Glastonbury 2007 - Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Arcade Fire, Bjork and more


25 Jun 2007, 14:28

It's over for another year but after a year's break, it came back in some style. Glastonbury is back folks and Michael and Emily Eavis put together one hell of a show this year. They pulled the holy grail of the popular bands right now. The bands I'm going to cover is the Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Arcade Fire and Bjork

Arctic Monkeys - I have to put my hands up and say I've not been too keen on the Arctics but that doesnt mean they're a good band. They played the setlist to perfection almost and even went as far as going back to the old times. Alex Turner said numerious occasions dduring the set "Now Ladies and Gentleman, such and such" which showed such class during their set.


'When The Sun Goes Down'
'Still Take You Home'
'Dancing Shoes'
'From The Ritz To The Rubble'
'Teddy Picker'
'This House Is A Circus'
'Fake Tales Of San Francisco'
'Temptation Greets You Like A Naughty Friend'(Featuring Dizzie Rascal)
'Old Yellow Bricks'
'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'
'If You Were There, Beware'
'Fluorescent Adolescent'
'Mardy Bum'
'Do Me A Favour'
'Leave Before The Lights Come On'
'The View From The Afternoon'
'Diamonds Are Forever'
'A Certain Romance'

Overall, in a whole, I liked what the Arctics did during their set with a brillant songlist and a fantastic cover of Bassey's 'Diamonds Are Forever". Overall, they were very happy that in just under the space of 18 months, a band who's popularity grew from word of mouth and MySpace to even bigger heights were headlining the biggest festival in the world.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Killers - I've always been a fan of The Killers since I got Hot Fuss over 2 years ago (I actually got 3 copys of it in my collection. The original, the special edition and just last week, I even got the U.S. verison).

This was their 3rd Glastonbury (The 1st in 2004 as a new band, the 2nd in 2005 on the Pyramid stage after The White Stripes although they were offered the headline slot on Sunday after Kyile Minouge pulled out but refused)

Brandon Flowers didnt talk to the crowd alot probably because he wanted to focus on the music but who can blame him. As for a drum solo by Mr. Ronnie Vannucci Jr, done before For Reasons Unknown, that was mighty impressive by him.

You could tell the band was happy that, after reluctently turning down the headline slot 2 years ago, they made to the Pyramid stage again...only this time, they weren't coming before a headline act...THEY were a headline act. So to play All These Things That I've Done at the end was just the cherry on the cake of a fantastic set


'Sam's Town'
'When You Were Young'
'Somebody Told Me'
'Smile Like You Mean It'
'Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine'
'Uncle Johnny'
'This River Is Wild'
'Read My Mind'
'On Top'
'Bling (Confessions Of A King)'
'Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll'
'Mr Brightside'
'My List'
'Too Good To Be True'
'For Reasons Unknown'
'All These Things That I've Done'

Overall: 10/10

Arcade Fire - Only one word will describe this set. Brillant. And thats all I'm gonna say about them because words can not and will not describe how good that set was. If you watched it on the BBC or even if you were there, you'd know what I mean.


'Black Mirror'
'No Cars Go'
'Neighborhood #2 (Laika)'
'(Antichrist Television Blues)'
'My Body Is A Cage'
'Ocean Of Noise'
'Neighborhood # 1 (Tunnels)'
'The Well & The Lighthouse'
'Neighborhood # 3 (Power Out)'
'Rebellion (Lies)'
'Wake Up'

Overall: 10/10


Iceland has a healthy future as far as it's music goes with Amiina, Sigur Rós, Múm and more. But the pioneer of it is is clearly obvious...and that is Björk. She played the time of her life out there in her first appearence at Glastonbury in 13 years. She was just magnificent which shows how much she's come in a long way since The Sugarcubes and her solo work.


'Earth Intruders'
'Venus As A Boy'
'Pagan Poetry'
'All Is Full Of Love'
'Pleasure Is All Mine'
'Army Of Me'
'I Miss You'
'5 Years'
'Declare Independence'

One last thing. I'd liek to congratulate the BBC on putting on good coverage of Glasto this year. As well as that, I'd like to thank the BBC and Russell T Davies for making a good choice on making John Simm, The Master, on Doctor Who :p
Oh right, I'm meant to be talking music, not Dr. Who/Life on Mars :p

As well as that, Michael Eavis has confirmed he has a headline act confirmed next year...Radiohead or the White Stripes?

Arctic Monkeys
The Killers
The Who

The Arcade Fire
Iggy & The Stooges

The White Stripes

Sigur Rós
The Sugarcubes


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