Baroque + Glam metal + Swing jazz = WTF?!


13 Jul 2011, 15:41

Recently I've made some rearrangement of my music interests on my Facebook page replacing specific artists with genres. And I've been thinking, what do , , and do together? What do they have in common that makes them all appealing to me?

Interestingly enough, all of these genres involve some sort of orchestral sound. For baroque music this is a string orchestra. For swing jazz - a brass orchestra.

Glam metal? Well, you do know that e.g. vegetables can walk and talk in cartoons, right? Those are "cartoon vegetables". Electric music has its own "cartoon stuff". One of these is a chorus effect. In essence, it provides a "cartoon orchestra" to the original sound of an instrument (most likely a guitar), which doesn't exactly sound like an actual orchestra, but still generates kind of similar tune. And guess what? Glam/ bands used the effect a lot.

And that's probably it - the orchestral/chorus sound that makes me love these three, at first glance totally different music genres.
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Swing, Hair/glam/sleaze metal, Baroque


  • YMMV

    Very cool observation!

    16 Ago 2011, 17:32
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