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20 Ago 2007, 8:05


So one night, staying up watching Much, I see this video. I was sort of falling asleep at the time, so I only caught the end, but it was sorta punkish, with a female singer (!!!). I was all "man what" and then it said the name of the band was Paramore. I heard about it on the internets before, but I automatically assumed it was an Evanescence clone based off the name. Not even close.

So yeah, the next day I totally forgot the band name, but found it eventually. The Misery Business video introduced me to this band, which...has a lot of room to grow. But yeah, Hayley's voice is like...perfect. And she's so cute! (This is especially weird, because I never have any attraction to celebrities or any of the like).

crushcrushcrush is the second of the two great songs off of their RIOT!, the other s can be skipped, IMO.


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    what does perfect mean? If i had a voice like hers... would it be perfect? and btw... Paramore? for shame!

    29 Ago 2007, 9:05
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