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  • kingsortilege

    Hello Ralf! I apologize for the long delay in answering you, things have been quite busy around here lately, again sorry for the lack of consideration. If you can add me to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paulo.araujofernandes. For me is a great honor! greetings, Ralf Hollmer!

    1 May 2012 Responder
  • kingsortilege

    Today is Christmas here in Brazil, I do not know if that's in Germany, but I wish happiness to the world the same way, hehe

    25 Dic 2011 Responder
  • kingsortilege

    Hello Ralf, was really a pity that the second album VAMPYR has not been released, surely it would have been a classic album of the year 80. very interesting what you said about the Kerrmit, which formerly had been a vocal New Wave band, I have an interview he gave in the early '90s for a magazine or a fanzine (I think) and at the end of interview he says about the prejudice that metal fans have against people who enjoy other types of music (in the interview he comments on the Jazz as an example) now that he said is making more sense to me, and I agree with him, we we have to listen to music that gives us pleasure. Ralf And another thing, I wonder, what were the influences that you had in 80 years that have helped in the composition of the songs on VARMPYR, and also in the style of the band. And thank you for answers, Ralf, to be talking to you is an honor, thank you again and Merry Christmas to you and your whole family! Hail !

    25 Dic 2011 Responder
  • Leibianer

    Hi Paul, yes we had enough material for the 2.album. The shame was, that Gama only wanted Speed/Trash and we wanted our mixture (speed, midtempo and heavy songs). Yeah, i have still contact to the most Vampires. From Tyrant sometimes I see King Karl and Micky Budde. I left Tyrant before 'mean machine', but i know that 'wanna make love' was not a big scandal here. We recorded the title for the first time in 1981 (as a single - without moaning...) Karl and I were finding Kerrmit in 1981 - he was a frontman of a 'New wave'-Band !! He came in our practice-room, took the microphone and sung in a very new way - the Kerrmit was born.... Yes, you are right. 1983-1988 were really good heavy-metal times here in South-Germany. There were Gravestone, Tyrant, Stormwitch, Stranger, of course VAMPYR and many more in the region and I'm still glad about that I was a part of this scene... Greetings Ralf

    21 Dic 2011 Responder
  • kingsortilege

    Wow Man, I really enjoyed the music! The feeling is the same as the first album, has added to my favorite video on Youtube! This song should be 1987/1988, am I right? The Vampyr had enough material to release the second album? I was also wondering what the problem was that you had with the label. And you still have contact with former members of the band, and also with the guys of Tyrant? A funny thing about the Tyrant, was the first time I heard the song "Wanna Make Love," and I thought " I bet these guys have left many people shocked in Germany with this song" hahaha, and even more with the voice of manic Kerrmit that sang (perfect voice for metal!), how did people react to a song with a theme as "heavy" as in this time? Ralf, I'm sorry if I made a lot of questions, is that I'm having an opportunity to talk to a guy who was part of one of the biggest heavy metal scenes in the world! Thanks, Paul

    20 Dic 2011 Responder
  • kingsortilege

    Hello Ralf, man, I feel honored to receive a messege from you, VAMPYR is one of my favorite bands from the scene of the 80 German heavy metal, Cry Out For Metal is a great album that I insist on having it in my private collection, a really excellent work, very sincere and honest, I've shown the album to several friends and they all liked it very much! I would like you to know that the work of VAMPYR is highly valued here, greetings from Brazil, all the headbanger that still keeps the spirit of true Heavy Metal 80's, HAIL !!!

    19 Dic 2011 Responder

    Willkommen an Bord, Leibianer! Frohes Musikhören.

    18 Dic 2011 Responder