dead Yet?","Punch Me I Bleed","In Your Face",etc.After this i just downloaded the discography and liked principally the old stuff ("Something Wild" and "Hatebreeder") and i didn't like Blooddrunk at first time too!!!I don't like the old stuff vocal but i really liked all the albums,Children of Bodom is tottaly awesome and the instrumental is very good!!!

    Nowadays I like all the stuff,like the majority of the songs less 7/8 more less from the albums "Are You Dead Yet?" and' Blooddrunk".

    My prefer album here,"Follow The Reaper" is aggressive and melodic,the instrumental is awesome,the vocals are really good,and a very creative melodeath album,impressive!!!

    "Children of Bodom's genre classification is debated amongst the fans and critics."
    I don't care if it is extreme metal or melodeath,i just like it!!!!!

    Band members
    Alexi Laiho – lead guitar, lead vocals (1993 onward)
    Roope Latvala – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2003 onward)
    Henkka Seppälä – bass, backing vocals (1996 onward)
    Janne Wirman – keyboards (1997 onward)
    Jaska Raatikainen – drums, percussion (1993 onward)

    Ps: My English isn't so good!!!