Aw Yeah L'Arc Indies


16 Dic 2009, 5:15

Fuck yes DUNE get. It's the reissue but I've been listening to 128 kbs MP3s I downloaded from a certain popular J Music torrent site since 2004.

For me, L'Arc~en~Ciel is one of the few artists' whose entire discography is, for the most part, entirely awesome. There are very few exceptions to this.

Regarding discographies, I once played an interesting game of sorts with a couple friends. We listened to snippets of L'Arc~en~Ciel songs one album at a time and selected two to "keep" and one to "toss." Some picks were easy and pretty much unanimous (*coughEntichersC'est La Viecough* and that really dull song entirely in French from Ray -- sorry, Yukihiro -- for me) but some led to interesting discusion. It was fun no matter what, though.

Now if only I could get some Plastic Tree and BUCK-TICK and MONORAL albums I wouldn't feel so guilty.

Other recent acquisitions I am happy to finally own: Disorganized Fun by Ronald Jenkees, Aja by Steely Dan, Complete Greatest Hits by Gordon Lightfoot, and oh-crap-I-just-blew-like-$20-on-two-songs 雪月花 -The end of silence- by GACKT (but it was worth it, I think).


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