Stereophonics 20/11/07 @ Cardiff International Arena


21 Dic 2007, 22:52

Tue 20 Nov – Stereophonics, The Enemy

This journal is very late but I've been looking for the setlist. Anyway, no luck, so I'll just write about what I remember, which isn't much since as the concert was about a month ago.

When I got to Cardiff it was pouring down with rain. Smartly I ran to Primark and bought an umbarella =] I got to the CIA at 4:30 and i felt like a complete idiot because I was the only person waiting in the rain lol. While I was waiting, this other guy who was going to the concert started talking to me and gave me a christmas card.....hmmm....random lol.

Anyway, my uncle arrived and 2 boring hours of waiting in the rain passed ^_^ and Once again I was right at front of the concert :)

The Enemy were OK i guess, but I don't think I'll be buying their album anytime soon :P

Stereophonicswere amazing and the only bad thing about the concert was that the audience was static. Partly good, I guess because I actually didn't get squashed or have beer thrown at me for a change.

these are the songs I remember they played. not in correct order.
But I remember the opening song:
Bank Holiday Monday
Daisy Lane
My Friends
It Means Nothing
Maybe Tomorrow- acoustic
Have a Nice Dayacoustic
Local Boy in the Photograph
Mr. Writer
Rainbows and Pots of Gold
Dakota - part of the encore.

I'm not too sure about the rest of the songs...

Kelly explained why he wrote songs before he played each one. One I'll always remember was Daisy Lane. I wasn't really aware that someone was killed outside his house before. And Daisy Lane wasn't something I really listened to before. But after he said why he wrote it, and he seemed very sad about it, I just think it's a really beautiful song. I also hope the person that pulled the trigger listens to it aswell :P

The guys were amazing anyway, I took loads of pictures (although most of them, you can just see all colourful lights from the background screen)
After they played their set and left the stage, it took 'em ages to get back out for the encore. It's like they wanted us to scream like mad lmao.

"We'd been sleeping since we'd left Paris, and we woke back up after we crossed the seven bridge, it's like we smelt the green green grass of home". - Kelly Jones


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