Brand New Start


5 Oct 2007, 19:07

Muchas gracias to Vaxis who got me acquainted with the band Alter Bridge a couple of years ago. Can't say their first album (One Day Remains) was anything like a revelation to me but it's a decent piece of music nonetheless.
And one fine day i was given a link to a YouTube video in which these guys played a new song live - and with acoustic guitars only. The song was called Brand New Start and naturally blew my mind away in an instant. Here's the link for you - quality's not that bad, by the way: Click!
Now that a promo of their new album has leaked into the p2p-networks, there's an opportunity (which I gladly took) to listen to the album version which is also great. Still that acoustic one had some very special... uh, dunno, let's say 'aura'.

Now I can say that that phrase from the chorus -
'We will make a brand new start ... The break of day is before us' - fully applies to me. I just wrote a letter of resignation today, and on Nov. 1st I'm gonna quit my current job. Hope I'll find another position by then. I had my reasons to make such a decision, and now that I've done it, it still feels a bit shaky but it's also some kind of relief really.
Just like the song says, there's lots of opportunities before me, an open highway, and I can now step on the gas and bolt forth in search of a better life.

But well, Last.FM is about music after all. So, my friends, I must say, don't miss Blackbird by Alter Bridge. Release date should be Oct. 9th or 10th, can't say for sure. Don't blame me for piracy, I'll redeem this mortal sin by buying a CD as soon as I see one in stores. But, hell, this album's extremely good, a perfect blend of dynamics, aggressiveness and melody, an example of masterful songwriting.


  • KuDer

    Nope, not yet. Sent a CV to some companies but had only one interview so far but these guys haven't come to a decision yet. Seems like I picked a wrong time to quit - it's the end of the year, lots of companies have frozen the hiring for the time being. Hopefully, there will be more replies in january and until that time I won't starve anyway :) If not then I can return to my last employer but joining another department, or I can join my firends who started their own business and seem to be doing well so far. As for now I'm taking my time to relax and enjoy myself, a makeshift vacation of sorts :)

    15 Nov 2007, 15:36
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