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31 Ene 2012, 2:05

While I'm usually much too lazy to write out journals like this, I feel motivated and inspired at the moment, so here we go!

I first listened to asian music when I was 14 years old (which was 8 years ago), and the song was Boa's "Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-", which I heard played as the ending theme of Inuyasha! While I'm a bit ashamed to admit I was one of the many who was introduced to Japanese music through anime, it is what it is.

Anyways, I found the song so incredible, I searched around for more, and found myself frequenting the weekly asian mp3 rotations around the net. BUT I THIRSTED FOR MORE! Thus, I finally bought my first Japanese CD from yesasia, and that cd was called "This Armor", by artist #5 on my list of most loved, and most nostalgic music for me....

05. 鬼束ちひろ (Chihiro Onitsuka)

First songs I heard: Infection, 漂流の羽根, 月光

What's she doing now? Shortly after I became fascinated by her music, Onitsuka was in a motorcycle accident where her vocal chords were damaged. She took a 3-year absence from the music industry and worked on her vocal abilities, finally returning in 2007 with her song "Everyhome". While her voice has never been the same, it still stuns me at times. Sadly, she was recently assaulted by her boyfriend and, in my opinion, she hasn't really been the same since. Her personality, at least on stage/tv, has changed immensely. Nonetheless, she released her latest masterpiece "Ken to Kaede" in 2011.

My favorite song:


04. The Brilliant Green

First songs I heard: Forever+to+me+~終わりなき悲しみ~, Maybe We Should Go Back To Then, Rainy Days Never Stays

What are they doing now? Similar to Onitsuka, almost immediately after I discovered these guys, they ceased all activity. Their lead singer, Tommy, decided to pursue her solo projects Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6, and The Brilliant Green were not heard from for 5 years... ALAS! They finally returned in 2007 with their song "Stand By Me". Since then, they released their first album in 8 years, BLACKOUT, in 2010. Sadly, their guitarist Ryo left the band shortly afterwards, and Tommy has once again decided to focus on her solo work.

My favorite song:
(that was harder than I had planned...)


03. Cherry Filter

First songs I heard: Snow Man, Dr.Faust

What are they doing now? Hmmm... this is becoming a trend I never noticed until now... yes, you guessed it, Cherry Filter also had a bit of a break from their music after I discovered them. Not too long, though! After 3 long years, Youjeen (the lead singer) returned to Korea after a solo project in Japan, and they released their 4th album, Peace 'N' Rock 'N' Roll. Since then they've released 2 more albums, the latest being Rocksteric in 2009.

My favorite song:


02. YUI

First songs I heard: Feel My Soul, Why Me, Free Bird

What's she doing now? I actually discovered YUI before her debut single was even released, way back in 2005. I've been a loyal follower since, even though her music lately has been greatly lacking the spark it once had. No breaks for this little lady! She's been releasing music almost non-stop since then, her latest work being her 5th album "How Crazy Your Love", released in 2011.

My favorite song:


01. Zwei

First songs I heard: Dragon, Fake Face

What are they doing now? GAH! These ladies frustrate me to no end! After releasing two excellent albums in 2004 and 2005, they suddenly disappeared from sight. 2 years later, they resurfaced with a single, which was pretty damn good. Getting my hopes up, they disappeared for an entire extra year, when they released ANOTHER single. AHA... getting my hopes up just one more time, they ceased activity once more until 2010, when they released..... another single.... there has since been no more news. I'm impatiently waiting for a third album from these girls, they're great.

My favorite song:


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