24 Sep 2009, 6:13

1. Kunihiko Ryo
First song: The Tower of Eternity
Fell in love with: Song of Moonlight
Current favorite: Song of Moonlight, A Fairy of the Peace

2. 이바디
First song: Bench (벤치)
Fell in love with: 그리움, 오필리어
Current favorite: 지금 사랑하지 않는 자, 모두 유죄 and Morning Call

3. The Submarines
First song: Brightest Hour
Fell in love with: Submarine Symphonika, Swimming Pool
Current favorite: The Good Night

4. The Bird and the Bee
First song: How Deep Is Your Love (Cover)
Fell in love with: How Deep Is Your Love
Current favorite: How Deep Is Your Love, I'm a Broken Heart

5. Stars
First song: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Fell in love with: One More Night (Apostle Of Hustle)
Current favorite: My Favourite Book, Window Bird

6. Inara George
First song: Fools In Love
Fell in love with: Good To Me
Current favorite: Good To Me, A Day

7. Fantastic Plastic Machine
First song: Electric Lady Land
Fell in love with: Allen Ginsberg, Supervenience, Paparuwa, Philter (In Viaggio Attraverso L'Australia)
Current favorite: I'm Still A Simple Man, L'aventure Fantastique

8. Halou
First song: Eejit
Fell in love with: We Wear Strings
Current favorite: We Wear Strings

9. The Album Leaf
First song:Streamside
Fell in love with: Into The Sea, The Light
Current favorite: Window

10. InRoh Joo
First song:
Fell in love with: A Battlefield
Current favorite: Daeva's Oratorio


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