Dafunk back to Der Katalog


1 Ene 2010, 15:38

I just had to get Der Katalog. There are many good reasons for that: a) the re-mastering was done well, b) I didn't have The Mix at all and c) I wanted their German language versions of those certain albums. Too bad Der Katalog wasn't an absolute discography release. Early material, singles and live album should've been part of the box. Other than that it's a must for Kraftwerk fans.

Daft Punk's Alive 1997 and Alive 2007 are a great chance to check out how their live performances have changed in a decade. 1997 they had only one album. In 2007 they had 3 albums and a huge international fan base. In addition they also came up with a brilliant concept how to do a real DJ set and still make it feel like it was a concert: mashing up and mixing their hits. Alive 2007 just screams for a DJ Hero DLC release. Sold!

Animal Collective is really spewing out releases at the moment. Brother Sport came out as a 10" single and they also released Fall Be Kind EP. Good stuff naturally.

I bought the new album from The Decemberists only now because there was an offer I couldn't refuse in their web store. The Hazards of Love album plus a free dvd with visuals for the album. Also, Billy Liar was available as a tempting maxi-single.

I've been collecting the re-mastered albums of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the latest one I found was A Kiss in the Dreamhouse. A splendid album and now backed up with the 12" version of Fireworks among other things.

Embryonic is the title of the new, conceptually double, The Flaming Lips album. It's been a while since the last time I ran into an album that works considerably better with headphones than without headphones. It's quite a trip, sometimes nasty and sometimes gnarly but all the way awesome. Not at all pop-oriented as Yoshimi or rocking as Mystics but still musically interesting. At this point I have to admit I'm not familiar with the early Lips material so you are allowed to start dissing me... now.

Jori Hulkkonen released his first new album on Tiga's Turbo records recently. Man From Earth is mainly comprised of tracks that were supposed to be released as 12" singles (on F-com before it went down, I guess). They make a cool album all the same and this time it's an album full of solid house/techno tracks instead of being an album full of various electronic music styles like the previous two albums. Nothing wrong with Dualizm or Errare Machinale Est but it was nice to get something different for change.

Some random single awesomeness: You Belong, The Rip, Bees & Honey EP, Corporate Occult, We're Going To Climb, Push Me On and No More Stories EP.

Years after the splendid De-Loused in the Comatorium I decided to give The Mars Volta another shot after a few boring-ish albums. The Bedlam in Goliath was worth checking out and even though it still needs a few more spins, it's already proved to be interesting.

Okay, time to put an end to this with New Adventures in Hi-Fi, Age of Nero, Melancholydisco 2 and Half the World Is Watching Me. There.


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