Five Albums I Just Discovered, March 2011


3 Mar 2011, 16:02

1 nostalgia, ULTRA, Frank Ocean (of OFWGKA) - 9/10

If you've heard the music of Odd Future Wolfgang Kills Them All, and you're over 30 you probably felt excited and a little uncomfortable all at once. These kids are talented. Raw. But a little brash. Then in walks Frank Ocean. The member of the clique that does R&B/Pop/Neo-Soul/On Dat Other Sh*t music.

I can't say enough positive things about this guy. Ocean is talented. My only issues are with his use of Autotune on some of the songs. The interesting thing is that he sings perfectly in the keys that most artists use autotune for, so it seems completely unnecessary. But whatever, he's a kid. He will learn. In the meantime, check him out. Bad Ass. Greater Lyrics & a true sense of how to pull emotions out of the listener.

2 Lions & Liars, Sho Baraka 9/10

What can I say? Sho Baraka and the Christian collective (116) he belongs to are crushing. He, like them, is quite simply one of the nicest MCs to touch the mic in over a decade. Its crazy that they are all so gifted. Its even more admirable that they are so good at taking a message of positivity and rapping it in a way that even non-Christians want to bob their heads - and rediscover their connection to God. Sweet Ride.

3 Lasers, Lupe Fiasco - 6/10

Lupe needs to get out of his record deal. The record execs are officially ruining his music.

4 Let Freedom Reign, Chrisette Michele 9/10

I finally gave this album a complete listen. Although its different that her other releases, its excellent and worthy of heavy listening.


The Northern Lights - Vol. 1, Luna Angel 7/10

Luna is almost there. Almost. She shows real promise and the production here is good on a lot of the tracks. But something's missing. I just can't place it. Still one of the break out artists I believe in the most.


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