• What a week...

    25 Dic 2006, 5:04

    Whoa, all the bands of my top 10 of artists of this week are 80s bands!
    I won't say that I'm surprised, because this decade was fantastic, the best one for alternative rock.

    Legião Urbana got #1 because I heard many albums of them, like "V", "Dois", "As Quatro Estações" and "Que País É Este".
    Joy Division... well, I love their music. Maybe it's a dream team - Bernard has low technique, but created very good riffs, like "Shadowplay" and "Transmission"; Morris is, in my opinion, one of the best drummers ever - listen to "Isolation" and "Love will tear us apart" and you'll understand me; Hook is a magician with his bass in songs like "She's lost control" and "Passover".
    Sonic Youth is awesome, just a few bands have a discography so big and cool like theirs.
    Titãs was my first favourite rock band, when I was 6. Well, I listen to them until today, heh.
    The Cure and The Smiths are fantastic. My favourite of them are, respectively, "A Forest" and "Death of a disco dancer".
    New Order, huh... stop reading and listen to "Ceremony", "Temptation", "Blue Monday", "Fine Time", "The Perfect Kiss"...
    Talking Heads and Blondie, the two greatest bands of the American new wave, specially Byrne's band. Man, "Fear of Music" is PERFECT!
    U2 is very good. Albums like "War" are icons of the rock in the last 3 decades.