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I've Really Lost It Because This Shit Is Starting to Sound Like Washed-Up,… 1:50 6
To clarify, the only thing I gained from this relationship was 15 lbs. 3:21 2
Really Harsh Noisy Breaks Don't Cover Up For Lack Of Talent, Or Do They? 3:44 1
Girls Don't Like Me 5:54 1
afraid of everything and so on 4:21 1
Catchers Mit Pussy 4:02 1
Don't Touch Me Unless You Are Gonna Play With My Balls 4:02 1
Way To Go Dumbass Remix Project 3:54 1
Please Typeset This Document 3:09 1
if i would have opened w/ a noise track everyone would think i'm tough right?
3:01 1
Legacy of Stretch Marks, The 3:07 1
An Open Letter to Underground Music, Those Who Review It and Those Who Use It as a… 3:14 1
I Will Make Up for a Lifetime of Fucking Chicks Poorly by Having the Most Diverse Cd… 1:56 1
A Funny Sample and Bad Guitar Loop Do Not a Song Make 3:26 1
And If I Had No Real Job and No Mortgage Payment, Maybe I Could Also Sit Around… 3:21 1
Pointing Out Your Elitist Superiority Complex Through Your Track Titles. 0:57 1
I've Really Lost It Because This Shit Is Starting to Sound Like a Washed-Up,… 1:50 1
Making Songs About Drinking Is Something Very Original and I Think It Will Expand My… 2:29 1
First Chance I Get I Am Licensing This Track to a Car Commercial or Video Game, So… 3:16 1
Are You Overweight Because You’re into Doom Metal or Are You into Doom Metal Because… 2:29 1
Learning To Understand the Difference between Sexual Abuse and Sexual Ab Use 2:54 1
Please Get a Hobby That Doesn’t Interfere With My Ability to Effectively Run Errands… 1:49 1
Repetitive Brain Trauma & Other Fun Things to Do When You’re In Your Twenties 1:10 1