spring is in the air . .and verdicts are in this post. . .


26 Mar 2012, 2:10

it's almost spring and no verdicts?!?!?
yeah, as you can imagine, things are a bit slow getting to hear the new shit. . .and I'm waiting a LOT longer to review things, so I don't get incidents like when I gave Axe to Fall an 8.5 and then proceeded to like the album less and less every time i listen to it. . . or when I gave GONER a 10, when it was actually quite a step down from "We, the Guillotine"

Love Sex Machine - Love Sex Machine
so, to tide us all over until Black Sheep Wall, Noriega, Armed for Apocalypse and whatever new project the remaining members of Admiral Angry start release new music, here are Love Sex Machine. Slow, Violent, Crushing, Droning, OUCH music. They get a lot of milage out of that open downtuned E string. They don't give a fuck. Some men just want to watch the world burn. It's slow, but violent (just like the first album by Black Sheep Wall . . . . except while there was depression mixed with the rage, this is just pure rage). This is music by which you tie Alison Brie to a telephone pole use her as batting practice. (I wasn't even going to use that anology, she just showed up on the tube).

Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where It Ends
oh. . .oh wait. . .the new Black Sheep Wall came out and. . . . . .wow. . . . . wow. . . . . ladies and gentlemen, Love Sex Machine have out-Black Sheep Walled Black Sheep Wall. People are commenting on the new singer (Noriega guy!) . . . . no, it's not his fault. He's awesome. He can probably pull off the old songs too, but this isn't like I Am God Songs. It's pretty dull and lifeless in comparison. It doesn't get good til the last two tracks. The last two tracks are great, almost I Am God Songs quality. . . . . almost. I don't know how many member changes there were, or what, but this is a ridiculous step down. Very disappointing. The OUCH is gone, and we're left with. . . . .meh.

Napalm Death - Utilitarian
So, I'm not going to talk about that stupid record they put out 2 years ago. Nevermind. All is forgiven. This album has everything that one didn't . . including a John Zorn sax solo (metal + saxophone. . once again ALWAYS AWESOME). Mitch is writing interesting riffs again, interesting enough that when he fancies himself a Burton Bell impersonator, you dont' hold it against him. Hell, "quarantined" has some of that Rob Marton Discordance Axis chord action. Yeah. (actually, quarantined is just one awesome fucking riff). You got 2 songs under 2 minutes, you got that weird choir effect that makes them sound like Fukpig, "fall on thier swords" sounds like it could have been on Fear Empitiness Despair. Yeah, you have the one shitty Headbangers Ball single "collision course". . .but fuck it, everything else rules. Best album since Order of the Leech. No lie.

Beneath the Massacre - Incongruous
This album is missing something. For one, I don't remember a second of it. . .but it's not even just that. Remember how the first EP started with a song that ended with a breakdown that sounded like you were emptying a machinegun into someones face while they were down??? Remember how Mechanics of Dysfunction began with a song similar to that? Remember how Dystopia began with a song somewhat similar to that? That shit set the tone for the rest of the album. This album doesn't have that, and basically goes nowhere.

Every Time I Die - Ex-Lives
Slick as shit recording aside, after the trainwreck that was Gutter Phenomenon, this band have been on a steady climb back to making good quality shit. They have proven they're still capable of bringing the harsh. This one though, smacks you upside the head from the start and doesn't really calm down for 5 or 6 songs. While New Junk Aesthetic blew it's load in the first three songs (and I'm not saying the rest was BAD. . .though, "wanderlust" was certainly BAD), Ex Lives spreads the quality throughout the record. You think the radio single will come up next, but no, more heavy. Even the songs where Buckley might throw his Dave Grohl into the mix.

Cannibal Corpse - Torture
are CC at a point where a surefire sign of a good new offering is the one verb title. Kill was their best album in years. One not so-so-good album went by and then "Torture". It's almost as good as Kill. It sounds like Gallery of Suicide. I dunno about Corpsegrinder's vocals on this. . . but something tells me he still has lows live and they're just mixed weird on these albums. I haven't seen CC play live since 2003. It really reminds me of Gallery of Suicide, and I LOVE that record. Best song hands down is "scourge of iron".

Lord Mantis - Pervertor
This is really different. The first album was pretty raw, didn't have guitar leads, generally sounded more violent. Now, usually, i complain about this. This album is good in it's own right. It's weird to think there have been no line-up changes at all. It's the same band. They've had a major production upgrade. I'm assuming Sanford parker did it because it sounds like Indian's album from last year. In fact, the vocals sound like Indian (but they don't have their singer. . .they have their drummer). I really don't rememebr they having guitar leads before, they just smashed shit (and you know how much i love that. .I LOVE that), but dammit the leads sound good. "vile divinity" has a little bit of a "remission" era Mastodon thing going. "ritual killer"(which slams like the old album) and "at the mouth" get into Meshuggah kind of grooves in parts. . .the latter also having more black metal in it than the first album did. Yeah, when I first heard about this band I was told it was a mix of sludge and black metal. . .but there was WAAAAYYYY more sludge. I think there's more black metal in this album in general, specifically Leviathan. This is everything True Traitor True Whore could have been. I wasn't so sure about it on first listen, but by the 3rd this was kicking my ass. Not the same way "spawning..." did, but it slays just the same. I will go as far as to say it is equally as good.

Meshuggah - Koloss
you always wonder if they're gonna deliver something classic. I like ObZen, but I just like ObZen. The first song leaked from this was kind of weak. The second one was much better, but I gotta tell you the rest of the album dwarfs those songs. . .especially "break those bones" . . it just pales in comparison to monoliths like "behind the sun" and "demiurge" . . .tracks that truly live up to the title of the record. They refrain from the kind of drummer endurance simulation found on the infamous "bleed" (in my head I can just see Tomas telling Frederik "don't you EVER write ANYTHING like that again, I will fucking KILL YOU!"). Some of it is just. . .doomy. Remember the song "nebulous" from Nothing?? It's like that song. "the hurt that finds you first" is the fastest song on the record. I haven't been able to stop listening to this really, just like Nothing. . .kind of addictive.

Primitive Weapons - the Shadow Gallery
Mostly straightforward sludgy post hardcore with screams and even some harsh "singing" thrown in . .and some hooks. It just fucking works. I don't get how. It's like what Twelve Tribes were trying to do on their last 2 records except. . .you know. . .good.

OFWGKTA - of tape vol. 2
um . . . .I still like them. Also, Earl is fucking BACK!
go fig though, the best song is Mellowhype's "50" (I like Hodgy more every song I hear)
truthfully though, all this good metal coming out I haven't been listening to this.

it should be written in all caps, dammit. You can't go wrong with this band. Even better, they tune down for a few songs and shows us what that last Hail of Bullets album could have been. "minefield". . . . . .fuck. . . . . i wanna go watch them play that right now. that thing deserves to be pumped to 11. . . but you can't, it'll cave in your roof. fuck.

. . . was that enough?

I certainly waited until I had like 10 albums.

I don't know if that's how I'm doing it from now on. . . . stay tuned though


PS - Fukpig 3 sounds fucking weird. Drums are straight from Drumkit From Hell 2.
not quite as good as anything they've put out so far.



  • MoogleSoft

    it almost feels like BSW had to clean up the guitar tone to fit with their new vox. dude is certainly talented but he lacks that unbridled anger and misery their last singer had. verdicts are spot on for what i've listened to out of all of them.

    27 Mar 2012, 0:12

    Yup. Those last two song would be five star woth that old guitar tone. I think they were probably written before. Even the drums sound softer in comparison. And yeah, i don't think Noriega guy fits either, after listening again (I still think Admiral Angry's singer would have been a better choice)

    6 Jun 2012, 12:36
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