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24 May 2006, 20:29

Ever had a song that you liked just for its intro? Or maybe it's just that the intro is your favorite part of the whole song. I can remember liking a couple of songs just for the first few measures. Songs from some of my favorite artists for example (in no particular order)..:

The Return of the Giant Hogweed : I love the first few measures of this song. They're so catchy. But after the intro, I really get pretty bored. I mean, it's a good composition.. but, it loses my interest.

David Bowie

Future Legend : A unique album introduction, I'd say. Just a short unsung narration with quiet music in the background and some interesting sound effects here and there.

To continue with Diamond Dogs:
Diamond Dogs : Following Future Legend, I have always enjoyed the first couple measures of melody in this song. Plus, I especially like the first line: "This ain't rock n' roll, this is genocide!" A typically strange Bowie quote. :D

Dream Theater

6:00 : My favorite part of this song comes before the actual singing, which I'm a bit impartial to here :\. I like how the drums start it off, and the sounds of the guitar shortly following.

Space-Dye Vest : A sad and beautiful piece on the whole. The tune on the piano which I believe reappears at the end as well is the best part for moi. 6_6


Close to the Edge(The Solid Time of Change/Total Mass Retain/I Get Up) : :o I love this song. Since it's like, 20 minutes long, the musical intro is proportionately.. 4 minutes. It goes from quiet to crazy complex with little bursts of vocals xD and then the slow theme. Gah ^^. <3.

The Who

Won't Get Fooled Again : Why intro is favored: The synthesizer notes which stick around for the whole song but never repeat the ones in the very beginning. :]

Who Are You : =D Hooray for the opening of this song which includes everything before Roger breaks out the lead vocals. >D


Day Seven: Hope : One of my favorites from The Human Equation. Oh wait, all those tracks are my favorite. =\.. Love it most for the beginning.. which I think is found other places in the song :|

Whell, that's all I have to say. Any thoughts?


  • Hippiedude65

    I'unno about intros being one of my favorites part of a song. But I listen to a lot of songs just for a single part or two. Dream Theater's Panic Attack is one of them. I used to listen to it just to hear his voice go high when he says Run, try to hide.... Pigs by Pink Floyd has one of my favorite intros ever though =)

    24 May 2006, 21:01
  • SilverStarhawk

    It's an entire song in and of itself, but Dream Theater's Regression is the best possible thing to start Metropolis Pt. II - Scenes from a memory. I must also note Clutch's The Regulator as having a fantastic intro. Sadly, they change it up when playing live, and some of the magic is lost. Still an excellent tune, though.

    25 May 2006, 0:34
  • morninglory99

    In the song Lights and Sounds by Yellowcard I only really like the chorus, and in their song Ocean Avenue I like the beginning the best but I also enjoy the whole song. Oh and I like the part in Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond that goes Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I've been inclined To believe they never would Those were the only three songs like that I could think of. =]

    28 May 2006, 23:38
  • Raelthelamb

    Good choices... My favourite intro ever is Sream Theater - A Change Of Seasons, but pretty much every DT song has a great intro.

    18 Jun 2006, 8:26
  • Raelthelamb

    I mean Dream Theater of course... Yes - Roundabout is great too. I know its an obvious choice, but that intro is great. And You And I too.

    18 Jun 2006, 8:27
  • LadyLag

    Actually I haven't even listened to the Fragile album yet, mainly because my Yes collection is really my dad's, and he doesn't own it. But seeing as it's the most popular album on last.fm and whatnot, I should go download it. Uhm, now. :D

    18 Jun 2006, 20:13
  • b1ackroses

    I love that Ayreon album... the intro to that song is great, but all those songs are great.

    23 Jun 2006, 23:50
  • plattopus

    I realise this journal is way old, but I felt compelled to say that The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun has an awesome intro... I don't even particularly like the rest of it, but I love the intro. Blackest Eyes is also great. :D

    25 Oct 2006, 1:12
  • LadyLag

    :o I still have to get WDADU. <3 Blackest Eyes. I like the chorus. Except the repetition of I got bothers me sometimes. o-o

    8 Dic 2006, 1:51
  • plattopus

    You must get it! A lot of it is crap (and most people hate Charlie's vocals), but there are some AWESOME tracks on there. The Ytse Jam is a wicked instrumental, A Fortune In Lies is one of my favourite DT songs, and as I said, The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun has a GREAT intro. And yeah... Blackest Eyes is the bomb, yo.

    9 Dic 2006, 2:42
  • LadyLag

    *downloaded WDADU today* ALONG WITH LIKE A BILLION OTHER THINGS. *makes list 'cause I'm bored* The Mars Volta - Discography (which I haven't checked out yet) Van Halen - 2 albums Yngwie Malmsteen - 1 album Spock's Beard - 8 albums Kansas - 2 albums (never heard of until yesterday) Mike Oldfield - 1 album(XD Tubular Bells) Led Zeppelin - 3 albums Al Di Meola - 5 albums Jethro Tull - 1 album 801 - 1 album Deep Purple - 1 album The Moody Blues - 2 disc set of their greatest hits Symphony X - 1 album I am so swamped with stuff I haven't listened to and need to. @_@

    9 Dic 2006, 3:35
  • plattopus

    Wow, excellent list of stuff... a bit of a catch up on the classics hey? Can I ask which albums you got? And SHAME ON YOU for not already having all of Led Zeppelin's albums!

    9 Dic 2006, 5:04
  • LadyLag

    XD I didn't have [i]any[/i] Led Zeppelin. But I've been meaning to check them out for years, actually.. so I've finally gotten to it :D let's see... Van Halen is.. Van Halen and Fair Warning Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force Spock's Beard - everything except Octane and Snow, 'cause I couldn't find torrents for them Kansas - Leftoverture and Point of Know Return Led Zeppelin - II, III, and IV Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous, Land of the Midnight Sun, Casino, World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants, Splendido Hotel Jethro Tull - Benefit.. I already have Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, and A Passion Play 801 - 801 Live Deep Purple - Machine Head; I have Fireball. Symphony X - The Odyssey ..and I am loving Spock's Beard. You know what's cool? My dad's friend's best friend is their guitarist. I'd say that's a better connection than I know a guy who knows a guy...

    9 Dic 2006, 18:16
  • plattopus

    Whoa, you have like a three degree separation from Alan Morse?! That's awesome! The Beard were pretty cool until Neal left the band... everything since then has been really, really average. I suggest you check out [i]V[/i] by Symphony X, it's their best album IMO. Apart from that you made a lot of nice choices. But seriously... for the love of all that is holy, get the entire Led Zeppelin catalogue, especially the post-[i]IV[/i] stuff other than [i]Presence[/i]. I cannot believe you admitted to having no Led Zeppelin. :P

    9 Dic 2006, 19:23
  • LadyLag

    The albums that I've listened to by SB (lol Strong Bad>>) are uh.. The Kindness of Strangers and Spock's Beard, and I like both of them. When I started downloading them, my dad said that he had gotten a couple of their songs and said they sounded like Gentle Giant, but he was impressed by their latest album which I was playing. I don't think I have the ability to tell if a band is average... or unoriginal, 'cause I don't think I've explored enough... What's cool about Symphony X is that my friend's Physics teacher actually recommended them to her, and the woman's like, older than my mom XD so that makes her pretty awesome. She likes Dream Theater too. :D And yeah, I'll definitely get more Zeppelin 'cause... well, they're awesome. xD Oh, and I did have some before I downloaded those albums: Stairway to Heaven and Immigrant Song XD ^-^ (and I can play Stairway to Heaven on the piano :D) I was reading some of your journals and saw you mention that Led Zeppelin is your dad's favorite band. For mine, that would be Frank Zappa. :D

    9 Dic 2006, 20:39
  • plattopus

    My dad's a Zappa fan too... I never got into his music very much (it's quite intimidating when you have 60-odd albums to choose from), but I've heard enough of it to know that I'll find it rewarding when I DO check him out. Zappa Plays Zappa are touring Australia soon, so I'm going to try to familiarise myself with his music before I go to their concert... I'm really looking forward to it. :D Anyway, yeah... EVERYONE should have Led Zeppelin's entire catalogue. It's a non-negotiable. Just like everyone should have [i]Thriller[/i] by Michael Jackson and Queen's Greatest Hits. (PS - Strong Bad \m/)

    10 Dic 2006, 1:17
  • LadyLag

    Yeah I actually saw them in NYC on Halloween! :O It was my first concert ever, and so awesome you would not believe. They played for three hours straight. @_@ Plus Terry Bozzio and Steve Vai were there! :D I have Thriller. ^_^ [img]http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/3731/strongbadbn2.jpg[/img]

    10 Dic 2006, 3:52
  • plattopus

    Wow, what a great show to have as your first concert! How many concerts have you been to so far? When I was your age I wasn't even INTO music. :S Unfortunately I don't think Vai will be coming to Australia with ZPZ, but Bozzio will be here. :D

    10 Dic 2006, 7:32
  • LadyLag

    That's been my only concert, with the exception of like, Mozart's Requiem which my parents took me to years ago... xD I didn't start getting into music until I was 14, and then all I listened to was The Who and The Beatles. When I was 11, I read an article that mentioned something about there being people who don't like music at all, and I thought I was one of them. Lol. <<

    10 Dic 2006, 18:33
  • plattopus

    Jeez... growing up on The Who and The Beatles... nice pedigree indeed! Haha... I had to go through a top 40 stage before I was exposed to any better music. :S Are the concerts you want to go to usually restricted to people over 18 or 21 or whatever? That pissed me off when I was 17, I couldn't get into the 18+ shows *shakes fist*

    13 Dic 2006, 12:53
  • LadyLag

    I haven't been exposed to much modern music at all. I hear the radio more often now than when I was younger, but when I was little, the only music I ever really heard came from my dad's stereo. That, and Raffi tapes. :D I haven't looked into going to concerts much, not that I don't enjoy them, but I don't really have anyone to go with... My friends haven't even heard of the bands I listen to, for the most part. My dad was the one who bought the tickets to the Zappa concert. o.o Plus, it's at least an hour ride from my house to any sort of concert building. And I finally checked my e-mail and accepted your friend request, but it's not showing you on my friends list, so I don't know what happened there...

    19 Dic 2006, 21:34
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