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  • Deep-Immersion

    Aha, great! Well, I hadn't really listened to Nadja for about 3-4 years until after that gig, so I'm not really familiar with their work to say if it was completely improvised or based upon some of their album pieces. It was about 45 minutes of 2-3 long pieces, but I wasn't overly impressed. Their performances are generally improvised a lot? It was nice to catch them live after wanting to for so many years. The venue was tiny and quite a poor turnout (~30-40) so I doubt they will bother with Brighton again. It was nice to see Aidan up close and see how he works; extremely talented musician. The select few works I've heard from 2011-2014, I haven't been that impressed with. But to be honest, I got kind of burnt out on their music. autopergamene was the last album I really loved. Thisquietarmy is amazing, and has such a strong atmosphere in his work, and I'm sure you are right on the live performances.

    3 Jun 17:47 Responder
  • Deep-Immersion

    Hey Lenty. How are you doing? I see Thisquietarmy and Nadja played in London recently. Did you get chance to see either of them? Saw Nadja down in Brighton myself, but listening to Thisquietarmy's newer work, I think I would have preferred to see Eric live! Really amazing stuff.

    31 May 12:22 Responder
  • Deep-Immersion

    Arghhh, being out of the loop for so long and not aware of releases, it is so sad to see all these small labels which I used to love, now finished, such as Dead Pilot Records, Evelyn Records, etc. These small labels were so special :( It will be interesting to see how many more that I used to use, have now had to close.

    23 Mar 2013 Responder
  • Deep-Immersion

    It is a shame you have to choose a day. I'm leaning towards Sunday because of Greg Haines, and Talvihorros (my favourite discovery of this year), but so many nice artists on that. Well, I kind of took a break from music for many years, and my love of film took over, and I didn't really buy any music since 2008, nor download much, or attend gigs. Prior to that, most of my money and time went on downloading and buying CDs. I'm now really back into music, and was organizing my collection, and realised I probably have between 50-100 or so CDs of music like that (ambient/drone/noise), bought from 2007-2008, and many limited edition and of course long out of print, so not likely to have been uploaded, let alone in FLAC. I'll try to share as much as I can over the next few weeks :D Here is a list of what I have, let me know if there is anything you would specifically like http://pastebin.com/RdmhPzXd

    23 Mar 2013 Responder
  • Deep-Immersion

    Wonderful taste Lenty. Enjoy the Wereju :) I'm uploading everything I have of his to the site! Well, and plan to share many more ambient/drone LTD edition cdrs :)

    23 Mar 2013 Responder
  • Jemisode

    I'd say any of Dustin's albums are good really. There is alot of overlap on some tracks though, so maybe try Lumiere or Vorleben. I'd only be travelling from Bristol so not too bad :)

    22 Ene 2012 Responder
  • Jemisode

    haha, always have time for a bit of jóhann. ye I really hope I can make it! never know with London though n' s'bit of a trek but hey hopefully worth it :)

    22 Ene 2012 Responder
  • twilightchill

    Yes, indeed - remind me nearer the time if we're going to the same thing and I will do my best not to be my usual, traditionally tardy self! Forgotten about Benoit... I need to get a 2012 diary quickquick before I lose my mind. Okay, I challenge you to recommend me some things you think I will like that either I don't seem to have in my chart or that's so low down I should be persuaded to give it another go...

    17 Ene 2012 Responder
  • juliedneft

    have you heard the new kyle bobby dunn?

    5 Jun 2011 Responder
  • Jemisode

    hey, thanks for accepting my add. enjoying your charts also! :) x

    20 Feb 2011 Responder
  • Ales_KoZoBoLiX

    hey David.. apologies in advance for scribbling over your wall but having seen what you listen to i thought you might (or might not) like my music, its instrumental piano (might appeal to the Olafur Arnalds/Eluvium part of your ears).. there are 2EPs available as free downloads too if you're interested _ http://www.last.fm/music/Alex+Kozobolis .. no worries if not.. alex..

    7 Dic 2010 Responder
  • vesmol

    please tag I am waiting for you last s.. as "post-rock"

    26 Oct 2010 Responder
  • Hoxzi6

    i can has ice cream?

    28 Ago 2010 Responder
  • chicken-as-fuck

    awesome taste! i think i'll steal some stuff!

    28 Ago 2010 Responder
  • rahsa

    honestly though, to be fair i listed to metal, hardcore + various subgenres of the two, folk / acoustic, rock, indie, and dubstep. that's fairly eclectic. a lot of your taste might be more obscure than mine but that doesn't necessarily correlate to how eclectic it is.

    14 Ago 2010 Responder
  • rahsa


    10 Ago 2010 Responder
  • rahsa


    10 Ago 2010 Responder
  • Hoxzi6

    i like most of your top artists, really

    20 Jul 2010 Responder
  • CroissantCueca

    saint here

    8 Jul 2010 Responder
  • Hoxzi6

    bungle here

    8 Jul 2010 Responder
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I like soundscapes and music that makes me feel :).

I listen to music with long tracks. Sometimes this distorts my charts :(

Oh. Top albums over the last 12 months with pretty covers.
lenty's top albums (year) 1. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn (407)
2. Secret Pyramid - Movements Of Night (349)
3. Loren Dent - Anthropology Vols. 2 & 3 (315)
4. Kyle Bobby Dunn - The Infinite Sadness (250)
5. Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Person's Guide To Kyle Bobby Dunn (196)
6. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Fragments and Compositions Of (176)
7. Slint - Spiderland (161)
8. Ott & The All-Seeing I - Live At Terminal West (149)
9. Thisquietarmy - Resurgence (145)
10. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways Of Meaning (142)

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