Flogging a dead horse


13 May 2007, 10:10

I've been bothered by a bit of an itch to my scalp some time now, and being a bit of an exema baby (big baby now) I called my doctor, and asked if he could prescribe me some kind of liquid hydro cortisone to sort this rash. "Make sure its some kind of alcohol, so that it's not an emulsion, or some kind of balm" I told him, so that it would be something I could put on without getting my already kind of flat hair all greasy. He could, of course, and after visiting one pharmacy, and they told me this was not in stock - I ordered it to be delivered to pharmacy closest to me. So yesterday, I decided to take a walk and pick this up.
Hand over my card to pharmacy lady - and after a couple of minutes, she's back with a huge brown glass bottle, looking like an old fashioned cough syrup bottle, and she looks seriously at me, and asks: "Is this intended for you?", and I again explain how I got the prescription. She continues, and shows me the bottle "See, this is for veterinairy use". I look at the bottle puzzled, and see "Vet use". Pharmacy lady: "I don't want to give you this". Me: "I don't want it"
Pharmacy lady:"This is for horses, and it's not a pleasant experience to get this on your skin". Me, once more: "I don't want it!"

After pharmacy lady decides she'll try and get hold of my doctor, she asks for my phone number, and I cannot resist, because she is so dead serious. "Surely, this must make space for many jokes? I mean, 'stupid bitch', 'fat cow' - not to mention that my daughter tells me I am a monkey on a daily basis? I don't recall anyone calling me a horse though!". Finally, pharmacy lady relaxes, and start to giggle, and admits this is most odd.

I'm sure there are more jokes to be found in this story.

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  • Dydrahofaphenoxamyn

    hehehe -- sounds like the nurse i saw prior to my tonsil surgery. she was so serious, she didn't even laugh when i replied jedi knight to my religious preference.. some people, eh? i sometimes have problem with my scalp too -- maybe you want to try this? it's not the most beautiful of fragrances, but occasionally (when stressed) i break out with a rash that is probably excema-related and it's just good for keeping on top of it anyway. lasts for ages too, providing you keep it dry on a good soap dish. they do have stores in your part of the world, too, don't panic yet about shipping costs ;)

    26 Jul 2007, 12:03
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