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6 Sep 2010, 16:41

I got the vaccination for yellow fever last tuesday since I'm going to the deep rainforest in october! the guy said no side effects which apparently meant 25% get flu-like symptoms and apparently I'm 25%. yay. feeling good now tho. went out on friday night i think it was and to the basilica that day. beautiful giant church, pics on facebook. the mariscal is the entertainment district in downtown quito with seriously hundreds of bars/clubs where we went friday night. fun stuff with some "excitement" towards the end. i guess after 2:30ish am isn't time to not be in la mariscal. while waiting for the taxi back I saw a guy running with a bloody hand and shortly followed by 2 other guys and then 2 cops. the thief or whatever pretty much just ran around the block, changed his shirt, and walked away. my family said the cops always arrive late. cool haha. last night we found that the mcdonalds in Cumbaya is open 24 hours, score study spot. and then our new taxista friend Telmo gave us cheap rides home. time to right the dates in for my planner since apparently the school didn't think that was too important.. hasta luego


  • cinthluvsbp

    are you so enthralled in the spanish language que se te olvido el ingles? how about you go WRITE the dates in your planner! :D :P hope youre feeling better!!!!!

    7 Sep 2010, 6:01
  • banjaloupe

    Hey, this is Brian! Nana & Papa just linked us to this so I thought I'd say hi from everyone over here in the states. Good to see everything is going well and you aren't dying of yellow fever (?!?!)

    9 Sep 2010, 23:38
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