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19 Abr 2008, 23:35

Hello there. It is I. I figured will make a journal about my all-time favorite albums. Well, let's get started!

This is one of my favorite albums, and depending on when you're asking, my favorite Beatles album. While Magical Mystery Tour was the first Beatles album I heard, this was the first that really got me hooked. It has some of my all-time favorite songs, like I'm Only Sleeping and She Said She Said. At this point in their careers', the Beatles were in full-force psychedelic pop. From the opening studio banter in Taxman, to the fade out on Tomorrow Never Knows, one of their best songs, their is never a dull moment.

The Fury of the Aquabats
The Aquabats are really great fun. It is really the only ska band I really love. Their music has great energy, and it is fun and enjoyable for all ages. It is great music for rocking out to, as well. It is, for lack of a better phrase, "totally HxC!" The opening song, Super Rad, is one of the most famous ska songs of all time. It is an anthem that defined a generation. My favorite song off this album, however, is My Skateboard.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
What can I say about this album? It is one of the most popular albums to come from the 90's, and without a doubt the most popular piece of art to come from the Elephant 6 collective. Jeff Mangum, the leader of Neutral Milk Hotel is just a madman. The songs have such simple music, so you can play along with it on your guitar while listening for the first time, yet the songs are so powerful. The lyrics on this album transcend anything I ever thought could possibly be put down in a song, pieced together with a melody and a rhythm. Every song on this album has enough power to make a grown man cry. It is all outstanding, and Jeff really blows me away with his nasally vocals.
And one day in New York City baby
A girl fell from the sky
From the top of a burning apartment building
Fourteen stories high
And when her spirit left her body
How it split the sun
I know that she will live for ever
All goes on and on and on and
She goes and now she knows she'll never be afraid
To watch the morning paper blow
Into a hole where no one can escape

- Ghost

This is They Might Be Giant's second studio album. Right from the get-go, they open with their ballad Ana Ng, a song about a man's love living on the opposite end of the world. I think this song is not only the highlight of the album, but of their whole career. The album has tons of highs for both Johns. From Linnell, you have Purple Toupee, a look into the 60s from the eyes of a child, Where Your Eyes Don't Go, a song based on a nightmare he had as a child, and They'll Need A Crane, a song about a divorce. From Flansburgh, you have Lie Still, Little Bottle, a haunting song about a drug addiction, Snowball In Hell, and The World's Address which I think was originally written by Linnell.

Weezer (Blue)
This is Weezer's debut album, and in my opinion, their only really good album. This is the first album I ever owned, and I think it is great. It is simple, energetic music. My favorite tracks off this album are In the Garage, a ballad written from the perspective of a geeky youth, and Surf Wax America, a tribute to The Beach Boys.

Abbey Road
This is the Beatles' last recording. I think it is brilliance. They left on a hell of a high note. It starts out with an ode to old rock n roll titled Come Together. From there, you go to Something, which is arguably George's best work. It is all great, but it doesn't get orgasmic, until the medley begins. The second side of this album is the best album side ever. It starts with You Never Give Me Your Money is possibly my favorite song on the album, and the beginning of an excellent medley. I think it reaches it's peak at Carry That Weight. This song is really powerful.

Well, that is it. My favorite albums. I hope you enjoyed this journal! Stay tuned next week for more.


  • total__trash

    It is one of the most popular albums to come from the 80's, *90s

    22 Abr 2008, 19:22
  • Bluke4x4

    I thought Let It Be was the Beatles' last? Nice list though

    6 Oct 2008, 0:29
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