What Are Your Fan Rankings? The joys and SHOCKS of Firefox and Greasemonkey


4 Sep 2006, 8:49

OK I'm still aglow with the thrill following today's installation of Firefox, Greasemonkey and various scripts - notably Chart Changes, Blue Theme and Artist Fan Rank.

If you don't have these little extras - man, you should. They're great fun. Now I'm gonna have to wait a week to really enjoy the Chart Changes....however the Artist Fan Rank has kicked in already. It's quite a thrill as you watch each Band Name, then Song Name etc in your charts light up as the search starts..... OK I'm desperately sad and a complete loser - just put on a pair of thick glasses, pop a couple of pens in your top pocket and get into the zone , people. It's not my fault you're cooler than me! Embrace your inner dag and read on....

OK back to business - so what were the results?



Well for my top two artists Depeche Mode and a-ha I don't even rate a mention - but that's not unexpected....

3. Big Country - #15 Fan
5. Savoy - #21 Fan
14. Boom Crash Opera - #7 Fan

Well it was all going well and then......

15. Brother Beyond- #2 Fan

This is the point where I wondered if I should just kill myself immediately. I am the lastfm #2 Brother Beyond fan. There is no hope for me whatsoever. Ah well, fuck it - I love their album "Get Even". It captures what they were like before Stock Aitken Waterman came along and turned them into a chart friendly machine churning out crap like "The Harder I Try". Same thing SAW did to Bananarama after the glorious "True Confessions".

18. Drum Theatre - #2 Fan
24. Magne F - #9 Fan
26. Then Jerico - #5 Fan
29. The Skids - #32 Fan
38. Kids in the Kitchen - #4 Fan
53. Bridges - #12 Fan

After the top 60 it gets weirder. Hmmm, well overall I'm quite pleased with them - it certainly does highlight how deliriously obscure and 80s my tastes are. A warning should probably be put on my page though!


Well there are too many to detail.....and of course I've omited the Live Ones, Demos and Remixes and stuff - plus it's possible some of them are ones I have mistitled etc. Taking that into account it seems that I am:

the #1 fan of

The Crossing
King Of Blue
Can You Keep A Secret?
Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad, (Sometimes Better)
Heart And Soul
Chain-gang Smile
You Should Have Told Me
A Quiet Place (Apathy and Sympathy)
Bass Dance
Sounds of rain
Blessed Days
Let Her Fall

the #2 fan of
Porroh Man
The One That Got Away
Once In Your Lifetime
You Might
Piece Of The Pie
I Should Have Lied
All Of Us
Dive Into Me
Where There's A Will
In Northern Skies

the #3 fan of
A Friend Like Me

the #4 fan of
The Best Thing
Brand New Sunrise

the #5 fan of
Nothing Here To Hold You
Part-Time Love
How Many Lies

I'm strangely proud really. It's what makes me the warped little individual that I am!


  • Sayuri_x

    Where do I get this little widget? I must have my rankings! I need them! I want my pens in my pocket too!

    13 Sep 2006, 23:10
  • Barilko

    I installed these scripts last week after reading your post and of course Last.fm changed their design four days later so I can't track the changes now! Hopefully they will update these couple of scripts for the new system as they were really neat while they lasted. Thanks for informing me about them!

    17 Sep 2006, 18:13
  • Kattastic

    Yes - naughty Last.fm with all their unexpected changes! The fan rankings script has now been updated...but sadly the chart changes are still to be re-jigged..... Still with the new layout - it's nice to be able to actually read the entire song name in the track charts etc. Anyway - for more info on scripts available (and the status of updates) see - the Greasemonkey's group's front page at http://www.last.fm/group/Greasemonkeys

    18 Sep 2006, 2:48
  • loveismyair

    Shocking! I never knew this existed!:o Is it still working KAT? Are u still using this?? ***Me.Want.Stars.Too!***

    15 Jun 2007, 10:21
  • GuitarBassDrums

    Scripts Hmmmm !!! Very cool

    7 Sep 2007, 15:58
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