• Damn it iTunes

    7 May 2011, 23:09

    When did all my Psycho le Cému tags get busted? :E And Last.fm hasn't been autocorrecting them for some reason.
  • VAMPS is Making Me Question My Allegiances

    10 Oct 2010, 22:29

    After the Sat 9 Oct – VAMPS LIVE 2010 WORLD TOUR, I'm doing something I always considered heretical: feeling less enthused about L'Arc~en~Ciel getting back together.

    It's a terrible feeling but because of their hiatus, I've been able to see Hyde and Kaz a stupendously fortunate five times -- three in California for the Faith tour, once in Baltimore for the Vamps album, and last night in New York for BEAST. And Ju-ken twice. And I finally got new solo music from Tetsuya after years since TETSU69.

    I've been eagerly anticipating L'Arc's reunion and fretting over the prospect of a permanent hiatus but when they DO get back together, will I ever see them? They have only done two shows outside of Asia and they tour so extensively in Japan, the chances of them returning to the US after all this time seems really slim.

    All I can do is pray I can save up enough money for airfare to Japan for the 20th anniversary and hope I don't piss off my husband or family in the process.

    I think I'm going to really miss Vampsand their appreciation for international fans though. :<

    15 Mar 2010, 15:36

    鶺鴒~Seki Ray~ GET
    Mizerable GET

    OMG I'VE WANTED THESE FOR SO LONG so I could rip Leeca ~Prologue~ and 鶺鴒~seki-ray~ (Instrumental strings arrange) for my very own.

    I wish SONS OF ALL PUSSYS would get back together, although I loved IN PHYSICAL. I miss having a solid income so I could actually buy this stuff when it comes out. .___.

    In the special thanks section of Grace, SOAP thanks Hyde, tetsu, Yukihiro, Jin Saito, MUCC, Le Ciel, and Zigzo Club. And someone named "Cheese."
  • Scrobbling at Work Once Again

    4 Feb 2010, 17:15

    FEELS GOOD MAN. I was listening to a lot of personal music at work but only a few albums' worth. So I brought in my old (unreliable) external HD, mostly updated with everything I've acquired since I stopped using it regularly.
  • Suddenly, Big Band Everywhere

    29 Ene 2010, 23:17

    I accidentally left the Bioshock soundtrack running overnight on January 20. I wonder if it's possible to delete just one day of scrobbling.

    It's kind of scary that it bothers me enough to even consider it, like scrobbling is apparently that srs.
  • Aw Yeah L'Arc Indies

    16 Dic 2009, 5:15

    Fuck yes DUNE get. It's the reissue but I've been listening to 128 kbs MP3s I downloaded from a certain popular J Music torrent site since 2004.

    For me, L'Arc~en~Ciel is one of the few artists' whose entire discography is, for the most part, entirely awesome. There are very few exceptions to this.

    Regarding discographies, I once played an interesting game of sorts with a couple friends. We listened to snippets of L'Arc~en~Ciel songs one album at a time and selected two to "keep" and one to "toss." Some picks were easy and pretty much unanimous (*coughEntichersC'est La Viecough* and that really dull song entirely in French from Ray -- sorry, Yukihiro -- for me) but some led to interesting discusion. It was fun no matter what, though.

    Now if only I could get some Plastic Tree and BUCK-TICK and MONORAL albums I wouldn't feel so guilty.

    Other recent acquisitions I am happy to finally own: Disorganized Fun by Ronald Jenkees, Aja by Steely Dan, Complete Greatest Hits by Gordon Lightfoot, and oh-crap-I-just-blew-like-$20-on-two-songs 雪月花 -The end of silence- by GACKT (but it was worth it, I think).
  • Sure is No Music/Same Old Music Around Here Lately

    19 Oct 2009, 3:30

    Once my external drive stopped working reliably, I gave up on it and eventually got a computer that wasn't six years old or so. I set up my old computer -- the one with all my music on it -- up as a standalone box with no monitor that just sits there on the network for me to access whenever.

    This has worked out well until it was decided that a wireless connection was needed... except there aren't enough ports on our ancient router for our collective computers AND the wireless access point.

    This led to a lot of swapping back and forth between my media storage computer and the access point and long story short, too much bullshit settings adjustments and restarts are needed to get the ancient storage computer to recognize that it is in fact on the network anymore. Now it just sits there and I've rarely been able to listen to my music. :- /

    So the other day I bought a new hard drive with which to pour so much backed up stuff onto + a dock with which I can swap hard drives around to. Hopefully then I will be back to enjoying my music (and scrobbling) again.

    Until then, expect a lot of classical (yay, raiding the library's collection :3) and some Vamps.
  • Damn You, Last.fm Revamp; Also, Lack of Scrobbling

    27 Nov 2008, 20:09

    My external HD stopped functioning regularly and it took me a long time to be able to transfer all my MP3s from it to an internal drive that I can only pray will be reliable. In the meantime, I stopped listening to music a lot.

    Compounded by this was the fact that, in spite of living here for three months and blaring my music at various hours of the day and night (the owners of this townhouse said that the walls were thick as hell), some old lady next door complained. So now I'm paranoid about listening to music without earphones, which means whenever I'm on my husband's computer (which is frequently, since he's working a lot and I use it to play WoW when he's gone), my music isn't getting scrobbled (because my earphones don't reach).

    IN ADDITION to that, I just formatted my C drive and reinstalled Windows and although I reinstalled iTunes pretty early on, I forgot to reinstall Last.fm, so my great love of GACKT's Jesus and Shiina Ringo's heisei fuuzoku has, sadly, not registered.

    P.S. I hate Last.fm's new(ish) layout. HATE IT.
  • CDs That I Should Have Ripped Ages Ago

    12 Jul 2008, 4:52

    I'm not sure why Nobuo Uematsu isn't higher on my weekly artist list. I finally meticulously ripped my Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX soundtracks and FFVIII and FFVI are soon to follow.

    I had all four of those plus FFX ripped on my work computer but obviously I don't have access to that anymore (and the one IT guy that I wasn't friends with fucking tattled on me for having so many MP3s anyway -- a 10GB MP3 limit was put on everyone's computers once it was discovered that I had 22GB).

    Anyway. If my various Star Wars (oh John Williams <3) soundtracks (weren't packed, I'd like to rip a lot of those too.

    The reason I didn't have SW or my FF soundtracks ripped before is... well, it's actually quite a long story. But in short, when I was growing up, I used to listen to the radio constantly, and cassette tapes almost as much. My favorite radio station (which is responsible for a nostalgic love of early and mid-1990s pop-rock and "alternative rock") eventually folded and when it did, I switched over to listening to CDs and I listened to them A LOT. I listened to them so much that I didn't bother to rip them because when I wasn't on my computer (or listening to them on my computer), I was listening to them.

    At some point I just sort of grew out of carrying my CD player (this was 7+ years ago) with me and forgot how much I absolutely loved the stuff I used to listen to all the time. So I guess you can expect to see even more Nobuo Uematsu and John Williams played. :B Because other than when I was scrobbling at work all the time, all my Nobuo Uematsu was non-standard, non-OST stuff like orchestrated versions, piano versions, or remixes by people whose names I didn't know.

    It's a similar story for my Legacy of Kain stuff. For some reason, I never ripped my promotional Soul Reaver 2 soundtrack, I only ever listened to stuff I had downloaded from the now-defunct lokmusic.com site. I also had a lot of my LoK music incorrectly tagged, and I think a lot of other people do too: although Kurt Harland is solely responsible for the Soul Reaver 1 soundtrack, both he AND Jim Hedges worked on Soul Reaver 2, and I believe Jim Hedges did Blood Omen 2 by himself.

    ...this is a terrible post. *chuckles*
  • lol metalocalypse

    17 Jun 2008, 6:56

    Just got back from the Chicago Dethklok show. Soilent Green didn't even seem quantifiable as music but Chimaira was all right.

    Openers aside, the Dethklok show was essentially a quasi-episode. All but a couple of the songs they played were familiar to me and they hit all my favorites except for The Lost Vikings (yes, I've actually grown to enjoy Dethklok, but I mostly just listen to them via my husband's computer, so they never get scrobbled).

    The highlight, however, was definitely Brendan Smalls' MC, which he gave in character as Nathan Explosion, Skisgaar, AND Pickles.

    In b4 shitstorm from SRS METALHEADS who consider my taste in music to be inferior. I don't care what you think, guys.

    P.S. Ran into a chick wearing a S.K.I.N. t-shirt. I was ecstatic. <3