• Bootlegs

    2 Feb 2008, 11:44

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Bootlegs are awesome. They are the crème de la crème of our new digital society.

    Thank you very much.
  • Ah..?

    28 Sep 2007, 23:14

    Well, are they?


    Getting better all the time?
  • Mr D

    15 Jul 2007, 23:00

    Ok, so i had a Dylan-week. By the looks of it, i'm bound to have a Dylan-life anyway.

    Judge all music according to Dylan-standards, beat up innocent bystanders who make the 'he-can't-sing'-remark, collect bootleg material like a maniac, send CD's to friends (even 14-year-old ones), lecture them on some event or another in Dylan's life, go to as many of his concerts as humanly possible within the limitations of my funds (so i'm stuck at one, so far), get as many posters and badges as i can (also, one so far), have intentions wear the same clothes as Dylan (people actually forbid me to wear boots and skinny jeans), call him "Bob" like he's my best friend, quote Dylan-lines all the time, recognize Dylanesque lines in other people's speech (and confront them with it), look for a girlfriend named Joan, Sara or Johanna, drink whisky and beaujolais, read Scott F. Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, even buy the bad unauthorized documentaries (don't do it! don't do it! it's not even about Dylan, it's about his drummer and his stupid homevideos).

    I just hope i don't lose myself in there somewhere.

    (Did i have a self in the first place?)

    P.S.: I got the Dylan-scrapbook today, which is awesome.
  • Musical guilt

    14 May 2007, 18:14

    Do you ever lie about music?

    If you do, and you most likely do (because everybody lies about everything, right?), then i hope you can keep a clean mind and you don't develop any kind of musical guilt.

    And IF you do, then the only thing left to do is fix every mistake you've ever made.

    Woops. That might take a while, huh?
  • Jared Leto [Live]

    4 Feb 2007, 11:50

    Last night i went to a concert of 30 Seconds to Mars. To prepare me for this concert i had listened to three of their songs and eaten a Greek dish (lots and lots of meat). I wasn't expecting too much of it, but there were a few noticable features about this concert.

    First of all, they only played for about 50 minutes. I'm glad i didn't pay for my own ticket, because it would have felt like a waste of my money. I don't care if bands start way too late (it's what they do, especially in the Netherlands, weed being 'legal' and all) or when there is a lot of talking in between songs, but if you play for only 50 minutes, you better not play at all.

    Second of all, i think Jared Leto is a great actor (people who have seen him in Requiem for a Dream or Fight Club will probably agree). But he's not a great singer, and he's not a great guitar player either. In fact, i think it would be best if he would stop making music at all (and maybe he can convince his brother to do the same).
    Fortunately for Jared, music isn't really what it is about. It's about showing off that he's so fucking hot his pants are almost smoking. Maybe showing his face is enough to make every girl in the audience have an orgasm or two, so that they don't notice all he can do is scream and play 2 chords on his D-dropped custom built (and frikkin ugly) guitar, but his little trick didn't work on me.

    Enough rambling and Jared-bashing. There were some positive things about this concert, too:

    - I felt like i knew every song, since they all sound the same.
    - There was this one nice girl that came along with us.
    - I've seen Jared Leto and can forever rub it in other people's face.
    - I found a 10 euro bill on the floor.
    - They weren't at all thát emo.
    - Did i mention that nice girl yet?

    So there.
  • The danger of Last.Fm

    23 Ene 2007, 14:56

    This week i listened a lot to Neil Young, not because he's the greatest artist of all time, but because i wanted to get to 1,000 plays (i got 1,004 at this moment, so i made it!).

    In general i don't like listening to albums that have very lengthy, slow songs on them, because even though you spend a lot of time listening to it, they don't show up very high in my weekly/overall playlists. It feels like you haven't been 'productive'.

    I'm afraid to listen to Eminem, because my Last.Fm-friends (and others) would laugh at me! (Okey, it might have to do with the fact that it's terrible music, too..)

    Anyway: tracking your listening-habits also slightly álters them. At least, in my case. This can't be healthy - I don't like it! It's time to eliminate this influence. I want to be completely free concerning my musical conduct.

    But on the other hand, I like this site too much to just leave...

    I guess the only solution is to kill myself by inserting a large pencil in my left-nostril while listening to Billie Holiday.
  • Bob Dylan

    4 Ene 2007, 19:14

    Bob Dylan.

    Yeh, i've known Bob Dylan for a long time. For a long time his name has been connected with Eric Clapton, for me. I know now that there isn't really that much of a connection: but back when I was a kid, my dad used to listen a lot to Bob Dylan ánd Eric Clapton, so I formed this idea that they were musical twins.

    The first Bob Dylan album i really heard was Time Out of Mind. For a long time it was the only music I had from Dylan, and i did like it, but it never grew on my until about a year ago. Back then I also found some CD's my dad had lying about, and one of them was The Bootleg Series, Volume 4: Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert (disc 1) (well, both discs obviously, but it's the way the album is named in the database..).

    This really blew me away.

    I had no idea about it being a very controversial concert, or why people were booing at him all the time, all I knew was that i absolutely loved it. Songs like Desolation Row, Visions of Johanna, and more, in fact, about évery song, they just gave me the creeps. In a good way. (You know, when you hear music and you suddenly get this shiver?)

    I started gathering more and more Dylan music, and as I speak, my collection is still growing. The man made so much music that it's really impossible to collect everything within a few months. And the more I got, the more I liked it. He just wrote a song about every way I ever felt, and many ways I have never felt before.

    On NYE i saw the 4-hour documentary No Direction Home, about his early years. And since then i've been listening to Bob Dylan almost non-stop. It's addicting. It's addicting, because there is so much to discover.
    It's addicting because you can really interpret these songs.
    It's also addicting because i actually pull it off to play some of his simpler songs on my own guitar - and since I can't even play guitar, this gives me much pleasure.
    But MOST of all it's addicting because it's just very, very good music.

    And the funny thing is i'll actually see him live this april.

    So, to all of you this message: listen to Bob Dylan! Get Blonde on Blonde, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, and listen until you agree with me.

    It won't take long.
  • Awesome!

    18 Dic 2006, 21:38

    It seems that every time i write a journal here, i get 2 comments. Oh well, that's enough for me. It's more of a place to get rid of some thoughts about music i've had the last month or so anyway. In fact, i think it's miraculous that as much as 2 people read it..

    Anyway, what i wanted to type is this: i'll be seeing Bob Dylan in april! That's just so awesome i can only say: 'Oh..' about it.


    That, and i'll be going to an Incubus-concert too. It sounds like the beginning of a good musical year for me.

    Besides that i could focus your attention on some great music i discovered recently:


    Nah, i got some new music. Lemme see.

    Explosions in the Sky: some guy told me about this and it's actually pretty nice. INSTRUMENTAL rock for you, kids. And it's not even boring!

    The Doors: Of course i already knew the Doors, but i never really liked 'em. Until i discovered this: if i listen to music on héadphones, they're great! I don't know why this makes such a big difference - i'm guessing it's because it's more 'intimate', if you know what i mean. Anyway, i can really enjoy some (not all) of their songs since a month or 2.

    Dimmer: Nobody around here knows Dimmer, but fortunately i have a good friend in New Zealand who sent me two of their CD's. Check it out, it's like a mix of.. Massive Attack, Gorrilaz and something more quiet. I dunno. It's pretty good.

    Jimmy Gnecco/Ours: i haven't listened to this much yet, but a few people have assured me this is a good singer/band. So i'll be checking him out some time soon.

    And that's all i can think of for now, folks! Wish me a happy birthday, it's my 19th today - and lets go discover the world!
  • Hey! Why dont you swallow razorblades..

    28 Oct 2006, 16:34

    My aunt was the (first) person who told me about Lou Reed. In fact, it is her favorite artist, so i decided to get my hands on some of his music - and the first thing i found was Transformer, obviously. Lou Reed is one of those guys that makes music that you have to get used to. I remember quite well, the first time i heard some songs from Transformer, i didn't like it at all. I thought it was monotone, slow and just plain weird. So i never took the time to listen to it. Now, about a year later, i'm starting to understand what this music is about and i agree: Lou Reed is góód at what he does.

    Curious to hear more of him i got his album New York, which is - as i gathered - his best solo-album to date.

    And i don't like it at all. I guess it'll take me another year to like those songs about New York and presidents and AIDS. I just feel like i can't relate because i dont live in New York. I've been there once, for ten days - i don't want to hear an entire album about all the problems over there, you know?

    But now it's becoming the time of the year to start listening to Bob Dylan.
    And that's just what i'll do.
  • The Mayan Factor

    12 Oct 2006, 17:47

    The Mayan Factor should be huge. They're good. No, they're better than good, they're awesome.

    The first time I heard The Mayan Factor was after someone said I should check out dredg, and if i'd like that, maybe The Mayan Factor was my thing. So obviously, being the way i am, i skipped dredg and digged straight into that little band.

    At first, I actually assumed everybody knows these guys. So i asked around.
    And nobody did.
    Then i checked the biggest site in my country selling CD's (, and they didn't have any Mayan Factor. When I decided to check some reviews on, I was very surprised to see there were no comments on this band at all. You cán order both albums (44 and In Lake'ch) but they ship in 4-6 weeks - and they dont even have the CD-covers on there! This might not appear to be very strange to yóu, but you haven't heard them yet.

    So that's why i write this post - i want to send out a message to yóu, reader. Go listen to The Mayan Factor as soon as you can, and let me know what you think. And tell your friens! This band should be a hype.