a fashionable likeness of cylindrical awareness a lullaby to cause nightmares a masterpiece about me anthemic automatic defense procedures initiated baffi di un certo livello beautiful best song ever better than oasis better than the beatles boner alert bonghi comunisti covers as good as the originals or even better cuando sei maria dolores die wahren perlen deutschsprachiger popmusik dnb essentials drugs are fun electro-melancholy emo epic everyone was wearing fingerless gloves fighting back the tears and every urge to van gogh both our ears finchel finn hudson free trucebaldazzi garfield sex music genio genius gente che ammazzerei di botte glorious tracks grins and smiles and giggles and laughs happy birthday to the ground happy patrick is happy heroes of self-deception hip hop stile hop hot hugo stiglitz i adore this regardless of how embarrassing it is i am a party girl here is my soundtrack i choose vodka and chaka khan i hate myself for liking this i like to sing and dance it in my undies in front of the mirror i sometimes wonder if i am the only one who notices this small moment of brilliancy i was boooooorn free il male insane inter ti odio jesus is a big fan jurgen klopp la la la legend lets get biblical light beer love at first listen major cinephile massive masterpiece merda molfetta more than favourite multi culti world musica per drogati moderati my dad is not a phone my inspiration with red hair my music scares people narnia no frank carter no gallows not a part of your system noumenal dubstep now back to the good part paolo bitta pashmina afghan pearls potente poveri pomodori proudly addicted revenge of the whatever we ares schifoso scuola media rastignano sechs herzen die brennen sing along sit the fuck down songs i sing in the shower songs to listen while looking at an empty white wall spuma the best 30 seconds of my life this is how you make a remix three way climax trippy soundscapes troppo odio ultimo unexpected covers voice porn we so excited what the hell happened to my music taste when i close my eyes i go insane you should quit smoking zero tituli