• I'll Follow You...

    30 Oct 2009, 8:23

    The rules:
    "Take your top eight artists overall, and list:

    (1) The first song you heard by them.
    (2) The song that really got you into them.
    (3) Your current favourite by them."

    1. Bright Eyes
    Fist song: First Day Of My Life
    Song that got me: A Perfect Sonnet
    Current fave: I Will Be Grateful For This Day

    2. Stars
    First song: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
    Song that got me: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
    Current fave: The Very Thing

    3. Tegan And Sara
    First song: Soil, Soil
    Song that got me: My Number
    Current fave: The Con

    4. Britney Spears
    First song: ..Baby One More Time
    Song that got me: Toxic
    Current fave: 3

    5. Natasha Bedingfield
    First song: These Words
    Song that got me: Wild Horses
    Current fave: Angel

    6. Lady GaGa
    First song: Just Dance
    Song that got me: Poker Face
    Current fave: Bad Romance

    7. Mindless Self Indulgence
    First song: Stupid Mother Fucker
    Song that got me: Stupid Mother Fucker
    Current fave: Get It Up

    8. P!nk
    First song: Just Like A Pill
    Song that got me: Family Portrait
    Current fave: Long Way To Happy