Purchases I've Come To Regret


30 Jul 2007, 3:29

Ever since I started seriously buying CDs about two years ago (I'd been buying them for years and years before that, just in much, much smaller quantities, like maybe one a year), I've been victim to plenty of blind buys that can best be written off as burns. I suppose I could unload them on some unwitting used CD shop, but alas, I am too lazy.

Morningwood, Morningwood-- Like I'm sure many (anyone? anyone?), I was mesmerized by the song "Nth Degree" in the fall of 2005... I waited four months for word of an album release date, and another two until it became available, only to put it in the CD player and realize that none of their songs sound like "Nth Degree". Sure, no one wants to hear the same song eleven times, but the other songs all did sound the same, just different that the one I liked.

St. Elsewhere, Gnarls Barkley-- Again, fell for the single (like everyone else did), bought the CD... Hated it. I thought their rendition of "Gone Daddy Gone" was good, and "Go-Go Gadget Gospel" kept me occupied for a little while, but "Crazy" got on my nerves almost immediately, and the rest of it only served to disappoint.

All The Stars and Boulevards by Augustana and How to Save a Life by the Fray-- I group these two together (maybe unfairly) because they pretty much sound the same to me. It starts with a song that mysteriously appears on my MP3 player ("Stars and Boulevards" or "Over My Head", take your pick), then moves on to a purchase, followed by unrelenting radio-play of other tracks on the album and ends with these two artists being my most-skipped songs on iTunes.

I can definitely foresee this being updated later on, what with my ability to always have just enough cash in my wallet for a CD and my love of bad music.


  • LolaRouge

    Can I just say that I'm glad I'm not the only person that does that kind of stuf? (specially the Gnarls Barkley part...)

    20 Ago 2007, 20:29
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