• 50 Questions About My Top 50

    11 Jun 2008, 0:01

    1.How did you get into 29? Oasis - Wonderwall most likely.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?Nine Inch Nails - I heard alot about them so I got Year Zero and downloaded La Mer and Hurt

    3. What's your favorite lyric by 33? We Are Scientists - AfterHours

    This door is always open
    This door is always open
    And noone has the guts to shut us down.

    4. How did you get into 49? The Bravery - Honest Mistake most likely

    5. How many albums by 13 do you own? U2 - Only one, U218. Other then that, I just downloaded songs before that.

    6. What is your favorite song by 50? James Blunt - Ewww...cant belive I listened to him...if I had to pick...Goodbye My Lover...but only because it had Mischa Barton in the video.

    7. Is there a song by 39 that makes you sad? Limp Bizkit - HA! You must be joking!

    8. What is your favorite song by 15? Elenor, Put Those Boots On or This Fire.

    9. What is your favorite song by 5? Coldplay - The Scientist or Square One

    10. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy? Feeder - Just a Day or Buck Rogers =D

    11. What is the worst song by 40? Bell X1 - Natalie

    12. What is your favorite song by 10? Groove Armada - Chicago

    13. What is a good memory you have involving 30? Thom Yorke - Seeing him with the rest of Radiohead at Malahide Castle this year =D

    14. What is your favorite song by 38? Klaxons - Magick, Its Not Over Yet or Four Horsemen of 2012.

    15. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy? New Order - Crystal

    16. Is there a song by 25 that makes you sad? Eminem - Stan

    17. What is the first song you ever heard by 23? Green Day - Time of Your Life

    18. What's your favorite lyric by 11? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance


    19. Who is a favorite member of 1? Believe it or not, its not Thom Yorke...its Jonny Greenwood.

    20. Is there a song by 14 that makes you happy? Snow Patrol - Chocolate

    21. What is a good memory involving 27? Harry Gregson Williams - Debriefing. The end of MGS3 is one of my finest memories as a gamer ever!!!

    22. What is your favorite song by 16? Death Cab for Cutie - Marching Bands of Manhattan

    23. What is the first song you ever heard by 47? Linkin Park - In The End

    24. What is your favorite album by 18? Massive Attack - Mezzaine

    25. What is your favorite song by 21? Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows, Go with the Flow, 3's & 7's or You Think I Aint Worth Nothing But I'm a Millionaire.

    26. What is the first song you ever heard by 26? The Futureheads - Decent Days & Nights

    27. What is your favorite album by 3? Sigur Rós - Takk...

    28. What is you favorite song by 2? The Killers - All These Things That I've Done

    29. What was the first song you ever heard by 32? Foo Fighters - All My Life

    30. What is you favorite song by 8? Muse - Knights of Cydonia

    31. How many times have you seen 17 live? Nine Black Alps - None

    32. Is there a song by 44 that makes you happy? Tiesto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

    33. How did you get into 12? Kasabian - Heard Club Foot on TV and then tracked down their first album. Going to see them in August with Muse =D

    34. What is the worst song by 45? Arcade Fire - In The Backseat

    35. What was the first song you ever heard by 34? Bloc Party - Banquet

    36. What is the first song you ever heard by 48? Rage Against the Machine - Calm Like a Bomb at the credits of The Matrix Reloaded

    37. How many times have you seen 42 live? The Prodigy - None, sadly =(

    38. What is you favorite song by 36? The Verve - Lucky Man

    39. What was the first song you ever heard by 28? Kanye West - Jesus Walks

    40. What is you favorite album by 7? Interpol - Our Love to Admire

    41. Is there a song by 31 that makes you happy? Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

    42. What is your favorite album by 41? - The White Stripes - Icky Thump. Its the only one I have but its very good.

    43. What is your favorite song by 24? Doves - Snowden

    44. What is a good memory you have involving 46? Moby - none

    45. What is your favorite song by 35? Razorlight - Stumble and Fall, hands down.

    46. Is there a song by 9 that makes you happy? Starsailor - This Time =D

    47. What is your favorite album by 4? Daft Punk - Discovery

    48. Who is a favorite member of 37? The Smashing Pumpkins - Billy of course

    49. What is the first song you ever heard by 43? Blur - Song 2

    50. What is your favorite song by 20? Royksopp - What Else is There
  • Radiohead - Live @ Malahide Castle - The Review

    7 Jun 2008, 3:06

    Well, it finally happened at long last, the day I'd been waiting for 6 months had finally arrived. Radiohead and Bat for Lashes as the support act.

    Got there just after 6:15 tonight, nearly getting knocked over by a bus trying to cross the road trying to get into Malahide Castle.

    Anyways after about 45 minutes of waiting, I got into Malahide Castle Gardens eventually and at 7:oopm, 15 minutes earlier then the scheduled time, Bat for Lashes came onto the stage and played their support act for about 45 minutes.

    Overall, it was a decent set from them and considering I only heard BFL song ever, they were pretty good. If your going to see Radiohead, you'll not be dissapointed with Bat for Lashes as support, great support act.

    Bat for Lashes - 3/5

    And then, 45 minutes after Bat for Lashes finished and 15 minutes later then scheduled, the main event of the night itself. The one and only, Radiohead.

    I only got, surfice to say litterally, the best seat in the house (Well, best spot rather), 2nd row right to the stage.

    I only got one quick glance of Big Phil as I was too far to the right of the stage to see him but other then that, everyone was seen. Thom, Jonny, Ed and Colin.

    Thom even looked at me and gave me a wave after giving him a thumbs up!!! Felt like I was about to collapse in all honesty.

    After everything was said and done, we were finally underway with the first song of the night.

    Main Setlist

    All I Need: While a slow moving song from In Rainbows, it did the job of hyping people up for the remainder of the night.

    Good performance by Thom during AIN, very elegant and gracefull in that performance.

    All I Need - 4/5

    There, There: All you had to do when you were there was if you seen the 2 massive African drums been positoned for Jonny and Ed, you would have guessed it was There, There...and you'd be right

    It was absoutely energetic, brillant and got you jumping around at your feet at the main guitar rift near the end of the song, just a brillant performance.

    There, There - 5/5

    Lucky: Song of the night in my opinion, just the song I was waiting for. Hell, I could have listened to Lucky and left (But of course, I didnt =p).

    Once you hear Lucky, you'll be just absoutely amazed at just how good it is live, just amazing. When the line of "Its gonna be a...GLOOOOOOOORIOUS DAAAAY. I feel my luck could change" comes round, you'll realise how powerful the song is live, just truly special.

    Lucky - 5/5

    Bangers & Mash: Rumpy pumpy song this was, it was just ful of energy seeing it, especially with Thom on drums (Despite his drum kit being less of a kit then Phil's).

    It was a great song to sing and listen to, just brillant. It was such a shame then that it was the only song from the In Rainbows discbox played tonight.

    Bangers & Mash - 4/5

    15 Step: Quite a funky little numer to dance to live, Thom was certainly dancing around to it a fair bit. It now shows that, probably since now that Radiohead are away from EMI, Thom may be starting to enjoy touring at long last after detesting it for so long while under EMI.

    But back to 15 Step, it was certainly a great song to hear live with its beats. Sadly, the crowd wasn't asked to go yay like the school children did in the song.

    15 Step - 3/5

    Nude: It was pretty much like the In Rainbows verison, nothing much to discuss about but it was, none the less, it was brillantly played.

    Nude - 4/5

    Pyramid Song: Pyramid Song was a tiny shock as I didnt really see it coming but it was quite a song to listen to...well it was until some drunken retard came smashing through the front of the crowd and stayed until Arpeggi.

    Regardless, it was still a song and a half, brillant.

    Pyramid Song - 4/5

    Optimistic: Before this tour, it was very rare to hear Optimistic in the tour but now, it seems to be in the set. Just before it, Thom said "This next song is something we've been getting back into for a while now"

    And quite frankly, I dont see why it's so rare, it's just great to see Thom's guitar put to good use, it's a good song on Kid A, a better song live.

    Optimistic - 4/5

    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: It just about sounds so similar to the verison that was heard in the Scotch Mist webcast on New Years Eve 2007, just so full of energy, just amazing.

    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi - 5/5

    The National Anthem: My 3rd favourite song of the night behind Lucky and You & Whose Army, it was hyper, full of energy and a great song to jump to. Once I heard what was coming out of Jonny's radio, I knew straight away it was The National Anthem.

    Just to point out, and its pretty much a 99.9% certainty, you WILL enjoy this song live. I love the Kid A verison, I fell in love with the bootlegs of it but tonight was a whole new, and a great, experience.

    The National Anthem - 5/5

    Idioteque: If you wanted a dance song from Radiohead during the time they've been about, you got it in 2000 in Kid A in Idioteque.

    When they play it live, they dont play it to the style of the Kid A verison, they do it in the style of the BBC verison they recorded during that time.

    In any case, it is a fine song live and it'll get you jumping around, just brillant...just dont expect something like this from Radiohead everytime.

    Idioteque - 4/5

    Reckoner: In all honesty, I dont like Reckoner on In Rainbows, just dont see the appeal in it but when it's played live, it's like different verison...while it actually aint if you catch my drift.

    Like Videotape, it went through the drastic change it did and while as a song on In Rainbows, I dont like it. But live, it's likable.

    Reckoner - 3/5

    House of Cards: Like Reckoner, I dont like House of Cards on In Rainbows. However, unlike Reckoner, I also dont like HOC live. It was OK but nothing too special in all honesty.

    Ed and Thom's guitar work on it was well done but other then that, it was a bit bland and quite frankly a dissapointment. On the other hand, it was the only one of the night.

    House of Cards - 2/5

    Everything in it's Right Place: Simply put, a great song, without a doubt in the top 10 of my favourites from Tonight, it was just amazing but also controversial as throughout the performance (As well as throughout the tour), Thom had a Tibetan flag draped across the piano he was playing from it to signify the political climate between China and Tibet.

    Back to EIIRP. It is one of them songs which will make you clap your hands and sing outloud, it's quite fantastic.

    Everything in it's Right Place - 4/5

    Faust Arp: No Colin, no Ed and no Phil. Just Thom and Jonny playing accoustic guitar each and it was pretty much like the Thumbs Down/Scotch Mist verison played but still none the less a nice little bitesized treat until we moved right on again.

    Faust Arp - 3/5

    Bodysnatchers: The opening guitar rift kicks in like a kick to the gut, it tells you "I'm here and I'm taking no prisoners".

    It's a song I was looking forward to all night and was not let down by it once. If you like Bodysnatchers alot, whatever your a new fan to Radiohead or from the good old days and your going to see them very soon,you'll like Bodysnatchers...alot

    Bodysnatchers - 5/5

    Videotape: Then it was the final song of the main set, the closer to In Rainbows, Videotape. I must admit before In Rainbows, it was the older verison of Videotape which made me fall in love with it but when I heard it on In Rainbows, I just couldnt love it anymore.

    So imagine my surprise that, when it was played the new verison of Videotape, I found out that I quite liked it.

    It was very good but has nothing on the old verison but still none the less, good.

    Videotape - 4/5

    Then, they went off for 5 minutes to take a break before the 1st of two encore's. One a 6 tracker and the the second being a 4 tracker.

    After 5 minutes, they came back on and started playing again.

    Encore 1

    The Gloaming: Its a song I dont listen to alot on Hail to the Thief but when I do, its once in a blue moon thing but still, when I do its just sheer good.

    And it's pretty much the same live, same formula and everything but still brillant.

    The Gloaming - 3/5

    You & Whose Army: Probably, in my opinion, the biggest surprise of the night. I didnt think it was going to get a play at all but it did and it was a surprise.

    Without a doubt, the best song of the night behind Lucky, a great song to sing to live, absoutely immense.

    You & Whose Army - 5/5

    Myxomatosis: One of my favourites from Hail to the Thief and to see it live was...OK, nothing special but still good to see live.

    Plus, it was sort of fun to see Thom dancing and singing at the same time.

    Myxomatosis - 3/5

    My Iron Lung: The 1st song to be played off The Bends all night and what a song to pick it off...of course, I'd prefer Street Spirit but even still, it was one hell of a song.

    Its one that will have your head banging =D

    My Iron Lung - 4/5

    How to Dissappear Completely: A bit of synth from Jonny for a while before Thom's accoustic guitar kicked in and when it did, everyone went wild knowing what the song was.

    And when the lyric "I float down the Liffey" was sung, everybody just went hystric.

    HTDC is without a doubt in the top 5 best songs I heard tonight, it's truly epic and beautiful as well as haunting, just brillant.

    How to Dissappear Completely - 5/5

    Then, they went off one more time before playing one more encore.

    Encore 2

    Super Collider [New Song]: It felt pretty special to be among the first people in the world to hear this new song which will probably pop up in a new album sometime next year.

    Anyways, it was only Thom on a piano and nobody else. On first listen, I have to say it was very very good, one worth looking out for when it does come.

    Super Collider - 4/5

    Just: When the opening guitar rift kicked in, the crowd just went mad and when Thom started singing, it was quite frankly like the first time all night the crowd had sung.

    It was a great song to sing to, especially with Thom's guitar rifts.

    Just - 5/5

    Paranoid Android: The final song of the night and what a song to go out on. This massive 6 minute masterpiece has everyone singing every bit of it from the top of their lungs.

    But then, when it came to what I like to call the quieting down bit of Paranoid, everyone was waving their hands about...and when Rain Down came about...it was something truly special...something you need to see yourself to get some sort of idea of what I am on about.

    But it was truly special.

    Paranoid Android - 5/5

    And that was it...all done at 10:55pm.

    Most Favourite Song of the Night: Lucky - It felt really immense seeing Lucky live that I was on the dge of crying...it was something special and something which I will never forget.

    Least Favourite Song of the Night: House of Cards - Could never really get into it tbh, sadly.

    Top 5 Favourites:

    You & Whose Army
    The National Anthem
    There, There
    Paranoid Android

    Overall: If I never see Radiohead again (Something I wil try and do is go and see them one more time at least), I'll die a happy man knowing that I seen Radiohead and that Radiohead were brillant, from start to finish, totally beats last years Oxegen out of the park - 5/5
    Fri 6 Jun – Radiohead, Bat For Lashes
  • Radiohead @ Malahide Castle - My Dream Setlist

    3 Jun 2008, 12:54

    OK, I'm excited as a dog who gets excitement by sniffing a female bitche's arse and then mastibates to it because, lucky me, I'm going to Malahide Castle to see Radiohead on Friday!!!

    GO ME!!!

    So in the excitement, I'm writing my dream setlist. Mind you, this isn't in any particular order.

    Pablo Honey

    Pop is Dead
    Anyone Can Play Guitar

    The Bends

    The Bends
    My Iron Lung
    Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    OK Computer

    Paranoid Android
    Exit Music (for a Film)
    Karma Police
    The Tourist

    Kid A

    Everything in its Right Place
    Kid A
    The National Anthem
    How to Disappear Completely
    In Limbo


    Pyramid Song
    Knives Out
    You & Whose Army
    I Might Be Wrong

    Hail to the Thief

    Sit Down. Stand Up.
    Sail to the Moon
    Go to Sleep
    There, There

    In Rainbows

    15 Step
    All I Need
    Faust Arp
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    Videotape (All hope for the old verison to be played is lost =( )

    In Rainbows [Discbox]

    Down is the New Up
    Last Flowers
    Up on the Ladder
    Bangers & Mash


    Gagging Order
    Talk Show Host
    True Love Waits

    Thats pretty much is it, fucking going to enjoy it =D Whoever else is going, enjoy yourselves as well =D

    Pablo Honey
    The Bends
    OK Computer
    Kid A
    Hail to the Thief
    In Rainbows

    Radiohead@ Malahide Catle - Friday June 6th 2008
  • 30,000th Song

    3 Dic 2007, 2:31

    Well, I did it at 10,000 but not at 20,000 but I wanna do it here.

    Normally, I'd play a song special for these events so in this case, I was gonna make a combined MP3 of Radiohead - Kid A/The National Anthem but I cba so I just played There, There from Hail to the Thief.

    So yeah...

    30,000th Song: Radiohead - There, There from 2003's Hail to the Thief

    Hail to the Thief
    There, There
  • Top 5 Sigur Rós Videos Ever

    12 Nov 2007, 16:45

    To celebrate the release of Hvarf - Heim and the the DVD release of Heima, here are, in my opinion, the 5 best Sigur Rós videos ever.

    [video artist=Sigur Rós]Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása[/video]
    1 - Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása

    [video artist=Sigur Rós]Untitled 1[/video]
    2 - Untitled 1

    3 - Glósóli

    4 -Sæglópur

    5 - Hoppípolla
  • Top 5 Death Cab Songs According to Johnny

    21 Oct 2007, 7:57

    1 - Brothers on a Hotel Bed

    2 - What Sarah Said

    [video artist=Death Cab for Cutie]The Sound of Settling[/video]
    3 - The Sound of Settling

    4 - Marching Bands of Manhattan

    5 - Soul Meets Body
  • Top 10 Albums of 2007 - Part 1 - Postitons 1 - 5

    16 Oct 2007, 1:47

    OK, I know its nearly half of October but I wanna do this. This is, in my opinion, the top 10 albums of 2007. I'm not gonna do a whole review on each albu, just a sentence or 2.

    1 -
    In Rainbows: Rating - 9.6

    This, truly is, the album of the year without a doubt. With such brillant songs as Bodysnatchers, Arpeggi, Jigsaw Falling Into Place as well as beautiful songs such as Nude, All I Need, Faust Arp and Videotape, it proves that Radiohead have come a long way since OK Computer, 10 years ago and have returned to their old roots since for the first time since 2000 (Kid A/Amnesiac/Hail to the Thief)

    2 - Our Love to Admire: Rating - 9.2

    Such brillant songs as Pioneer to the Falls, Scale, The Heinrich Manuever, Pace is the Trick as well as a clearly titled song in No I in Threesome makes Our Love to Admire an great album to your collection and while in my opinion its only worse then Turn on the Bright Lights, it is a whole lot better then Antics.

    3 - A Weekend In The City:Rating - 9.1

    Nearly 3 years on from Silent Alarm, Bloc Party released the new album to excitement and boy did it deliever. Hunting for Witches, The Prayer, Uniform, Where is Home and SRXT truly the best songs on the album. Say what you like about this album but remember, this is what I think...and I think this album is bloody brillant.

    4 - Some Loud Thunder: Rating - 9.1

    You cant go wrong with CYHSY, never in a million years. Their self titled debut was just off the wall so imagine my surprise to find the 2nd album to be brillant. The title track, Mama, Keep Them Castles Floating in the Air and Burning, Yankee Go Home, Satan Said Dance and Five Easy Pieces just make this album a masterpiece.

    5 -
    Year Zero: Rating - 8.9

    TBH, I only got into NIN only this year but what a year to get into them. In the year Year Zero is released, I get hooked to them and my god, it twists my world upside down. The Beginning of the End, Survivalism, Capital G, My Violent Heart, Meet Your Master, The Great Destroyer and Zero-Sum just make the album brillant, just absoutely brillant.

    Pt.2 coming soon

    Bloc Party
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Nine Inch Nails
  • How Do You Rate In Rainbows?

    10 Oct 2007, 10:15

    This is how I arte it.


    In Rainbows>Kid A>OK Computer>The Bends>Hail to the Thief>Amnesiac>Pablo Honey

    What about you?

    In Rainbows
    Kid A
    OK Computer
    The Bends
    Hail to the Thief
    Pablo Honey
  • Favourite Artists - Radiohead

    3 Oct 2007, 0:28

    OK, havent done a journal in a while and I certainly havent done something like this in a while either. Anyways, lets begin.

    The first time I heard of Radiohead was a few days before the release of Kid A.

    Then, I was watching a Music Videos show on Irish TV which ran into the middle of the night. It kept playing a Metalica song like at least once every night. After that video was played one night, it played the video of a song which I knew feck all about.

    It showed a car driving down at night with a man at the back of the car and a man running away from it. Of course, the man in the back was Thom Yorke. And the song was Karma Police from OK Computer.

    Karma Police

    I thought nothing of the video after that. Then last year, at a time where I would obsessvely listen to The Killers and Coldplay, I jumped on the bandwagon and give it a few tries. When I heard Paranoid Android for the 1st time, it was brillant but it was Karma Police which mad eme think.

    Once I saw the words Karma Police while I going through the tracklist, I recgnised it as the video from Irish TV and though to myself down this...NOW!!!

    Afterwards, I did download Karma Police and Paranoid Android but also Airbag, Let Down (I think), Fitter Happier and Climbing Up the Walls.

    I liked what I heard so I thought I'd give Kid A a few tries. I downloaded all of my songs from OK C and Kid A at the time off Limewire. I downloaded Everything in it's Right Place, Kid A, The National Anthem, How to Disappear Completely, Treefingers and In Limbo.

    I loved them and I was getting into them more and more so I went out on the 1st weekend of December last year to get Kid A on the Saturday and after seeing the price of OK Computer (FTR, it was £8 in HMV).

    But then, the next day I went into get OK Computer which I loved to bits. After that, I had Kid A and OK Computer. And I was happy. After that, I decided to go deeper.

    One time I saw the video for Just, that convicned me to get The Bends...but I didnt want to buy it. Something was sputting me off I dont know what it was but I got it in a torrent and I loved it..but at the time, I was only listening to one song from it, nothing else and that was Just (Dont ask em why, I dont know)


    Then, I downloaded all (bar 1) of Amnesiac from Limewire and I thought it was...good. Not great but good. After that, got Hail to the Thief earlier this year and I love it. Then...I did something which I never thought I'd do...get The Bends of CD the same day The White Stripes album, Icky Thump, came out.

    Of course I listened to Just alot but I gave it a more through listen and I realy liked The Bends, High and Dry and Fake Plastic Trees. After that, everything was good (Including Just obviously) Then the end was very very good...then...a song which may have changed my life...forever...

    Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    After I came home from work one time, I heard that someo of their new songs ended up on the net (Of course, not the proper stuff, it was live)

    I downloaded it and heard the stuff which was going to be on LP7 most likely. Out of the songs I like which are Bangers 'N Mash, Arpeggi and 15 Step, the song I have to love the most is something which is similar to the Pyramid Song but much more beautiful then the Pyramid Song.

    Videotape (Live)

    Then, just after midnight on Monday October 1st 2007, Jonny Greenwood posted the news the whole world was waiting for.

    Hello everyone.

    Well, the new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days;

    We've called it In Rainbows.

    Love from us all.

    The news the entire world was waiting to hear was finally here. In Rainbows, the name of Radiohead's LP7. And it's coming out Next Wednesday.

    It'd be coming in 2 ways: A discbox worth £40. But here's the stunning bit of news: the download verison. Radiohead have been against downloading for a long time but now's the time they decided to do it but thats not the big surprise, that a minority.

    There is no set price for the download, you can pay for the album whatever much you want. This would leave you puzzled at first, but if you click on the ? mark when you put in your price it says...

    It's up to you.

    Click on a ? mark a 2nd time and it says.

    No really, its up to you

    Months after Prince released his new album for free in a British newspaper, Radiohead are changing the way of how music will be sold forever.

    Discbox of In Rainbows

    Tracklist (Download)

    15 STEP

    Tracklist (Discbox)

    [Disc 1]

    15 STEP

    [Disc 2]

    MK 1
    MK 2

    And this is perfectly why Radiohead has turned into my favourite band ever (It maybe 2nd on my charts but it will be 1st, quote me for that)

    Thom Yorke
    Jonny Greenwood
    Colin Greenwood
    Phil Selway
    Ed O'Brien
    Pablo Honey
    The Bends
    OK Computer
    Kid A
    Hail to the Thief
    In Rainbows
    The Bends
    High & Dry
    Fake Plastic Trees
    My Iron Lung
    Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    Paranoid Android
    Let Down
    Karma Police
    Fitter Happier
    Climbing Up the Walls
    No Surprises
    Everything In It's Right Place
    Kid A
    The National Anthem
    How to Disappear Completely
    In Limbo
    Morning Bell
    Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
    Pyramid Song
    Morning Bell/Amnesiac
    2 + 2 = 5
    Sit Down. Stand Up
    Sail to the Moon
    Bangers 'n Mash
    15 Step

    PS: I tagged the tracks which I like the best, if you dont see your favourite song here, I'm gonna say to you have Radiohead said to the big fat rich music record labels. A massive...

    FUCK YOU!!!

    PPS: I did alot of hard work into this and if you see any mistakes or typos, please forgive me :p
  • The Good, the Bad and the Shit

    31 Jul 2007, 2:22

    Took this from someone (sorry :p)


    What is your favourite genre of music?
    - Alternative/Punk

    - I grew up listening to alt. music in the late 90's

    Name your favourite bands:
    - Radiohead, Interpol, Daft Punk, The Killers, Sigur Rós, Feeder, Muse, U2, Groove Armada and Coldplay.

    Name your favourite solo artist(s):
    - Thom Yorke of Radiohead

    What is your favourite album?
    - 3way between Radiohead - Kid A, Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights and The Killers - Hot Fuss

    What is your favourite album cover?
    - Radiohead - Kid A

    Name your favourite song(s):
    - Radiohead - Kid A/The National Anthem, Radiohead - Street Spirit, Sigur Rós - Viðrar vel til loftárása, Radiohead - Pyramid Song, The Killers - All These Things That I've Done and Interpol - Obstacle 1

    Favourite CD you own:
    - Radiohead - Kid A

    Favourite song on your computer:
    - Radiohead - Videotape

    Favourite song you DON'T have:
    - Tiesto - Adagio for Strings

    Favourite lyrics:
    - "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier" - The Killers - All These Things That I've Done

    Favourite vocalist:
    - Saaaay what!?

    Favourite guitarist:
    - Jonsi from Sigur Rós but Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead is becoming far more liked

    Favourite bassist:
    - Carlos D from Interpol

    Favourite drummer:
    - Ronnie from The Killers

    Favourite instrumentalist - Jonny Greenwood (It counts as he does play other instruments bitches!!!)


    What's your least favourite genre of music?
    - Pop music, most of the emo bands, country, most of r&b and rap

    Who's your least favourite band?
    - Panic! At The Disco

    Who do you think is the most annoying musician?
    - Spears. She's just the absolute anti-christ

    If you could shoot any "artist" or "band", who would it be?
    - Britney or Panic.

    Who do you think is the least talented?
    - Panic

    Least favourite song:
    - The Ping Pong Song

    Most annoying song:
    - see above

    Last song to be stuck in your head:
    - Radiohead - Videotape (in a good way)

    Did this survey just get that song stuck in your head again?
    - No

    Worst band that used to be good?
    - Queens of the Stone Age. They were awesome especially after Songs for the Death. Now, they are just crap.

    A good band that used to suck?
    - I don't recall that ever happening.


    What was the first music you remember listening to?
    - I cant remember tbh...

    What type of music do your parents listen to?
    - Ma likes Leo Sayer alot, Da likes country and dance remixes from Irish DJ's, my oldest brother likes pop from the old days and my sister like Girls Aloud and Take That with a passion. At least my 2nd oldest brother had some taste, he liked Depeche Mode, David Gray and Coldplay.

    Do you play any musical instruments, or sing?
    - I dont

    Do you take lessons for instruments or voice? If so, for how long?
    - No

    Do you plan to / have you gone to college for music?
    - No

    Who are your musical inspirations?
    - Say whaaaat

    Who was your first favorite band or artist?
    - Daft Punk back in 2000.

    Who is your most recent favorite band or artist?
    - Interpol

    What styles of music are you interested in learning about?
    - Say whaaaat.

    Do you know much about musical theory? If not, would you like to?
    - Again, say whaaat.

    How many different music teachers do you have, or have you had?
    - Had 1 back when I was in school.


    Classical or jazz? - Classical

    Classic rock or modern rock? - Modern

    Rock or Rap? - Rock

    Emo or Punk? - Punk

    Funk or Blues? - Funk

    Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin? - Floyd

    Bob Marley or Michael Franti? - Who's Michael Franti?

    Coldplay or Radiohead? - Much as I like Coldplay, they dont even come close to the god-like music of Radiohead

    John Mayer or Jack Johnson? - John Mayer

    Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? - Neither

    The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? - The Beatles

    Beethoven or Mozart? - Mozart

    Rachmaninoff or Debussy? - Who the fuck are they?

    Duke Ellington or Count Basie? - See above

    Electric or acoustic? - Depends

    Saxophone or trumpet? - Trumpet

    Pink Floyd
    The Beatles
    The Killers
    Thom Yorke
    Daft Punk
    Depeche Mode
    Jonny Greenwood
    Led Zepplin
    Sigur Rós
    John Mayer
    Britney Spears
    David Gray
    Rolling Stones
    Bob Marley