Weekly Top Artists (overview)


25 Sep 2011, 16:27

My weekly charts,from my first day on last.fm onwards feature artists from the following countries:

United States of America (USA)
Great Britain (GBR)
Germany (GER)
France (FRA)
Belgium (BEL)
The Netherlands (NED)
Spain (SPA)
Portugal (POR)
Bulgaria (BUL)
Italy (ITA)
Norway (NOR)
Sweden (SWE)
Finland (FIN)
Faroe Islands (FAR)
Austria (AUT)
Russia (RUS)
Canada (CAN)
Ireland (IRE)
Australia (AUS)
Turkey (TUR)
Israel (ISR)
Japan (JAP)
Luxembourg (LUX)
Romania (ROM)

Week ending XX/XX/XXXX

9/09/2007Manowar (USA)
16/09/2007Rammstein (GER)
23/09/2007Summoning (AUT)
7/10/2007Ensiferum (FIN)
14/10/2007Moonsorrow (FIN)
21/10/2007Satyricon (NOR)
28/10/2007Muse (GBR)
4/11/2007Kamelot (USA) / Guns N’ Roses (USA)
11/11/2007Sex Pistols (GBR) / Manowar (USA)
18/11/2007Summoning (AUT) / The Smashing Pumpkins (USA)
25/11/2007Summoning (AUT)
2/12/2007Pixies (USA)
9/12/2007Summoning (AUT)
16/12/2007Empyrium (GER)
23/12/2007Sonata Arctica (FIN)
30/12/2007Summoning (AUT)

6/01/2008Moonsorrow (FIN)
13/01/2008Satyricon (NOR)
20/01/2008Summoning (AUT)
27/01/2008Dropkick Murphys (USA)
3/02/2008Summoning (AUT)
10/02/2008Moonsorrow (FIN)
17/02/2008Summoning (AUT)
24/02/2008Satyricon (NOR)
2/03/2008The Smashing Pumpkins (USA)
9/03/2008Pixies (USA)
16/03/2008Moonsorrow (FIN) / Dropkick Murphys (USA)
23/03/2008Woods of Ypres (CAN)
30/03/2008Summoning (AUT)
6/04/2008Sonata Arctica (FIN)
13/04/2008Turisas (FIN)
20/04/2008Ensiferum (FIN) / Finntroll (FIN)
27/04/2008Satyricon (NOR)
4/05/2008Heidevolk (NED)
11/05/2008HammerFall (SWE)
18/05/2008Moonsorrow (FIN) / Satyricon (NOR)
25/05/2008Ensiferum (FIN)
1/06/2008Empyrium (GER) / Satyricon (NOR)
8/06/2008Ska-P (SPA)
15/06/2008Moonsorrow (FIN)
22/06/2008Gorki (BEL)
29/06/2008Satyricon (NOR)
6/07/2008Moonsorrow (FIN)
13/07/2008Flogging Molly (USA)
20/07/2008Finntroll (FIN)
27/07/2008Arsenal (BEL)
3/08/2008Ska-P (SPA)
10/08/2008Ensiferum (FIN)
17/08/2008Summoning (AUT)/ Moonsorrow (FIN)
24/08/2008Moonsorrow (FIN)
31/08/2008Dimmu Borgir (NOR)
7/09/2008Arkona (RUS)
14/09/2008HammerFall (SWE)
21/09/2008Ensiferum (FIN)
28/09/2008Summoning (AUT)
5/10/2008Arkona (RUS)
12/10/2008The Smashing Pumpkins (USA)
19/10/2008Finntroll (FIN)
26/10/2008Gorki (BEL)
2/11/2008Amorphis (FIN)
9/11/2008 Sabaton (SWE)
16/11/2008Satyricon (NOR)
23/11/2008Pixies (USA) / Amorphis (FIN)
30/11/2008Nightwish (FIN)
7/12/2008Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (AUS) / Zardanadam (TUR)
14/12/2008Muse (GBR)
21/12/2008Ensiferum (FIN)
28/12/2008The Sisters of Mercy (GBR)

4/01/2009Agalloch (USA)
11/01/2009A Bleeding Star (CAN)
18/01/2009Rammstein (GER)
25/01/2009Arsenal (BEL)
1/02/2009Týr (FAR)
8/02/2009Turisas (FIN)
15/02/2009Turisas (FIN)
22/02/2009A Bleeding Star (CAN)
1/03/2009‘t Hof Van Commerce (BEL)
8/03/2009Moonsorrow (FIN)
15/03/2009Rush (USA) / Agalloch (USA)
22/03/2009The Smashing Pumpkins (USA)
29/03/2009Rammstein (GER)
5/04/2009Nightwish (FIN)
12/04/2009Empyrium (GER)
19/04/2009Dawn (SWE)
26/04/2009Enthroned (BEL)
3/05/2009Ensiferum (FIN)
10/05/2009Agalloch (USA)
17/05/2009Amorphis (FIN)
24/05/2009Kampfar (NOR)
31/05/2009Amon Amarth (SWE)
7/06/2009Manowar (USA) / Týr (FAR)
14/06/2009Alestorm (GBR)
21/06/2009Týr (FAR)
28/06/2009Trobar de Morte (SPA)
5/07/2009Týr (FAR)
12/07/2009Agalloch (USA)
19/07/2009Trobar de Morte (SPA)
26/07/2009Peste Noire (FRA)
2/08/2009Trobar de Morte (SPA)
9/08/2009Urbanus (BEL)
16/08/2009Muhmood (RUS)
23/08/2009Sabaton (SWE)
30/08/2009Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
6/09/2009Arsenal (BEL)
13:09/2009Betray-Ed (FRA)
20/09/2009Dark Sanctuary (FRA) / Equilibrium (GER) / Xandria (GER)
27/09/2009Ensiferum (FIN)
4/10/2009Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
11/10/2009Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
18/10/2009Ensiferum (FIN)
25/10/2009Pantera (USA)
1/11/2009Nazgûl (ITA)
8/11/2009Darkside Of Innocence (POR)
15/11/2009Darkside Of Innocence (POR)
22/11/2009Agalloch (USA)
29/11/2009Arkona (RUS)
6/12/2009Darkside Of Innocence (POR)
13/12/2009Darkside Of Innocence (POR)
20/12/2009Arsenal (BEL)
27/12/2009Temnozor’ (RUS)

3/01/2010Temnozor’ (RUS)
10/01/2010Temnozor’ (RUS)
17/01/2010Flogging Molly (USA)
24/01/2010Onkel Tom Angelripper (GER)
31/01/2010Ayreon (NED) / God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
7/02/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
14/02/2010Wisdom In Chains (GBR)
21/02/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
28/02/2010A Bleeding Star (CAN)
7/03/2010System of a Down (USA)
14/03/2010Mono (JAP)
21/03/2010Agalloch (USA)
28/03/2010Ayreon (NED)
4/04/2010Engelsblut (GER)
11/04/2010Amesoeurs (FRA)
18/04/2010Svartediket (NOR)/ James Horner (USA)
25/04/2010The Ghost Of 3.13 (ROM)
02/05/2010Orphaned Land (ISR)
9/05/2010Woods of Ypres (CAN)
16/05/2010Voluspaa (FIN)
23/05/2010Urbanus (BEL)
30/05/2010Dropkick Murphys (USA)
6/06/2010God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
13/06/2010Rammstein (GER)
20/06/2010Nazgûl (ITA)
27/06/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
4/07/2010Summoning (AUT)
11/07/2010Dimmu Borgir (NOR) / God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
18/07/2010HammerFall (SWE)
25/07/2010Ataraxia (ITA)
1/08/2010Arkona (RUS)
8/08/2010Amon Amarth (SWE)
15/08/2010Ensiferum (FIN)
22/08/2010Rome (LUX)
29/08/2010Svarrogh (BUL)
5/09/2010Ataraxia (ITA)
12/09/2010Pixies (USA)
19/09/2010Ska-P (SPA)
26/09/2010Trobar de Morte (SPA) / Rome (LUX)
3/10/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
10/10/2010’T HOF VAN COMMERCE (BEL) / Turisas (FIN)
17/10/2010Arkona (RUS)
24/10/2010Rome (LUX)
31/10/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
7/11/2010Nightwish (FIN)
14/11/2010Alcest (FRA)
21/11/2010Glittertind (NOR)
28/11/2010Alcest (FRA)
5/12/2010Summoning (AUT)
12/12/2010Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
19/12/2010Rome (LUX)
26/12/2010Ensiferum (FIN)

2/01/2011Heidevolk (NED)
9/01/2011Satyricon (NOR)
16/01/2011Sabaton (SWE)
23/01/2011God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
30/01/2011Alcest (FRA) / Amaral (SPA)
6/02/2011Summoning (AUT)
13/02/2011Finntroll (FIN)
20/02/2011Heidevolk (NED)
27/02/2011Rome (LUX)
6/03/2011Moonsorrow (FIN)
13/03/2011The Meads of Asphodel (GBR)
20/03/2011The Meads of Asphodel (GBR)
27/03/2011Saad Hebboul (USA)
3/04/2011Trobar de Morte (SPA
10/04/2011Amon Amarth (SWE)
17/04/2011Arsenal (SPA)
24/04/2011Amorphis (FIN)
1/05/2011Amon Amarth (SWE)
8/05/2011Gorki (BEL)
15/05/2011Sabaton (SWE)
22/05/2011Amaral (SPA)
29/05/2011Saad Hebboul (USA)
5/06/2011Sabaton (SWE)
12/06/2011Ska-P (SPA)
19/06/2011Primordial (IRE)
26/06/2011Sorhiel (FRA)
3/07/2011Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (AUT)
10/07/2011Rosaline (GER)
17/07/2011 Sabaton (SWE)
24/07/2011God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
31/07/2011Nazgûl (ITA)
7/08/2011Thurisaz (BEL) / Ludovico Einaudi (ITA)
14/08/2011Primordial (IRE)
21/08/2011Emilie Autumn (USA)
28/08/2011God Is An Astronaut (IRE)
4/09/2011Orphaned Land (ISR)
11/09/2011Bon Jovi (USA) / Dream Theater (USA)
18/09/2011The Doors (USA)


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